Monday, March 26, 2012


It's the ever dreadful Monday again - my most favourite day of the week, NOT. 
But instead of whinging like a little kid, I am trying (keyword: TRYING) to be more positive and have a quick "picture reflection" of the past week or so. 

As you can see, ThroughBeautyEyes.Com has undergone a "minor operation" over the weekend - it looks much simpler now than before than far from what I have in mind! But those changes are going to gradual as I have heaps of tweaking to do! So, please bear with the current one for the time being. :D

WARNING: There might be quite *a few* #foodporn photos as you scroll down, please do that at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any hunger caused. =P

 Yours truly posing with her "vicarious" shopping from HK - MAC Watch Me Shimmer Lipstick ( I LOVE) and Revlon Lip Butter in Macaron.
(Huge thanks to BFF - Miss Wendy and Co

 Sneak peak of my FOTD rockin' my new fav - MAC Watch Me Shimmer Lippie <3
Stay tune!

 My current obsession - Banana, Mango & Passionfruit smoothie from Top Juice!

LOVES the smoothie and juices from Top Juice as they use pure fruits with no added sugar, except they are pretty exy $$$!

$12 Steak + Shoestring Chips @ Bar Luca
BEST STEAK & CHIPS EVER, nuff said!  

Although Bar Luca is situated at the other side of my "hood" - towards Wynyard - Circular Quay area, I am considering making a weekly visit just because their steak and chips are SO.WORTH.IT.

One of my "beasty" brekkie - Teriyaki Chicken Sushi and Smoked Salmon Salad Roll

Jurlique's New Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex Range!!!

I have heard so many good reviews about Jurlique products - can't wait to try these babies out! May I add that these products smell absolutely divine? 

Packages that make my otherwise mundane day at work slightly better :)

And this time, it's all about Sample Boxes! I was sent a few sample boxes over the past few months, so I will be doing a more detailed post on what I think about sample boxes soon rather than just showcasing the products as you have probably seen it around other blogs already. :)

Hump Day FOTD - green smokey eyes using my fav Stardust eyeshadow from Sisley Mystic Harmony Collection (Reviewed & Swatched HERE) just because I felt like it. :)

Team Lunch @BonaFides
Grilled prawn salad with extra haloumi on the side. SUPER NOMS! 

Lunch with the girlies @ Bonafides
Fettucini with ricotta, chilli lime dressing and grilled prawns with extra chilli on the side. 
I am pretty sure the picture itself illustrates HOW DELISH it was! 

Yes, I did go to Bonafides on Thursday and Friday - simply because it is just down the road from where I work and they serve pretty decent food! Anything with grilled prawn is yums - their steak on the other hand was just mediocre! 

Weekend NOTD - A holographic polish I got from Morning Glory a LONG time ago! And I forgotten how gorgeous this shade is! :)

 Saturday readings - Rae Morris Timeless MakeUp & CLEO Mag! 

Brunch @Robocog, Surry Hills

Grilled Haloumi with salsa on rosemary sourdough with extra churizo & scrambled eggs on the side. 
SUPER YUMS - albeit I felt like I was 2 months preggos after demolishing everything on the plate! 

 Our first photo shoot sesh together @ a quiet laneway in Surry Hills! Stay tune :D

That pretty much sums up what's been happenin for the past week and what I got up to over the weekend. Nothing interesting as you can tell, it always involves food & make up. =.="

NOTE TO SELF: Stop drafting post with FOOD in midnight, especially when your stomach is grumping, yearning for a good scrumptious supper. It is quite torturous. 

What did you lovelies get up to over the weekend?
Anything interesting and/or fun? Do share. :)

Have a great week ahead!! <3


Friday, March 23, 2012

EVENT: Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing Launch @ Luxe Studio

2 weeks ago, I woke up with a massive hangover and the thought of having to make it to work is caused a spiral of tornado within my intestines and possibly my liver too with the cocktails & CC dries I consumed the night before. Needless to say, Friday was painful that day but that only meant I had a pretty epic shenanigan the night before, thanks to Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing Launch @ Luxe Studio by SweatyBettyPR

Do Ya Thing!

We were greeted by these yummy cocktails (by yummy, I met the ones in the short glass behind =P) upon arrival and I had 4 of them by the end of the event.


These Converses are NOW available HERE
Let's face it, we all know that Adeline isn't exactly a "con" or "chucks" or "sneakers" person. I have NEVER owned a pair of Converse in my entire life. True story. However, I was hoo-haa-ing over these gorgeous collaboration sneakers, especially the one on the bottom left corner! HAWT!

An from Lemon Lime Glitters - my partner in crime back in the uni days, photographer of the night, Iron Man *inside joke* and also my + 1 for the night. :)

Us being silly here =P

Don't forget to drop by Lemon Lime Glitters  and show her some love. :)

 Guess who I met at the event? :)

Yes, that glass of wine is 4 cocktails later (Y) #goingstrong
Rochelle Fox from AFoxThatMeows, who looks way more gorgeous in real life! 

She's like Barbie came to life! <3

Just a few shots with the Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing "wallpaper":

Not the most glamorous shot but I love the spontaneity of this photo!

We decided to be "adventurous" and set off to our very own after party. :) What we wanted to do was to have a drink at every bar on Oxford St on the way back to the city but what we did was stopping by Shady Pines Saloon (the name don't lie, it was hidden in the middle of a dodgy ally way but the bar was surprisingly awesome and was pretty packed for a Thursday!), then the Colombian (you know you had too many drinks when your pitt stop includes Colombian) and BAM - Scary Canary! 

