Tuesday, August 31, 2010

M.A.C. Pro Long Wear Collection

This is another collection that is hitting the store this spring =)

Sick of having to go through the hassle of touching up every couple of hours? Well, you can soon say “Touch Ups are so yesterday” with MAC’s new generation long wear technology -  


The entire collection of lipcremes, concealers and foundations is designed to ensure 15 hours of marathon make up wear. Yeap, you heard me right - 15 hours.

With Lipcreme Shades like “Made to Last”, “Till Tomorrow” and “Goes and Goes” , the perfect “Eternally Yours” Look is no longer a dream with its new advanced long wear formula which combines epic transfer resistance with colour purity.

In the world of Pro Longwear, the newly formulated foundation and concealer gives you 15 hours of high performance for epic transfer resistance, concealing flaw and correcting/ diminishing under eye circles – perfect for a flawless, natural finish.

MAC Pro Long Wear collection will be available from the 6th of September 2010 (on the same day as M.A.C. Fabulous Felines collectionat all MAC counters and www.maccosmetics.com.au.

Are you excited about the Pro Long Wear collection???? Any lemmings from this collection?

As mentioned in my previous post, due to my current financial circumstances and my recent Cherry Culture & Inouvi haul, once again I am going to give this collection a pass. Heck, I didn't even check out the products from this collection. :(

Disclaimer: I have been helping Sam from Sassisam with a few articles in the past couple of weeks and this article is one of them. I thought I'd share it with my Australian readers about M.A.C.'s upcoming release and I got Sam's permission to repost it on my own blog. Click HERE for the original post.


M.A.C. Fabulous Felines Collection

If you're a beauty blogs stalker like I am, you would of noticed that M.A.C.'s Faboulous Feline collection is one of the hottest topics as of late - from reviews to swatches to hauls. In The Groove? WHAT? That was SO YESTERDAY!

Inspired by patterns, shades and textures of three purrrrfectly pedigreed cats , M.A.C. Cosmetics is bringing you their new spring colour collection – FABULOUS FELINES.

Introducing three debut colour collections - Burmese Beauty, Palace Pedigreed and Leopard Luxe, Fabulous Feline is a meow mix of sorts: 

All purr, cuddle and caress one minute… then suddenly, darting danger!

This 61 piece collection is a fascinating array of colour for the eyes, cheeks and lips – sensual, sophisticated champagnes and greens; enchanting and elegant berry tones and fierce yet feminine browns and gold.

BURMESE BEAUTY – Shades of sable, champagne and teak-olive, a colour collection that celebrates the well-cared-for, and exalts in the Burmese’s high-borne right to be spoiled and knows how to get what she wants.

PALACE PEDIGREED – In homage to the aristocratic heritage of this silver-and-emerald Royal, Palace Pedigreed brings you a collection of colour every bit as hypnotic and enchanting as its finely  favoured feline inspiration.

LEOPARD LUXE – A colour collection as fierce as it looks

, bu

t as feminine as it feels…lips, cheeks and eyes that betray both sensual vulnerability and spectacular power.

MAC Fabulous Felines is available from the 6th of September 2010 at all M.A.C. locations and www.maccosmetics.com.au.

Are you excited about the Faboulous Feline collection???? Any lemmings from this collection?

Personally, I would love to try out Drive Me Wild & Pet Me Please Lipsticks and Old Gold Pigments as they are pretty unique colours. However, due to my current financial circumstances and my Cherry Culture & Inouvi haul, I think I have to give this collection a pass. :(

Disclaimer: I have been helping Sam from Sassisam with a few articles in the past couple of weeks and this article is one of them. I thought I'd share it with my Australian readers about M.A.C.'s upcoming release and I got Sam's permission to repost it on my own blog. Click HERE for the original post.


"Macaroons Loving" Sunday

Hey lovelies!!! 

Did you have a great weekend? Mine involved drinks on Friday ( alcohol detox plan totally failed because we're bunch of raging alcoholics. =.="), errands on Saturday (although my plan to clean my room AGAIN and arranging make up didn't really happen - will do it later today since I have just received my Inouvi & Cherry Culture orders! :D ) and a lovely day out with the girls on Sunday.

