Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My GROUPON experience with John Azzi Hairdressers

"The hair is the richest ornament of women" - Martin Luther

I couldn't agree more. 

I am sure most (if not everyone) of us have had our fair share of bad experience when it comes to hair, be it a bad hair cut or a bad colour or bad colour and hair cut. 

That's one of the reasons why I have been going to the same hairdresser for the past five years. And, the only time I get my hair cut is when I have my hair Japanese straightened during my annual visit to Malaysia. 

That being said, you can't quite blame me when I was a little skeptical when John Azzi himself insisted offered to give me a hair cut post my keratin treatment on a faithful Thursday, especially when I just had my hair cut a month prior. 
(One of the perks? of being a beauty blogger is you are the guinea pig get the opportunity to experience various beauty treatments. This keratin treatment + hair cut was generously offered by Groupon  Thanks Groupon!)

However, I am glad I did as I may have found THE hairdresser! You would have probably seen me raved about it on Instagram & Twitter and might have taken a few more  *cough* selfies *cough*  than usual post my hair cut. 

 With the man himself who gave my hair some "life" and volume without reducing the length! 

Ahhhh - the joy of heading home right after a freshly cut & blow-dried hair.
Such a waste. 

The salon is located at John's penthouse suite in the heart of Sydney CBD. 

Oh haiz - Sydney Tower. 

And yes, this is the view you get whilst you're waiting on the balcony, with a glass of wine in hand. 

 I could get used to poppin by at lunch time to have a blow dry whilst having a sneaky drink with comfortable couch like this. Imagine summer time... #justsayin

Upon arrival, I was kindly offered a glass of wino. I opted for water. YES, you read it right, w.a.t.e.r. In fact, I had to reject that glass of white a few times as I could still taste the Chandon I consumed during Crane Bar opening the night before. 

The salon was pretty empty when I got there after gym, at around 7pm. Just a heads up, I think it's better to head there later in the arvo/ evening when there are less people to ensure full attention from the staff and John himself. 

POST Keratin Treatment & new hurrrcut = a happy Adeline! :)

Keratin Treatment is definitely my frizz-fighting option going forward. Having my hair rebonded (also known as Japanese straightening) for the past decade (YEAPS, it has been an annual routine over the past 10 years) has damaged my hair. Bad. Real Bad. 

My hair was extremely smooth and silky after the keratin treatment, without the putrid chemical smell you get with Japanese straightening. However, I can't quite comment if it is as effective as Japanese straightening in terms of fighting frizz and straightening effect as I have just had my hair rebonded a month ago. It definitely is less damaging than your traditional Japanese Straightening.

 New Hurr Cut + LUSH Sea Spray + MAC Candy Yum Yum!

My hair has way more "shape" and less thick after the hair cut, especially the fringe! It makes styling way easier, with a spritz of Sea Salt Spray or two! 

I was really happy with the results and would definitely head back for Keratin Treatment and hair cut again! We all know how costly hair treatment/ hair care can be - and thank god for websites like Groupon, you are usually able to grab some good treatment bargains at a fraction of it's original cost! Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available but do look out on Groupon for similar deals!

When was your last visit to the hairdresser?
Have you had any beauty experience via deals websites? 
Let me know your experience! 

DISCLAIMER: This service was offered to Through Beauty Eyes for FREE, on behalf of Groupon Australia. All opinions expressed here are my own and based on MY personal experience. I am in no way affiliated with Groupon nor will I be compensated for any coupons sold on the sites. This post contains no affiliated links. For further information, please refer to Through Beauty Eyes disclosure policy.

PS: No, I did not forget about the post where I will be taking you girls (and gents?) through my life saviour/HG products that save you from looking like Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes after media Thursdays (or any sneaking midweek Shenanigans!) - am still working on some of the photos! It's coming SOON! :)



Mike Walden Program said...

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LT+IC said...

Hi, I just wanted to share with you my experience with John Azzi as I had just had treatment done with them using the Groupon voucher for Keratin Treatment.

They had mixed reviews but after reading your blog post, I decided to give it a go.

