Makeup (in particular lipsticks), a scrumptious brunch at a cosy cafe, alcohol appreciation, bars, a good cup of coffee, fitness, data, digital marketing, consumers behaviour.....

Sounds about right. 

That pretty sums up my interest and "beauty" through my eyes (maybe not the digital marketing and data side of things... But you get the idea :P). 

 An analyst by day and jack of all trade by night. 

Not quite a writer but I do enjoy jotting down random musings. 

Not entirely obsessed with make up but I believe that I need 50 shades of every possible red/ coral/ pink lipsticks and any taupe & peach eyeshadows in the market in the name of research. Also, I do feel a great sense of satisfaction when I find great products that costs as much as my lunch and doesn't require me to sell half a kidney. 

Coffee snob - instant coffee taste like dirt besides my favourite (Asian) Oldtown White Coffee. A piccolo or strong latte gets me started every morning. 

I believe that brunch is the best meal of the day. Especially if it involves bacon, egg, avocado, toast in a cosy cafe with close friends. 

Wine, Canadian club dry, Amereeto Sour are the few of the bevies I appreciate. Especially during happy hour at my favorite bars - Ryan's bar on Thursday & Establishment on Friday. My friend also thinks that I am a shareholder of Merivale with the amount of time and money I spent at their premises weekly. #truestory 
(I even wrote a post specially about Ivy Pool and lipsticks..... Read more about it HERE)

With my love for food & drinks, thank god I had the same passion for fitness to prevent myself from blowing up like a huge balloon. I post a lot of photos updates on my #EatThisBurnThat Instagram or my Facebook Page. And, an upcoming website Eat This Burn That

As for data, customer insights, digital marketing and all these thingamajiggy, thanks to Through Beauty Eyes, I have had the opportunity to attend several conferences and workshops and meet different people. It took me over 3 years to finally realize, I wanna be more than just your normal accountant. It's good to know that there's definitely a field out there where I could combine both my accounting knowledge/ experience with my passion for digital marketing. 

PS: If you are interested and wanna talk about all things digital and data, just give me a hola at throughbeautyeyes@gmail.com, I would love to bounce some ideas or insights over a cuppa or a glass of wine ;)

Quite a long "introduction" there, but I guess these are the topics that you could find on this site. Gonna be honest here, I don't have a set schedule or anything but do expect sporadic updates on a mixture of the above. 

Because it's totes fetch in 2014, we can also bond in the following channels: 

You can also have a peek at a few of my media features HERE.