Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sometimes, the life of a beauty blogger can be tough, especially when you have a full time job and gym commitment (Yes, working out is part of my full time job too :P)

I am not sure if I am actually being sarcastic there because truth to be told, I quite enjoy the events and launches (can be found on Through Beauty Eyes Social Diaries ). I mean, what's not to love when you get to check out and play with new products, catch up with the lovely bloggers over a glass (or perhaps a few) bubbles or vino and meeting new peeps?
[My latest wrap up of the recent events around Sydney can be found HERE. ]

Whilst I do enjoy attending these social events - let's be real here, I am turning into an old hag and ain't 21 anymore. AND, rocking up to an event looking like Amanda Bynes isn't an option either.

THANK GOD for my fav HG products and a few tips and tricks that prevent that from happening - which I will be sharing with you girls today!

How do I hide my "I-am-so-effing-hungover" look and look fresh the next day?

1. HYDRATE the f*ck out of your skin

It's a no brainer that alcohol sucks up every possible drip of H20 in your body - especially when you go a little overboard with them wine. (It's rude to say no when the waitresses kept coming back for a top up :P) Apart from skulling heaps of water and coconut water (this stuff works WONDERS when you're feeling the aftermath of wine), don't forget to give your skin some extra hydration. 

My recommendation: Hada Labo Moisturising Serum

I love this serum - one of my must-purchase items every time I am back in Asia for holidays. Its texture is in between a cleanser and serum, which feels extremely hydrating on the skin. I apply this before applying my moisturiser - an instant hydration boost to the skin! 

2. Use an eye "cooler" to reduce puffiness of the eyes and cover it up with hydrating concealer

My recommendation: Benefit #FakeUP Concealer* and Make Up Store Moisturising Eye Roll-On*

The Eye Roll-On has a cooling effect and reduces the puffiness under your eyes. Perfecto! The last thing you want is bringing out your eye bags with the wrong concealer and adding that extra "lines" cos your under eye is so dry! Benefit #FakeUp Concealer is life-changing and has been my to-go-to concealer most days, especially after a big night out.  I have raved about it on my Love List 5 - Beauty Edition post.

3. Bright and bold lips makes everything better.

True story dot com. 

I have always been a huge fan of bright lips - and the fact that it instantly brightens up my look makes me love it even more.

My current favorite picks are: 

From left to right:
CK One Glorious (deep red)
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 107 (perfect berry/ wine colour for autumn)
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 111 (chilli red)
Models Prefer Infinite LipLiner in Forever Pink (Bright Coral Fuchsia)
Maybelline Lipstick in Vivid Rose (Bright Coral Fuchsia) 
MAC Candy Yum Yum (Cool Barbie Pink with Purple Undertone)
Make Up Store Sparkling Lipstick in Blackcurrent (Not pictured)

 Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 107

CK One Glorious

Rimmel Lasting By Kate Lipstick in 107 on top of CK One Lip Rouge in Glorious

Maybelline Vivid Rose on Top of CK One Glorious

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Make Up Store Sparkling Lipstick in Blackcurrent 

4. Highlight the high points of your face to brighten your look and give you an instant "lift"

My pick: Illamasqua Supernatural Gleam Cream

This bronze "illuminator" is a little different from your usual pearly/ white highlighter. It's a coppery-bronze highlight with "iridescent pearlescent pigments", which can be used alone or with foundation. I usually apply it on the apples of my cheeks (and apply my blush of day on top), cheek bones and nose bridge for that coppery glow. Perfect for giving your look a warm lift! 


A little advice from the Editor: 

Don't forget to take some time off the social scenes and pamper yourself. Be it a facial (if you have extra cash to splurge) or "mask time" at home or a massage.
Invest in scented candles, a good magazine and enjoy it with a cuppa tea in bed.
Don't #FOMO 24/7!

Currently loving:

Dermalogica Hydrating Masque 

I pamper myself with a mask session once every 2-3 weeks (I know I should be doing it weekly but did I mention I am kinda lazy? :P) and have been loving Dermalogica Hydrating Masque!  It's extremely hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated after getting in touch with my skin (see what I did there? :P) for a good 15 minutes!

