Monday, March 26, 2012


It's the ever dreadful Monday again - my most favourite day of the week, NOT. 
But instead of whinging like a little kid, I am trying (keyword: TRYING) to be more positive and have a quick "picture reflection" of the past week or so. 

As you can see, ThroughBeautyEyes.Com has undergone a "minor operation" over the weekend - it looks much simpler now than before than far from what I have in mind! But those changes are going to gradual as I have heaps of tweaking to do! So, please bear with the current one for the time being. :D

WARNING: There might be quite *a few* #foodporn photos as you scroll down, please do that at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any hunger caused. =P

 Yours truly posing with her "vicarious" shopping from HK - MAC Watch Me Shimmer Lipstick ( I LOVE) and Revlon Lip Butter in Macaron.
(Huge thanks to BFF - Miss Wendy and Co

 Sneak peak of my FOTD rockin' my new fav - MAC Watch Me Shimmer Lippie <3
Stay tune!

 My current obsession - Banana, Mango & Passionfruit smoothie from Top Juice!

LOVES the smoothie and juices from Top Juice as they use pure fruits with no added sugar, except they are pretty exy $$$!

$12 Steak + Shoestring Chips @ Bar Luca
BEST STEAK & CHIPS EVER, nuff said!  

Although Bar Luca is situated at the other side of my "hood" - towards Wynyard - Circular Quay area, I am considering making a weekly visit just because their steak and chips are SO.WORTH.IT.

One of my "beasty" brekkie - Teriyaki Chicken Sushi and Smoked Salmon Salad Roll

Jurlique's New Rose Moisture Plus with Antioxidant Complex Range!!!

I have heard so many good reviews about Jurlique products - can't wait to try these babies out! May I add that these products smell absolutely divine? 

Packages that make my otherwise mundane day at work slightly better :)

And this time, it's all about Sample Boxes! I was sent a few sample boxes over the past few months, so I will be doing a more detailed post on what I think about sample boxes soon rather than just showcasing the products as you have probably seen it around other blogs already. :)

Hump Day FOTD - green smokey eyes using my fav Stardust eyeshadow from Sisley Mystic Harmony Collection (Reviewed & Swatched HERE) just because I felt like it. :)

Team Lunch @BonaFides
Grilled prawn salad with extra haloumi on the side. SUPER NOMS! 

Lunch with the girlies @ Bonafides
Fettucini with ricotta, chilli lime dressing and grilled prawns with extra chilli on the side. 
I am pretty sure the picture itself illustrates HOW DELISH it was! 

Yes, I did go to Bonafides on Thursday and Friday - simply because it is just down the road from where I work and they serve pretty decent food! Anything with grilled prawn is yums - their steak on the other hand was just mediocre! 

Weekend NOTD - A holographic polish I got from Morning Glory a LONG time ago! And I forgotten how gorgeous this shade is! :)

 Saturday readings - Rae Morris Timeless MakeUp & CLEO Mag! 

Brunch @Robocog, Surry Hills

Grilled Haloumi with salsa on rosemary sourdough with extra churizo & scrambled eggs on the side. 
SUPER YUMS - albeit I felt like I was 2 months preggos after demolishing everything on the plate! 

 Our first photo shoot sesh together @ a quiet laneway in Surry Hills! Stay tune :D

That pretty much sums up what's been happenin for the past week and what I got up to over the weekend. Nothing interesting as you can tell, it always involves food & make up. =.="

NOTE TO SELF: Stop drafting post with FOOD in midnight, especially when your stomach is grumping, yearning for a good scrumptious supper. It is quite torturous. 

What did you lovelies get up to over the weekend?
Anything interesting and/or fun? Do share. :)

Have a great week ahead!! <3



Cindy said...

OMG the food looks devine! Wish all my lunches were like that.

Interested in your thoughts on the sample boxes as I hear mixed reviews at the moment.

Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

Love that first instagram of you - you look so pretty!!


The Sydney Girl


Adeline Er said...

@Cindy: The lunch are yummy! :) Will be doing an overall review sometime this week :) Sorry for taking such a long time - I remember you requesting a while back! My bad.

@Joelyne - thanks gorgeous!! xx

Anonymous said...

Love all the food porn hehe