Monday, February 24, 2014

2014. (A tad late, but better late than never)

Ooops, I did it again.

Last post - 31 December 2013.
None since we have emerged into the new year and we are already 2/3 into the first quarter of 2014.
(How did time flew by THIS quick?!?!)

Dee Why Beach, Sydney, NSW
There was the Christmas - New Year break, the whole back-to-work-new-year-she-bang, me going through (yet another quarter life crisis - having 24792874329 ideas but 0.01 execution. #truestory), swiping right on Tinder hoping to find my Australian Ryan Gosling (which btw, still to no avail if any of you guys are wondering), yours truly feeling absolutely unmotivated and living in the summer bubble. 

All I wanna do is lay in the beach, toes between sand, drink coconut water, catch some waves and rays - Eat, beach, sleep, repeat. And, train of course. 

Homemade vego breakfast, EATTHISBURNTHAT style
And, cook

But HEY, after a 5km swim (and my first olympic pool laps ever) yesterday, I think I have finally accepted that writing is not my calling. I used to enjoy blogging before it became an industry of its own. I used to blog way more frequently where editorial calendar becomes the new diary. I think somewhere along the way of meeting new people (some of which are the top bloggers in Australia), attending different meet ups and conference, I got carried away and thought blogging was the next path I would like to pursue.

 I know I crave the freedom lifestyle - where I'm my own boss and I get to work on my own terms and see whatever projects I take on grow like a baby.
 Blogging to me, is probably the least risky option compared to the other ideas I have in mind. (From the initial capital outlay to technical knowledge required and human resources required...)
 That was probably why I went from a "hobby blogger" to wanting a career from blogging. Or thought I wanted it anyways.

 Truth to be told, I think I am more of a number nerd.
 Playing with data and numbers excites me more than letters or writing beautiful phrases.

Don't get me wrong.
 I enjoy random musings about beauty (and life in general) but not writing writing.
I enjoy the friendships that formed through blogging/ random IG & twitter stalking
(you know who you are :p)
I enjoy the socializing and networking.
 I enjoy the excitement to share when I find a cheap & awesome product or I spotted the new Happy Hour spot in Sydneytown filled with men in suits.
 I enjoy these little things but not passionate about them to make it a career.

 So, I am going to stop focusing on my blog "strategies" and stop making writing a chore. I am going to start focusing on what I enjoy doing and continue doing it. Then perhaps, the updates will be less sporadic :) 

Health and fitness on the other hand though, is a different story.
It's something I'm passionate about and talk about all the time.
People often wonder how do I go to work, drink & party up yet still hit the gym and meal prep amongst all these.
 That's because I love it!
Love it so much so that I created a whole new site to talk about it. (EatThisBurnThat.Com is still undergoing identity crisis at the moment but if you wanna find out more on how I went from someone who hates exercise [and bullimic] to someone who loves training, you can check it out HERE)
At the meantime, to get quick tips and updates on all my recipes and meal prep, hop over to FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM & TWITTER :)

HERE's a sneak peak into my next post (and yes, beauty related) on my next edition of Products I love ;)