Monday, March 3, 2014

PRODUCTS I LOVE #4 (Haul from M'sia/ SG)

It's been a while since I my last #ProductsILove edition and its time to share a few of my new (and old) love. These are the products that I (re)purchased during my (not so) recent trip back to Malaysia/ Singapore. So, its kinda a combination of fav products AND haul. :P 

Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask: BEST hair mask ever and it only costs approximately AUD10 a pop! Stumbled upon my first tub whilst I was in Singapore as I left my conditioner at home and fell in love since! I even got a friend who was in Thailand at that time to grab me 2 extra tubs as they don't sell it in Malaysia! I use this hair mask every 2-3 days and it leaves my hair super soft, shiny AND bouncy! 
I have seen them around random Asian cosmetic store in Chinatown but you get grab them from Sasa.Com (free shipping over $75!).

NYX Blush in Mocha: Got this from Sephora, Malaysia (yes they stock up NYX products there!). This was one of the very first products that I have heard a lot about when Youtube tutorials weren't quite a thing yet. This is the perfect neutral shade that gives you a healthy glow. And this is quite pigmented to so a little go a long way! Mocha has been my to-go-to blush all summer! 

Maybelline SO Nude By Colour Sensational Lipstick in NU32S: This is the ideal coral shade for everyday wear - just the right amount of colour, pigmentation and shine and not too OTT. I got this in while I was in Malaysia - not sure if they will be available in Australia anytime soon (or ever) though. 

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner: THE eyeliner that gives me the perfect flick/ cat eye in less than 30 seconds, dry almost instantly and long lasting. I have gone through at least 8 of these over the past 2 years. HG status in my books when it comes to liquid eyeliner.

Dolly Wink and Kiss Me Heroine Volume Mascara: Just like the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, these 2 mascara has been high on my repurchasing list ever since I started using them. I love them both equally, so I alternate between tubes. They make my Asian lashes looks longer and more luscious. MAJOR LOVE. I have previously raved about the Dolly Wink mascara HERE

Etude House Vivid Popstick: My name is Adeline and I am a lipstick addict. Especially the bright, bold ones. (Heck, even wrote a post to talk about my favourite bar with lipsticks :P) and orange is one of my favourite especially in summer (which is now, sadly, over.)! Not that I need an additional lipstick to my orange family but this lip-stick (see what I did there) is extremely pigmented, matte finish and stays on longer than my Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick, what not to love there??

What not to love, RIGHT?

Have you tried any of the products?
What are the current products YOU love?