Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Dermablend Cover Cream

To be honest, I have not heard of Dermanblend (let alone its cover creme foundation) despite being a frequent customer in Priceline. In fact, I will probably still be in the dark if Jojoba did not include this on top of her giveaway prizes.


"Full coverage foundation for moderate to major skin flaws that delivers 12 hours of consistent colour wear. Lightweight formula glides on evenly and delivers all day hydration as well as SPF 30 sunscreen protection. Water-resistant and smudge-resistant when used with Setting Powder" 

 According to Jojoba from My MakeUp Review, unless a person needs super high coverage, this product is usually used as a concealer. I prefer using this as a 2 in1 foundation + concealer instead of concealer on days where I feel like my eyebags are beyond horrible or during lazy days where I couldn't be bothered applying 2 different products. 

Make Up LESS photo
AFTER application

As you can see, it gives a matte flawless finish and it conceals my undereye circles well. I set it with either Maybelline Dream Matte Powder or Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. 

The product is actually solid but can be easily melted with body heat. What I usually do is using the spatula that comes with it and scoop up a tiny bit of product (you don't need much product as it can be pretty thick) and dab it on areas that needs extra coverage and blend it outwards. It blends with your skin EXTREMELY well, giving you the flawless look. This cream gives you medium to high coverage, depending on how much you appy.  However, unlike my Etude House Magic BB Cream and my all time favourite Revlon PhotoReady foundation (which I use when I am on a night out), Dermablend Cover Creme gives a matte finish instead of dewy finish. 

As much as I love this product, I don't use it everyday though as I am not one who likes heavy coverage foundation. I stick to my good old BB Cream or tinted moisturizer (which I have just started using recently).


- Provide medium to high coverage
- Matte finish : which is suitable for people with oily skin.
- Long Lasting
- Flawless Finish

- The Packaging : I don't like how I need to use a spatula to scoop the product out, transfer it to my finger before transferring it to my face, Too.much.effort. Who knows? Maybe its its half solid formula that makes it works so well.
- Costly: It costs AUD 54 here in Australia, which is pretty pricey to me. Granted, there's quite alot of product in the tub.

Here are a few FOTDs that I had using Dermablend :) *click on description for products listing*

Exotic Green Smokey Eyes

Have you  heard of/ tried any Dermabland products before?

Disclaimer: Product was gifted as a gift from Jojoba's Giveaway. All opinions expressed are 100% honest.



blushfully by cendana said...

lol adeline... yeah i always spotted dermablend in priceline all the time but the price puts me off, plus for such price i'd rather get something else from dept store. for cream foundation, i might as well just go for Graftobian ^^

btw, love the smokey dark green eyes!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

that looks like a good product but the price is pretty pricie!!
you look really gorgeous and loving the look with the green smokey.

something a bit off topic but, I was wondering did you do a tutorial of the look you did on your blog banner? if there is, could share the link with me? I really love it and might wanna follow this look!
When ever you're free :)

THanx <3

Anonymous said...

interesting review!!! i am glad it works for you. actually, what i worried the most was the colouring as this shade is quite yellow and i have to sheer it out. REALLY sheer it out myself and you seem to be a lot lighter than i am.

the most interesting point was that you said it's matte on you. hmm, it's not so on me. i am not sure if i put sunscreen and moisturise underneath so it appears different on me? Well, it doesn't matter as i don't think i mind either way. (matte or dewy)

this is my HG product and i love it so much regardless its craptacular packaging. i also ditched that specula in the end.

for those who think priceline (or regular price is too high), you can check out demablend's dealer at a lower price and they often have discount. :P

ps: i will probably add your review to mine or do an update later if you don't mind. you look fabulous with it on. and now you make me want to try a BB cream. but i need far more coverage than you. i am an old cow!

Fruity Lashes said...

it works great on you. your skin are totally evened out. great product

Jadegrrrl said...

Interesting, I sometimes walk past this at priceline and wonder, but lately my skin has been great *touch wood* so haven't been using foundation much at all.

Anonymous said...

love the green smokey - very sexy. the foundation looks great! you have good skin already - it just gives you a very flawless complexion!

나니 said...

WOW that sure looks REALLY nice! *_*

kris said...

it gives good coverage right? just too steep... hope they'll have cover creams in smaller tubs, so we can all have a grab of it ^^,

stay pretty! :)