It was a pretty good one, I must say - in terms of enjoyment, that is. As for getting stuff done, that's epic fail as my to-do-list is growing longer and longer. =.=" My apologies for being such a fail blogger in the past few days - my laptop is acting up on me again by crashing every 2 photos I edited. Yeap, imagine the frustration.


It's the LAST day of winter today and HELLO SPRING!!! :) Spring is definitely my favourite season of the year! As much as I love summer, it gets too hot sometimes, unlike spring - nice & warm. So, instead of the usual make up related FOTDs post, this post is gonna be food-related and how Sydney prepares itself for Spring! :)

The sun was lovely on Sunday, although it was still a tad chilly when the wind blows.
I had MAC Lipstick in Jazzed from In The Groove Collection on. :)

" Wait, let me take off my sunnies" =.="
Posing outside Adriano Zumbo with Miss CSJ, while waiting for Bon & Flo. 


We FINALLY got our food and daily dosage of caffeine after a 45 minutes wait - and its noms time at a park nearby. :)

-My Red Chicken Curry Pie- which was absolutely delicious. Let's ignore the unhealthy issue for the time being, shall we? =P

For those of you who don't know, Adriano Zumbo is famous for its cakes and macaroons. That probably explains the crazyloads of macaroons we had here. The macaroons I consumed in the past 2 days is probably enough to send me to the diabetic ward. 

The BEST in the lot - Salted Caramel Macaroons. YUMS

-Outfit of the Day-
Tie-dye top: Paper Scissors/ Boyfriend Blazer: Paper Scissors/ Scarf: Cotton On/ Tights: SUPRE

It was great spending time with the girls after so long, catching up with each other's life, under the gorgeous sun, facing the sea. :) Definitely look forward to more picnics & outdoor activities when the weather gets warmer!!

How was your weekend my lovelies? Any macaroons loving? =P


Friday, August 27, 2010

FOTD - Pink Princess

Apart from the days where I have to attend interviews (which is major fail btw, strike rate of effing zero FML), I have been wearing alot of pink neutrals lately, instead of the usual earthy brown colours. I guess the fact that I am always in black clothes kinda contributed to this - to avoid looking so dull and boring.

This is VERY similar to Pink Amethyst - in fact I used the same colours, just swapping around lid and crease colours. :)

And also, used a different pair of falsies :)

On my EYES
MAC Coral Crepe Paintpot
Light Pink from The Face Shop Jewel Effect Duo (as all over the lid colour and inner corner of my lower lash line)
Dark Pink from The Face Shop Jewel Effect Duo ( as crease colour)
ELF Single Eyeshadow in Amethyst ( Outer V)
MAC MSF in Candlelight ( on browbone - although it looks kinda awkward in the photo for some reasons)
Dark Pink & Amethyst (to line my outer corner of my lower lash line)
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Black
Random Asian falsies
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening Mascara
ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

On my FACE
Etude House Magic BB Cream
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Ivory Light
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in 03

On my LIPS
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

Not a good photo but this is the best I got :(


Guess what came in the mail yesterday??????

- Unwater-marked because it is taken using my iPhone- 

I know this is the Season 2009/2010 kit but who cares? I like this one better than the new kit AND it costs 20pounds INCLUDING shipping!!! Tell me that's not an awesome deal!!! :) Although it only came in L.
Oh well, can't wait to wear it when the weather gets warmer, since spring is supposedly in a week's time.
(Supposedly because it has been freakin' cold in the past few days!)

Do you girls wear jersey? IF so, which club? =P


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FOTD - Absolem Wonderland

Whaddupppp lovelies? Here is the FOTD I had last Saturday. =P We weren't doing anything bit that night but I felt like dressing up (or rather making up) as I was being a hermit almost all week with my bludgy home clothes. 

FOTD featuring Alice in the Wonderland BoS palette & epic Asian lashes!

