Friday, September 2, 2011


Hey lovelies!!!

How's going? Thank god its Friday tomorrow!!! And the good news is, winter is officially over and HELLO SPRING TIME! (Albeit the weather here in Sydney isn't that great today!) I apologise for my sporadic updates here on Through Beauty Eyes... my CA finals is coming up in 3 weeks (eeeek!) and I am pretty occupied with events and birthdays in the next couple of weeks too! Apologies in advance if I go on an unannounced hiatus again! 

So, I signed up for Illamasqua Master Class a while ago when I was wandering aimlessly window shopping at MYER City and decided to drop by Illamasqua counter to say hello. Fast forward 2 months later, I got a call from Illamasqua on Friday, confirming my attendance to Saturday's 12pm session. Imagine getting home at 4am from an unplanned massive Friday night out, a 12pm session was painfully early on a Saturday for yours truly. However, because I am awesome like that, I sucked it up and made it to the session. Fashionably late, may I add. I blame it on CityRail's track work! 

Unless you have been living under the rock all this time, colour-blocking shouldn't be something new to you... And last time I checked, no one has said colour-blocking can only be used when it comes to fashion.

Nicola demonstrating colour - blocking your eyes and lip make up. =)

Bright orange and lime green eyeshadows, no contouring on the crease/ outer V area and finish off with a bright pink lips! 

This is my take on the colour-blocking FOTD! 
I must admit, it did take me a while to get use to it as I am not one who usually go out with both bright eyes and lips, its always one or another! 

However, definitely LOVIN' the final result though! :)

On my FACE
Gleam Cream
Skin Base Foundation in #11
Powder Blush in Hussy

On my EYES
Pencil in Debonair (as base)
Eyeshadow in Dance (Aqua Blue)
Eyeshadow in Slink (Champagne - use as highlight)
Volume mascara in Harness

On my LIPS
Pencil in Thrash
Lipstick in Precious

A couple of photos taken at the Illamasqua Counter: 

Francis & Mikele <3

Nicola: Colour - blocking works well with both pastel-coloured outfit and bold-coloured outfit. 

The Illamasqua Master Class costs $70, redeemable on products! And here are the products I redeemed:
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in #11 

(I have a strong feeling that this is going to replace my love for BB Cream! Stay tune for a review in a month's time!)

Make Up Colour Blocking - Yay or Nay? 
I have a few combinations in my head that I can't wait to try out when we are approaching summer! :) 
Do share your link below should you try out the colour blocking FOTD! 

Also, have you tried Illamasqua's new Skin Base Foundation? 

Have a good weekend!!!



Makeup and Macaroons said...

Oh I missed you at the masterclass, I went to the 3.30pm session! We should have coordinated and gone together!

I love colour blocking for makeup, so bright and fun especially for spring. Yep I got me a SkinBase too (#8) and a lippy. I'll do a post on them next week.

PS: Are you going to the theatre of nameless on monday?


Adeline said...

I should have gone to the 3:30pm one! Would've have made my life much easier and we could've done some catch up!

Can't wait to try colour blocking! Now, I kinda regret not getting a lippy... but I was trying to justify the 20934823094823 lippies I have! Can't wait to see what colour you got!

I will be there on Monday! :) I am assuming that you're too :)


Me, my best and I said...

Love it- it totally works, Hot jumper to by the way- that colour suits you big stylee xx

Anonymous said...

How exciting if colour blocking!! I love the clash of orange and aqua as well.

- E. x

Jen W said...

I need that lipstick!

You're looking amazing here A :)

Nat said...

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try colour blocking, but I really do like your take on it (the lipstick looks great!). Hussy looks like a gorgeous colour too, I need to check out some Illamasqua blushes!

Anonymous said...

Ohh the colour blocking look looks fab on you! Love the lipstick on you.... could you plz plz do a review on the skin base foundation?? :D

Anonymous said...

You need a lip wax & a brow re-shape. Nice makeup :)