Glasshouse Fragrance in Galapagos (Lime and Cocoa Butter) - quite a refreshing scent but I am loving my new Glasshouse Triple Scented Fragrance in Tahaa (Vanila Caramel) I recently bought! My room now smells like Peter Alexander <3 nbsp="">

CollectiveHub Magazine 

If you haven't already heard of this magazine, you should get on it like, right NOW. 

Renegade Collective is the love child of Lisa Messanger - which focuses on inspirations and entrepreneurship. So, I am quite a sucker for glossy covers and pretty magazines and more often than not, I always end up purchasing magazines with mediocre content. Renegade Collective is the first and only magazine that I actually look forward to the next issue before finishing the final page of the current issue.

Lean start up, successful entrepreneur stories, strategies, inspiration.... all in one magazine.

Whilst the price is a little on the steep side (retailing at$12.95) compared to most magazine, its well worth every penny of yours. And not to mention, a highly engaging community too where Lisa actually replies to your Tweet and Instagram messages! 

DMK Enzyme Facial @ The Laser Lounge*

Enzyme facial is designed to remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called 'reverse osmosis'. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin, exercises facial muscles and works to leave the skin feeling firm.

(My apologies for the unedited, gross photo - but that's how it looks like when the enzymes "harden up")

This reminds me of homemade egg mask, except better. It does feel a little uncomfortable when the enzyme "hardens up" (as pictured above) but it felt like I was given a set of new skin after removing all my dead skin. I was fortunate enough to be given a complimentary treatment by The Laser Lounge a while ago - but it seems about time to book in my next "relaxing" sesh soon?


Models Prefer Infinite Lip Liner in Forever Pink + Maybelline Lipstick in Vivid Rose
(another new favourite combination of mine!)

Bright lips DOES make it better :)

Those are my few tip & tricks as well as some fav products to hide my hungover face after a big night out!

What are yours mini tricks to hide your hungover face?

Disclaimer: Products and services marked with asterisk* were provided to me for consideration purposes. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please refer to Through Beauty Eyes disclosure policies.  


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My GROUPON experience with John Azzi Hairdressers

"The hair is the richest ornament of women" - Martin Luther

I couldn't agree more. 

I am sure most (if not everyone) of us have had our fair share of bad experience when it comes to hair, be it a bad hair cut or a bad colour or bad colour and hair cut. 

That's one of the reasons why I have been going to the same hairdresser for the past five years. And, the only time I get my hair cut is when I have my hair Japanese straightened during my annual visit to Malaysia. 

That being said, you can't quite blame me when I was a little skeptical when John Azzi himself insisted offered to give me a hair cut post my keratin treatment on a faithful Thursday, especially when I just had my hair cut a month prior. 
(One of the perks? of being a beauty blogger is you are the guinea pig get the opportunity to experience various beauty treatments. This keratin treatment + hair cut was generously offered by Groupon  Thanks Groupon!)

However, I am glad I did as I may have found THE hairdresser! You would have probably seen me raved about it on Instagram & Twitter and might have taken a few more  *cough* selfies *cough*  than usual post my hair cut. 

 With the man himself who gave my hair some "life" and volume without reducing the length! 

Ahhhh - the joy of heading home right after a freshly cut & blow-dried hair.
Such a waste. 

The salon is located at John's penthouse suite in the heart of Sydney CBD. 

Oh haiz - Sydney Tower. 

And yes, this is the view you get whilst you're waiting on the balcony, with a glass of wine in hand. 

 I could get used to poppin by at lunch time to have a blow dry whilst having a sneaky drink with comfortable couch like this. Imagine summer time... #justsayin

Upon arrival, I was kindly offered a glass of wino. I opted for water. YES, you read it right, w.a.t.e.r. In fact, I had to reject that glass of white a few times as I could still taste the Chandon I consumed during Crane Bar opening the night before. 

