Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Happy HUMP DAY lovelies! 

ThroughBeautyEyes.Com is finally back from that hiatus of mine! I was busy preparing for my Chartered Accountant Program Audit Exam and have been busy with events since then. I am still trying to recover from my lack of rest/sleep since last Tuesday and its still not happenin' and will not be until the long weekend! 

I have also just attended the inaugural Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend 2011 that was founded and organised by Jacie from You've Got Nail and Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries.

Photo Credit: ABBW

The event was beyond amazing albeit a tad too full on - it was great to finally put faces together with twitter/blog and meet the Aussies bloggies! 

I am still trying to "recover" from the massive weekend and my room is still in its "hurricane-struck" state. Hence, just a couple of photos (which isn't that sufficient IMO) to illustrate what an awesome weekend it has been. More detailed posts will be coming up soon! (No empty promises this time! ;D)

Goodies bags I received from Day 01, except for the IMATS bag which was my mini haul :) 
I got a muscle ache from carrying all these goodies bags the next day and I had to get picked up because the sponsors were THAT generous that it was impossible to lug it home via public transport! 

@Beauty Blogger Gala 2011 organized by the Maxted Thomas PR, which was absolutely mindblowing. More on that later! :)

Photobooth by NIVEA @ Maxted Thomas PR Beauty Blogger Gala 2011

Photo credit: Dana
(because I haven't had the time to take my own.)

Dana,Kylie,Tammerly, Yours truly.

Our failed attempt is trying to look like Lady Gaga but looks more like an Asian peace sign pose instead, me thinks. 

Face of Australia Masterclass 

 Bahar Etminan from RESCU_ which probably gave the best speech during the weekend! It was simply inspiring! 

Yes, I went a little crazy at INGLOT

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak to IMATS/Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend 2011 of mine, definitely more to come! I am just about to reply to all comments and emails after work today, my apologies to those who haven't heard back from me in the past 2-3 weeks! 

Did you attend IMATS/ ABBW2011? Did you enjoy it?
Share your experience with me by commenting below or a link to your post. :)


Friday, September 2, 2011


Hey lovelies!!!

How's going? Thank god its Friday tomorrow!!! And the good news is, winter is officially over and HELLO SPRING TIME! (Albeit the weather here in Sydney isn't that great today!) I apologise for my sporadic updates here on Through Beauty Eyes... my CA finals is coming up in 3 weeks (eeeek!) and I am pretty occupied with events and birthdays in the next couple of weeks too! Apologies in advance if I go on an unannounced hiatus again! 

So, I signed up for Illamasqua Master Class a while ago when I was wandering aimlessly window shopping at MYER City and decided to drop by Illamasqua counter to say hello. Fast forward 2 months later, I got a call from Illamasqua on Friday, confirming my attendance to Saturday's 12pm session. Imagine getting home at 4am from an unplanned massive Friday night out, a 12pm session was painfully early on a Saturday for yours truly. However, because I am awesome like that, I sucked it up and made it to the session. Fashionably late, may I add. I blame it on CityRail's track work! 

Unless you have been living under the rock all this time, colour-blocking shouldn't be something new to you... And last time I checked, no one has said colour-blocking can only be used when it comes to fashion.

Nicola demonstrating colour - blocking your eyes and lip make up. =)

Bright orange and lime green eyeshadows, no contouring on the crease/ outer V area and finish off with a bright pink lips! 

This is my take on the colour-blocking FOTD! 
I must admit, it did take me a while to get use to it as I am not one who usually go out with both bright eyes and lips, its always one or another! 

However, definitely LOVIN' the final result though! :)

On my FACE
Gleam Cream
Skin Base Foundation in #11
Powder Blush in Hussy

On my EYES
Pencil in Debonair (as base)
Eyeshadow in Dance (Aqua Blue)
Eyeshadow in Slink (Champagne - use as highlight)
Volume mascara in Harness

On my LIPS
Pencil in Thrash
Lipstick in Precious

A couple of photos taken at the Illamasqua Counter: 

Francis & Mikele <3

Nicola: Colour - blocking works well with both pastel-coloured outfit and bold-coloured outfit. 

The Illamasqua Master Class costs $70, redeemable on products! And here are the products I redeemed:
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Hussy
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in #11 

(I have a strong feeling that this is going to replace my love for BB Cream! Stay tune for a review in a month's time!)

Make Up Colour Blocking - Yay or Nay? 
I have a few combinations in my head that I can't wait to try out when we are approaching summer! :) 
Do share your link below should you try out the colour blocking FOTD! 

Also, have you tried Illamasqua's new Skin Base Foundation? 

Have a good weekend!!!