Sunday, October 24, 2010


Circle lenses (aka cosmetic lenses) has been around for quite a while and is one of the most hyped up products in the beauty world. It is known for its ability to "enlarge" your eyes and give you that super dolly look. 

HOWEVER, it was nearly mission impossible for someone like me, with relatively high astigmatism compared to most people to find a circle lenses with the right prescriptions. As some of you who may already know, people with high astigmatism requires toric lenses, which have 2 powers in them, with a mechanism to keep the contact lens relatively stable on the eye. To provide crisp vision, toric contact lenses cannot rotate on your eye. I could of easily gotten my optometrist to provide me with an adjusted prescription ( ie, higher power to make up for the low astigmatism power) for circle lenses purposes. BUT, wearing contacts with wrong prescriptions might screw my eyesight even further and if my astigmatism were to go over the -2.00 threshold, I would of left with no choice but to wear ONLY hard lenses. Even soft toric lenses is unable to fix such problem.  Your eyes is not something you would like to mess around, once your vision is fcked, you're pretty much fcked too. Hence, I have always stuck with normal lenses while looking at those with circle lenses with envy (ok, I am not that dramatic lol) 

( Got a little side tracked there!lol)

For those of you who are on the same boat as me, your life is about to change... for the better (superficially) LOL

MUKUCHU is now carrying a wide range of different series in TORIC LENSES! My wait for circle toric lenses has finally come to an end!! :) 

MUKUCHU is an Australian based online store who sells GEO, EOS and other brands circle lenses, INCLUDING toric lenses!

I was sent a pair of circle toric lenses in Brown from the EOS Range  for review purposes. 

They are based in Brisbane if I am not mistaken, so shipping was super fast (a day after they informed me that they have sent out the package) Fast shipping is always a plus point on my book. I hate waiting for packages. (It would totally make me an EXTREMELY happy customer if my stuff gets delivered on the same day. But then again, it's not gonna happen in reality. So yeh...)

My first impression of the lenses prior to trying them on is the colour is pretty similar to my eyes colour, just slightly lighter. I was actually expecting something bolder like green or purple. Honestly speaking, I don't find that there was that much of a size-enhancing effect. However, I do realise that it made my eyes look more animated. 

Here are a few before and after photos, why don't you be the

Bare Eyes - WITHOUT contacts
I am not sure if you can tell from the photo, but my natural eyes colour is DARK brown.

L - Without Contacts ; R - With Contacts

Can you tell the difference?
It definitely did make a difference, just not that obvious that's. My friends' reaction was approxinately 50-50. Some of them were able to tell that I had circle lenses (after looking at me for quite a while. LOL) and some weren't able to tell until I told them to stare at my eyes ROFL

Both WITH contacts
Anime-ish was the first thing that came to my mind after putting these lenses on. According to Janice, it does make me look animated because it makes my pupil bigger and I have barely any "white thing" (pardon my lack of knowledge in the human anatomy department. Do let me know if you know what the "white thing" of our eyes is called) left. 

Surprisingly, these circle lenses are way more comfortable than expected. A few of my friends had told me how uncomfortable it can get and I have seen a few reviews about the discomfort the circle lenses brings. 

To be honest, my circle lenses are actually pretty comfortable. In fact it feels better than my toric lenses ( I think it's more of a psychological effect LOL). HOWEVER, it does get a little dry towards the end of the day, nothing a few eye drops couldn't fix. (Eye drops is an essential in your bag!) My eyes do feel tired at the end of the day too but it happens with my normal lenses too.

Normal lenses costs  $27 AUD / $22 USD per pair but toric lenses are slightly more expensive (as you might already know with your normal lenses) at $48 AUD/ $39 USD per pair

MUKUCHU does have a couple of promotions and clearance going on. Be sure to check it out if you're interested. =P

These are the FOTDs that I have done with Circle Lenses in the past week :)

Have you tried circle lenses before? What is your favourite range and colour?

DISCLAIMER: These lenses are sent to me by MUKUCHU for review purposes. I am not paid nor am I affiliated with them. Everything is 100% my own honest opinion. 



나니 said...

I love them! They're so pretty : D The play of light in them is so nice!

Also.. I think the white part is called 'haw' or something. >_>"

reene said...

Ooh they look so natural and pretty! I used to be all about grey lenses, but I'm loving Geo Nudy Brown now. They make my eyes look bigger so naturally.

Thanks for the review! ^^

Anonymous said...

you have pretty eyes already, Adeline - but the lenses are very flattering on you. Great to hear you can access circle lenses so easily.

Pop Champagne said...

this is nice because it's so settle, and you look great with it! I like the green ones I wear all the time, not sure why green though lol

Anonymous said...

you have pretty eyes

Adele Kong said...

OMG I LOVED IT!!!! May I know the name of the model of the lenses??? PRETTY PLEASEEEEE!!

M said...

White part of the eyes= sclera. :)

Muiz said...

The dia of the Toric lenses are 14.0mm, would you still recommend it for making the eyes look bigger? Thanks!

Adeline Er said...

Hi Muiz

Apologies for the late reply! I think it does a pretty good job for Toric Lenses (as we have quite limited Toric Lenses options)! Definitely not as enlarging as the other lenses but it definitely gives you the dolly eye effect :)

Hope that helps! X

Anonymous said...

Wow those look beautiful! I actually stumbled upon your blog while trying to find reviews on these contacts. You have beautfiful eyes anyway however, these add a dramatic touch-- much like how fake lashes do. They make the eye look bigger but also add that bedroom eye effect. I may just have to give them a whirl one of these days.