The salon was pretty empty when I got there after gym, at around 7pm. Just a heads up, I think it's better to head there later in the arvo/ evening when there are less people to ensure full attention from the staff and John himself. 

POST Keratin Treatment & new hurrrcut = a happy Adeline! :)

Keratin Treatment is definitely my frizz-fighting option going forward. Having my hair rebonded (also known as Japanese straightening) for the past decade (YEAPS, it has been an annual routine over the past 10 years) has damaged my hair. Bad. Real Bad. 

My hair was extremely smooth and silky after the keratin treatment, without the putrid chemical smell you get with Japanese straightening. However, I can't quite comment if it is as effective as Japanese straightening in terms of fighting frizz and straightening effect as I have just had my hair rebonded a month ago. It definitely is less damaging than your traditional Japanese Straightening.

 New Hurr Cut + LUSH Sea Spray + MAC Candy Yum Yum!

My hair has way more "shape" and less thick after the hair cut, especially the fringe! It makes styling way easier, with a spritz of Sea Salt Spray or two! 

I was really happy with the results and would definitely head back for Keratin Treatment and hair cut again! We all know how costly hair treatment/ hair care can be - and thank god for websites like Groupon, you are usually able to grab some good treatment bargains at a fraction of it's original cost! Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available but do look out on Groupon for similar deals!

When was your last visit to the hairdresser?
Have you had any beauty experience via deals websites? 
Let me know your experience! 

DISCLAIMER: This service was offered to Through Beauty Eyes for FREE, on behalf of Groupon Australia. All opinions expressed here are my own and based on MY personal experience. I am in no way affiliated with Groupon nor will I be compensated for any coupons sold on the sites. This post contains no affiliated links. For further information, please refer to Through Beauty Eyes disclosure policy.

PS: No, I did not forget about the post where I will be taking you girls (and gents?) through my life saviour/HG products that save you from looking like Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes after media Thursdays (or any sneaking midweek Shenanigans!) - am still working on some of the photos! It's coming SOON! :)


Friday, June 7, 2013

Through Beauty Eyes Social Diaries #3 +

*Checks calendar*

What the fuuuuuu....dge? It's JUNE already?!?!?! 

How did the first half of the year flew by? And how did I neglect my little baby here for over a month? 

Well, I have been working on a side project which to be revealed at the end of the post and that has been taking up a whole lot of my time along with other life issues, gym and well... social events =P 

Lets catch up with what's happening in the beauty and social scene on Sydney as of late, shall we? And of course, some new products for the colder weather! 


Pearls, bow tie, flappers seem to be back in action ever since our dear mate made its appearance in this new film called "The Great Gatsby" and yours truly happened to be partying like its 1920s at The Great Gatsby SoirĂ©e at Hugos Lounge last Friday. 

Photo Credit: Hugos Lounge
Close friends of mine would know how bad of a "dresser" I am when it comes to dressed up party. Like really bad. 

Photo Credit: Hugos Lounge
But I think I'm getting better at it especially after THIS particular rad, badass shot with my drinking partner in crime. :P


Apart from cool parties and events, I do try to attend at least 2 events/ conferences/ exhibitions that's related to personal or professional development. "Make sure you invest some time and money in learning" said Jack Delosa

Your's truly at CEBIT 2013 - the largest business technology conference in Australia. Whilst I am no where close to be a decision-maker of a large corporation, it was really a massive eye-opener in terms of the technology available out there, especially with the evolving digital industry. 


Remember that morning where your feed is flooded with Sydney's fog? Yeh - that ONLY morning where I was fortunate enough to a breakfast launch at Orbit Restaurant and Bar - one of the best spots in Sydney with stunning view, Sydney decides to be shower its concrete jungle with nothing but fog. 
Thanks buddy. 

We were introduced to the brand new RACINNE skincare range that was recently launched in Australia. 