@The Columbian
@Scary Canary

Hey, don't judge! Scary Canary went off on a Thursday night and they now serve this cool drink in a funky fluro jug to replace the good ol' buckets!

Rockin' Red Lips in conjunction with International Women's Day. #RockTheLips

Featuring Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Voluptuous (Reviewed HERE)

Once again, thanks SweatyBettyPR for the invite and throwing such a fantabulous party (as usual :D). Don't forget to check out this spanking new and awesome collaboration collection HERE.

TGIF lovelies !!!  I thought that this definitely is a Friday-appropriate post.
Have a great weekend everyone! <3 

Images credit: An from Lemon Lime Glitters and Kai from Kai Snapped You and yours truly Instagram (@ThroughBeautyEyes)

Disclaimer: I was invited to as a Guest by SweatyBettyPR. I am not paid nor obliged to write about the event and I am not affiliated with Converse Australia.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As promised, I will be more consistent with my updates and here I am, second post of the week. :)

After all the instagram (@ThroughBeautyEyes) - filled updates in the past couple of weeks, me thinks its time to be back with the good ol' review and swatches, tested and tried out by yours truly. :)

You would have probably noticed that Sisley got quite a few mentions on my twitter and instagram (@ThroughBeautyEyes) as of late, with special tribute to their Autumn/Winter 2012 - Mystic Harmony Collection

"As the colour of nature change and intensify, Sisley introduces an Autumn/Winter make up collection of magnetic, intensified shades. Rich metallic blue for the eyes, accentuated with a sparkling grey green and lined with shimmering purple. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a few products to try out from the Mystic Harmony range. :)

*surprise surprise*

Courtesy of Star PR. Thanks Fiona for giving me the opportunity to try out these products!

I had to control not to yell out in excitement when I saw the packaging of these products (mind you, I was still at work) and couldn't help till I have my hands on these babies (thats what she said BAM)

Sisley has definitely scored 100% in the packaging's department - I am sure you guys will concur, wouldn't you?

 Phyto Ombre´ Eclat Eyeshadow in Stardust

 RRP $55

"Phyto-Ombre´Eclat combines the properties of natural botanical extracts with the most sophisticated make-up technologies, creating a silky, ultra fine quality texture that glides over eyelids and blends easily. Tested under ophthalmologic and dermatological control, Phyto-Ombre´Eclat protects and does not dry out the delicate skin in the eye area."

Silky and ultra fine texture - Checked.
Glides on like magic - Checked.
Blend easily - Checked.
Does not dry out eye area - TRIPLE CHECKED.
Not to mentioned, this eyeshadow is super pigmented and lasted all day long.

Yes, this little gem here ticked every boxes it claimed to be - which is pretty rare when it comes to beauty products.  I can safely announce that Phyto-Ombre´Eclat in Stardust has probably made it place to my Top 3 eyeshadows of all time and might have just claimed a HG status. It works perfectly fine on its own (during lazy days) by simply sweeping it all over the lid - or when contour with darker colours like burgundy, brown or black. 


 Phyto Blush Eclat in Peach Duo

 RRP $65

 "Blusher duos created from ultra-fine micronized powder, gives you an astonishingly transparent make up result and a subtle glowing finish with just a single sweep"

Whilst this is not the most pigmented blush I own, I love the glow and subtle flush it gives my cheeks when I apply it. Do keep it mind though, that this blush is on the sheer-er side but its definitely buildable - albeit it does take more than two sweeps. This is the perfect summer/spring shade for you to add that summer glow to your cheeks, against your sunkissed tan! Me loves! You can either use this as a blush + highlighter or blend the two shades together! Multi-fuctional, yo! 


 Phyto Lip Shine 

RRP $50

"A glossy, ultra-luminous treatment lipstick - more colour than lip gloss, more shine than lipstick. Phyto- Lip Shine is both extremely light and nourishing, with a treatment formula combining both intense gloss and absolute softness. Phyto- Lip Shine's formula includes kokum and mango butters help to hydrate, protect and provide comfort; sugar esters provide softness, comfort and shine"

Couldn't agree more with the statement "more colour than lip gloss, more shine than lipstick". At first glance and yes, I was judging a book by its cover a lipstick by its outlook, I thought it was gonna be one of those tinted lip balms with a hint of colour which is super sheer. But boy was I wrong - the colour pay off is pretty good given the fact that its super shine and moisturizing. Definitely the lipstick to go when you are having dry and chapped lips. 

Sheer Nude

Sheer Burgundy

*click for larger image*

The swatches on lips give you a better idea of how pigmented these lip shines are, especially for a product with shiny and moisturising formula. 

Just a couple of FOTDs featuring the products above:

Used Stardust in my 10minutes FOTD challenge post HERE. :)

FOTD using Stardust, Peach Duo and Sheer Burgundy. :)


These products are indeed fantastic. All of them, especially Stardust. The only downside about Sisley products is they are pretty exy compared to other departmental store brands and Sisley is probably sitting on the "designer" end. Honestly speaking, prior to trying Sisley products, I never understood why would people splurge on "designer make ups" (besides my YSL Rouge Lipstick and Chanel LOL). With Sisley, I could really feel the difference in terms of the colour pay out and quality. I will probably not go on a hoarding spree on Sisley products as it will probably send me bankrupt. However,  will definitely consider (re) purchasing some of their amazing products. 

Hope you girls enjoyed this detailed review and swatch post on the Mystic Harmony collection!

Have you tried Sisley Make Up products?
What's your favourite from my loot?

Disclaimer: Products were provided to me for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with Sisley and Star PR, nor am I being compensated for this post or any sales made. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please review Through Beauty Eye's disclosure policies