Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#BBU12 - Beauty Bloggers Utopia 2012 DAY 01 feat Legally Blonde Australia Musical

If you followed me on twitter or instagram, you would have probably gotten a series of "spam" about the #BBU12 over the long weekend. For those who don't, you should definitely do now ;), I will give you a quick run down about what #BBU12 is all about before you raise your eyebrow any further. 

#BBU12 also known as Beauty Blogger Utopia - the love child of Sara-May from The Make Up Utopia and Larah Kennedy, which replaced the Australia Beauty Bloggers Weekend last year (blogged HERE and HERE), except that BBU is a way more intimate, invite-only event. 

We had brands coming in to introduce their products; masterclasses and lessons; great speakers in which I have learnt heaps; an AMAZING surprise by LustHaveIt and of course, able to finally put bloggers to the twitter handles that I have been "stalking" (I am not that creepy, I promise! =P) and catch up with bloggers whom I haven't seen in yonkers!

Sara-May & Larah Kennedy 
The lovely ladies whom put in so much time and sweat into making our #BBU12 weekend an awesome one! 

Saturday kicked off with breakfast at Guylian Cafe, Darling Quarter, kindly sponsored by Cosmetiques De France. Not too shabby for a Saturday morning - would have been better if I had my ultimate hangover food (roast duck noodle soup FTW) but hot chocolate would do, for now. :P

Arnaud, the founder of Cosmetiques De France gave us a detailed run through about the main French drugstore brands - Uriage, Bioderma and Nuxe which have recently been introduced to the Australian market. 


After a scrumptious brekkie along with a brain-full of information about the French cult brands, it's IMATS (International Make-Up Artists Trade Show) time. After a rather massive haul last year, and a make up collection which could probably last me through the apocalypse, I am VERY proud to say that I resisted all temptation and only walked away with a LimeLily custom made palette. 

A quick shout out to Royal Langnickel for pampering us with the media lounge with some much needed fuel (ie, food) as well as massages and manicures! 

SUPER sparkly nails for the night theme, of which I regretted the next day when I had a fun time removing them.

Team #Duckface with Miss Sara-May
Yours truly, Ling, Maria& Brie
With Michaela, Rosemary & Kimmi

 After IMATS & some pampering & camwhoring sessions at the media suite, we have several hours of free time to hang, to rest, more IMATS? and of course, to get ready for a really exciting agenda that evening! Being semi hungover (what's new?), I grabbed a quick lunch and headed home for a quick nap before dolling up for the night!


#OMIGODYOUGUYS LustHaveIt decided to treat us beauty bloggers to the preview of Legally Blonde Australia musical at Lyric Theatre, The Star!!! I have not been to a musical since HairSpray last year, and with Legally Blonde being one of my favourite movies of all time, you can imagine how excited I was!!! 

My favourite base toucher & I
I have finally popped my Messina cherry after all these hype and I gotta say - it is pretty damn delicious!


Team #IBAD - Emer & Tammerly, PreShow. 
The show was brilliant and hilarious (witty-ness always gets you extra points in my books)! You know I am not exaggerating when you have the spectators standing up, clapping at the end of the show. 

OH BTW, I think I might have failed to mention earlier that not only did LustHaveIt generously sponsored us to the musical, but also BACKSTAGE passes to meet part of the crew! ;) *squeals*

Total fan girl moment with Rob Mills

Don't mind me while I am sandwiched between David Harris (who played Emmett) and Rob Mills (who played Warner) in the musical 

With the stunning Erika Heynatz (who played Brooke) and her to-die-for- abs! 

Enough of groupie, starstruck photos, back to more down-to-earth shots with my fellow beauty bloggers:

More #duckface shots with Sara-May
For those of you who don't know, one of Sara-May's pet peeves is duckface pose. However, I somehow managed to convince her to have a couple of #duckface pose to commemorate such a wonderful weekend. Two #duckface photos in a day - pretty #winning IMO, don't cha think?

Gorgeous Maria from CrashingRed

Michelle, my pole inspiration. :)
Angie from An Obsession With The Fabulous
Group shot outside The Star <3 td="td">
That pretty much sums up the Day 01 of #BBU12 - I hope your eyes are not tired from the massive photos-spam LOL. I am a firm believer of pictures speaks a thousand words - and there's no better way to wrap up an event (or events) than the good ol' photos!!!!

FOTN featuring Shu Uemura X Karl Lagerfield lashes & MAC Nicki Minaj Lippie (detailed post to come!)

Stay tune for Day 02 - more to come!!! :D

Disclaimer: I attended #BBU12 as a delegate. Please note that photos that were not watermarked are not the property of ThroughBeautyEyes.Com.



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