Seven years of dedicated research later, this Canadian brand with world-leading Korean formula released two new ranges - The Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series (for women 30+) and The Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series (for women of all ages). These new ranges boast an advanced biotechnology formula, known as "Callus Cultivation Technology" providing nourishment, hydration and protection to skin. 

"The new ranges penetrate to the deepest layers of skin improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin, which is a common side effect of a natural climate such as in Australia" (BDM of Racinne International)

I am pretty excited to include these new babies into my winter skincare routine especially my skin is "well known" for being exceptionally dry during the colder days. Did I mention that they are pretty reasonably priced too? They are now available online at 
I will let you know what I think about them once I go on a thorough test drive. :)


Yet another great LiveAspireBlog event with my lovely and absolutely talented friend - Christina from Hair Romance as one of the speakers. If you are looking for some simple yet creative hair-spiration, Hair Romance is THE place to go to! She's currently doing a 30bunsIn30days challenge, don't forget to check that out too!

Check out my wrap up of the previous two #LiveAspireBlog HERE

The extremely talented Miranti from Pen & Peplum was one of the sponsors of the recent Live Aspire Blog and look at this genius and gorgeous creation of hers! A Blogger-To-Do-Lists! 


Seriously, a must-have for bloggers!

Unfortunately, her ETSY store is temporary shut as she is away on her holiday. However, don't forget to check out her lovely blog and look out for any updates on when its available again. 


I love breakfast,  I love breakfast launches even more. I love breakfast launches with scrumptious menu and awesome team the most! 
(That's because I get to enjoy the favourite meal of my day, learning about awesome new products/ services before my day job!)

Pretty-In-Pink table settings at HerFashionBox Blogger Brunch | The Grounds @ Alexandria

PINK Box matches my iPad mini and lippie :P

HerFashionBox is a monthly subscription box with 2-3 fashion accessories + added beauty and lifestyle products and a bonus magazine that shares the latest tips and how-tos using the products included in the box. 

Unlike other subscription boxes with one-size-for-all-concept, you get to select your style - Classic, Feminine or Trendy with HerFashionBox

Wanna find out more about HerFashionBox, Norlin from Baubles Bubbles Blog did two detailed reviews HERE and HERE

And guess who I bumped into at Hugo's Gatsby Soiree? 
The cofounders of HFB - Kerry & Kath! 


LUSH heaven with a glass of Chandon in hand, NEED I SAY MORE? 

With my gorgeous "blogger" friend - Nella aka Miss Beaute Gazette

Rockin' LUSH Sea Spray (LOVIN this!) with my fresh-off-the-salon hair cut from John Azi (more to come!) and one of my fav bubblegum pink lippie - MAC Candy Yum Yum


One event after another, a few during the week, over a couple of weeks is the reason why I very much enjoy Saturday-Night-In in my pjs doing nothing with my candle and a good mag or a chicklit.

Photo Credit: Urban Society
 With Andy (aka Mister Kitchen Ninja) at Crane Bar launch at Potts Point after the LUSH Bloggers Event. 

Just your usual Wednesday night where you get to have a photo with the sexy Luke Jacobz

Japanezu Girls
 *insert Asian emoticons*


The sleek interior of newly launched Brad Ngata on Crown after 12 years at his Goulbourn Street salon! 

Ladies and the man behind Maxted Thomas 


Eurovision Finals Dress Up Party at Oxford Art Factory with Mel & Le Bestie!

Let's just said the best part of the night was dressing up and I was proud to stay around to find out what the fuss about Romania is all about! Eurovision is definitely not my cuppa tea. 


As mentioned earlier in this post, THIS is the side project that I have been working on that's launching in the next two weeks! :)

(Head over there NOW and sign up to our newsletter to get FREE and latest update about our launch and any health & fitness related stuff!)
Don't forget to share the love on Eat This Burn That favourite hang out spots too!


 Wonder how I survive a week filled with events without looking like a dag? Stay tune for my next post where I take you through my life-saviour/ HG products that save you from looking like Lindsay Lohan after media Thursdays :P

That's an update from my side of the Social Diaries - what have you beauties been up to?