Friday, March 23, 2012

EVENT: Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing Launch @ Luxe Studio

2 weeks ago, I woke up with a massive hangover and the thought of having to make it to work is caused a spiral of tornado within my intestines and possibly my liver too with the cocktails & CC dries I consumed the night before. Needless to say, Friday was painful that day but that only meant I had a pretty epic shenanigan the night before, thanks to Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing Launch @ Luxe Studio by SweatyBettyPR

Do Ya Thing!

We were greeted by these yummy cocktails (by yummy, I met the ones in the short glass behind =P) upon arrival and I had 4 of them by the end of the event.


These Converses are NOW available HERE
Let's face it, we all know that Adeline isn't exactly a "con" or "chucks" or "sneakers" person. I have NEVER owned a pair of Converse in my entire life. True story. However, I was hoo-haa-ing over these gorgeous collaboration sneakers, especially the one on the bottom left corner! HAWT!

An from Lemon Lime Glitters - my partner in crime back in the uni days, photographer of the night, Iron Man *inside joke* and also my + 1 for the night. :)

Us being silly here =P

Don't forget to drop by Lemon Lime Glitters  and show her some love. :)

 Guess who I met at the event? :)

Yes, that glass of wine is 4 cocktails later (Y) #goingstrong
Rochelle Fox from AFoxThatMeows, who looks way more gorgeous in real life! 

She's like Barbie came to life! <3

Just a few shots with the Converse X Gorillaz #DoYaThing "wallpaper":

Not the most glamorous shot but I love the spontaneity of this photo!

We decided to be "adventurous" and set off to our very own after party. :) What we wanted to do was to have a drink at every bar on Oxford St on the way back to the city but what we did was stopping by Shady Pines Saloon (the name don't lie, it was hidden in the middle of a dodgy ally way but the bar was surprisingly awesome and was pretty packed for a Thursday!), then the Colombian (you know you had too many drinks when your pitt stop includes Colombian) and BAM - Scary Canary! 

@The Columbian
@Scary Canary

Hey, don't judge! Scary Canary went off on a Thursday night and they now serve this cool drink in a funky fluro jug to replace the good ol' buckets!

Rockin' Red Lips in conjunction with International Women's Day. #RockTheLips

Featuring Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Voluptuous (Reviewed HERE)

Once again, thanks SweatyBettyPR for the invite and throwing such a fantabulous party (as usual :D). Don't forget to check out this spanking new and awesome collaboration collection HERE.

TGIF lovelies !!!  I thought that this definitely is a Friday-appropriate post.
Have a great weekend everyone! <3 

Images credit: An from Lemon Lime Glitters and Kai from Kai Snapped You and yours truly Instagram (@ThroughBeautyEyes)

Disclaimer: I was invited to as a Guest by SweatyBettyPR. I am not paid nor obliged to write about the event and I am not affiliated with Converse Australia.



Jen said...

love them shoes :O

Valentine said...

Your FOTD is gorgeous! Especially your lips! Did you line them first or is it all just lipstick?

I have to confess that I, too, don't wear sneakers but loveeee the them regardless. So many innovative designs. What's not to love?