On my EYES
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Alice in the Wonderland Book of Shadow Palette
- Voral ( Inner half of my lid & inner half of lower lash line)
- Mushroom ( Outer corner & outer half of my lower lash line)
- Wonderland ( All over crease - transition colour between Voral & Mushroom)
- Absolem ( Just dabbed a tiny bit of it on the middle of my lid & lower lash line - on top of Mushroom)
Browbone colour from Maybelline Smokey Eyes Quad in Natural Smokes
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Black
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening Mascara in Black
Taiwan falsies
ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

On my FACE
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Natural Beige
NYX Concealer in a Jar in Light
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Ivory Light
MAC Mineralized Blush in Hang Loose (In The Groove Collection)
MAC MSF in Candlelight (In The Groove Collection)

On my LIPS
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude

Outfit of the night - VERY genius of me to wear that jacket of mine instead of my coat because it was freezing!
Top - Random stall @ Market City; Maroon Jacket - China; Tights - SUPRE; Feather Ring - ASOS; Snake Bangle - DIVA


Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you met...... Janice? *Inserts Barney Stintson's tone*

Howdy! Hope you had a great weekend! :) It's cold and gloomy here in Sydney on a Monday morning, what a great way to start the week, not! Just when I was full hyped up that Spring is in the air (thanks to a gorgeous 23 degrees Thursday filled with sunshine), this week is back to below 20s again. Le Sigh.

It's an unspoken rule for Sydneysiders that it's almost illegal to stay indoors when the weather is lovely outside. =P (Or maybe I made that up, but meh..... Lol) So, after trying to meet up like 2048230489238923 times for the past few months with Janice, we finally managed to lock in a date to meet up on Thursday. :) 
( I know momma said no meeting up with strangers you met online but this is different! =P)

That lovely girl gave me a pair of dramatic, Taiwanese falsies! Thanks love  ♥ Gotta admit, I started wearing falsies more often thanks to Janice - as much as I love falsies, its such an effort to put them on but this girl wears them almost everyday!!! That's what I call dedication! Lol.
Quote - unquote Janice " I spend more time putting on mascara than falsies" LOL

Anyways, back to our lunch date. It was awesome and we clicked the moment we saw each other! It feels like we have been friends for ages (although we did have alot of random chats over twitter!) We went shopping together and talked about almost everything - from make up to YT videos/gurus to uni stuff to boys, pretty much everything under the sun =) 

OH WAIT, we did almost everything BUT camwhoring. This is like the epitome of fail camwhores and we call ourself camwhores LOL. Its like wtf, how is this even possible. The only photos taken that day were on FOOD. =.="  (You can check them out here :D) Well, on the bright side, this shows how much fun we had =P

WELL, we aren't that fail after all. =) We met up again on Saturday night since I was already out with my friends and she was heading to the city too. This time, we remembered to snap some photos, by some I meant 2 LOL.

Everyone says HI!!! =)

Yes, she is very pretty in real life too. BTW, I LOVE her hair extensions!!!! They look so real and pretty!!! Now, I am "considering" getting some too but I am too lazy to do my hair daily ( Imagine having to clip them on and curl them every morning! o.0 Laziness is one of the reasons why I got my hair chemically straightened!) 

Say Hi to Mister Sandiman - my raging alcoholic friend aka my drinking buddy !

I was gonna do a combined post of our meet up & my FOTD for Saturday but I figured it is probably gonna be too long. And I gotta get some stuff done too! 

sneak preview of the next post. =)

Have a great week ahead lovelies!!!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, what exactly those BB Cream stands for? 
Why is it BB and not CC and not DD or ZZ? (Ok, not funny =.=") 

According to my good friend Google, double B stands for Blemish Balm and it is extremely popular in Asia and is starting to gain some attention in the Western countries lately too. 
It was formulated to be an all in one foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer. Apparently, it all started with a Korean actress who had undergone laser surgery. Your skin is thinned and needs heaps of protection from the sun after surgery but foundation is apparently one of the staple product for most women (not for me!). Hence, the birth of BB cream which works as a foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer.