My experience was horrific.
At the beginning, one of the employees confirmed our Keratin treatment and $40 pp extra charge due to length (was in fine print of the voucher. My hair length is a little shorter than yours in the photos in this post for reference)."
He then started washing a bit of my friend's hair and then my hair without washing his hands. If it was not my friend's hair he was just washing, I'd find that HIGHLY unhygienic.
After long moments of waiting for our hair to be rinsed out and product put in, we were escorted back to the chairs for a second product to sit in. 35 mins later, my friend was escorted outside. Another employee started combing, blowdrying and ironing her hair. She was in so much pain as they tried hard to comb through her hair that still had product in it (left in for more than 35 mins).

Whilst rinsing, I declined their offer of adding a mask (+$25). I was confused as to why my friend didn’t get a rinse too. She asked and was rudely given an ambiguous answer by Cal. After a moment, he ordered me to join my friend outside. He asked “(employee #1) has informed you of the extra fee for length and everything?” We replied “Yes” since we were informed of the surcharge. After a while, Cal deemed outside too hot for him so he ushered my friend back inside to continue the ironing.

Before finishing my friend’s hair, Cal walked out to the balcony to smoke. Highly unprofessional. I personally hate the smell of cigarette smoke and was scared he'd touch my hair after.

My hair was combed, blow dried and ironed. We noted how sticky and chalky my friend’s hair still felt. We asked and the employee insists that it’s like that, adding, “if your hair was healthy and hydrated, after the treatment it would really shine and be lovely.”

The employee then confirmed I was also done. I was in complete and utter shock. My hair was completely flat, stuck to my scalp flat, and it looked like I haven’t washed my hair for maybe months. She expected me to walk out like that. If not masking, I walk out as is. Of course I had to go with the mask. It was already 3 hours into the appointment. I really just wanted to leave but they didn’t really leave me with much choice.

Whilst washing and masking, the employee asked what we were told. I recounted, that I was not informed that my hair would be utterly unpresentable without the mask and also that they just did a mask for my friend without asking. Cal then walks up, points at us and declared that he had told us about the extra fee for the mask. We said that he confirmed to us about the length but not the mask. He argued with us for a bit before walking away and started talking about us to the other staff members in front of the clients. After everything, my hair felt normal but looked nice. My friend’s hair was still chalky and frizzy.

John Azzi came over and my friend pointed to the condition her hair was in. He led her back inside and said he would personally take over.

Another stylist asked me about my experience today. I recounted from beginning to end. My friend spoke with John. Cal walked back and forth around her, repeatedly muttering “Liar, Liar, Lies, Lies” whilst she was explaining to John what had happened.

I offered to pay for my mask but not my friend’s as she wasn’t told. The stylist said she'll wave my mask fee too.
We left after 4.5 hours. We were tired, unhappy, angry, frustrated and felt extremely extremely extremely insulted.

My friend’s hair started to break off at the ends and needs to be cut now.
And yes, I will plaster his name over every review on this terrifying experience. The horrible person, his name is Cal and he works for John Azzi at the CBD salon. Have mercy on whoever suffers at his hands next.
Total: $278 ($99 Groupon voucher + $40 surcharge).

LT+IC said...

The review above is an extremely summarised version of my experience with John Azzi today. There were many many other things that ruined my experience today. ESPECIALLY Cal. I can't stress enough what a horrible person he was and what a terrible job he did at ironing my friend's hair.

Special note: Julie, the stylist who spoke with me was very nice, as were the few employees who helped me. I’m not sure if they were just trying to salvage the situation or just placate us, but we appreciate their efforts nonetheless during the worst experience ever.

anita said...

I too had an absolutely horrible experience at the John Azzi Head Spa. There were many many incidents of on professionalism but to get to the end result they basically fried my hair with the iron discolored it in the process
then with my hair full of product I was notified it would be an extra 40 dollars to have my hair washed and another product put in which would make my hair at least look normal I suggested that they should advise people of this when they arrive not when they are totally unpresentable to be in public
I Whip My Hair later my hair is like straw it's pretty I have been to the hairdressers and I have been told that they did not take to care with the iron and have burnt my hair there is nothing I can do to rectify this other than to have it cut I have sent several emails and no one has got back to me believe me I'll be taking this as far as I can I'll be making complaints to Groupon and I will be leaving reviews everywhere I can
It is criminal if they continue to operate this business given the adverse reviews I have read since my experience.

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