Let's just say I am quite a consumer whore in the sense that I tend to buy things because "so and so say is good" or because "I have read heaps of good review about it" or simply because "its such a hyped up/ IN product at the moment". Only to a certain extent though. I haven't bought NARS Sheer Foundation nor Smashbox Face Primer =P 
Hence, when I bought my first BB cream - Etude House Magic BB Cream, I didn't know what's so good about BB Cream and all I knew was apparently Asians love BB Cream.
And guess what? The Asian in me managed to convince myself to purchase not one but TWO tubes of Etude House BB Magic Cream when I knew nothing about that product, simply because it was on 50% off.
That makes it RM39.95 for TWO tubes, that's approximately A$13 - which is a friggin' awesome deal!!!

But fret not, that was definitely one of my best purchases so far! I love how easy it is to apply and it provides me with pretty good coverage without suffocating my skin! It even made it to one of my JUNE favourites! :)

What Etude House says:
" BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin tone and protects against sun damage."


After facial cleansing, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface. Cream may give a whitish appearance upon initial application and will naturally blend with skin tone once lotion sets.

BEFORE -  my naked face , hence the uneven skin tone & dark circles.
(I did however apply toner, moisturizer and suncreen prior to taking this photo)

I wear this on an almost daily basis, except the days where I am home (d'uh) or during night outings, in which I will replace it with Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation. 

I usually pump a tiny pump (about pea size) before applying it across my face.

Lightly blended out.

Fully blended out.

AFTER applying Etude House Magic BB Cream

As I have dry and sensitive skin, my main problems are mainly uneven skin tone (redness) and under eyes dark circle. I would say that Etude House Magic BB Cream did a pretty good job in terms of coverage and it gives a dewy, natural glow after applying it. On the days where I am rushing for time, I could just use a lil extra to provide better coverage for my undereye circles without having to use a concealer.

* Provide sufficient coverage - sheer to medium ( I know many people find the coverage too light but I reckon it works just fine for me)
* Long staying power 
* Light weight (It doesn't feel like its suffocating my skin after wearing it for long hours as compared to Revlon PhotoReady Foundation)
* It gives a natural, dewy glow & a flawless finish :)
* Inexpensive ( Come on, A$13 for TWO tubes? They last for ages too! I have been using mine since last December and its still not finished :D)
* Convenient ( Blend perfectly without having to use a brush)

* The pump ( It's get's a little messy sometimes)
* Only one shade available (which isn't really a problem for me as I have pretty Asian skin, ie fair)

There's nothing much for me to complain about this product besides the pump (which is not much of a biggie to me!)
Will I repurchase it? 
Not at the moment as I have another brand new tube, which is probably enough to last me another year or so. And, I really wanna try out Skin 79 BB Cream that has been raved by alot of beauty bloggers out there.

* Click HERE to see the finished look :) *
I hope that my make up less face did not scare the shit out of you guys. =/

I hope this review is helpful to those of you out there who has been wanting to try BB cream but is unsure of what exactly BB cream is and which brand to choose from. =P



Thursday, August 19, 2010

FOTD - Tiny Dancer ft Hang Loose

Lately, I find myself reaching out for the neutral single eye shadows a lot and alternating between them instead of playing with my 88 warm shadow palette or Alice in the Wonderland palette. I think I am just lazy like this - opening the palette and going through them to find the suitable colours seems to be too much of an effort. =.="

This is another neutral FOTD using Sports Girl's Tiny Dancer (review here) and ELF Single Eyeshadow in Raspberry Truffles for a quick & neutral eyes :) I have been ignoring Tiny Dancer for quite a while as I have been using NYX Single Eyeshadow in Champagne a lot. They are both great over the lids colour but Tiny Dancer is a tad more shimmery with tiny shimmer bits in it and is on the peachy side. 

On my EYES
MAC Bare Study Paintpot
Sports Girl's Single Eyeshadow in Tiny Dancer (All over the lid) 
ELF Single Eyeshadow in Raspberry Truffles (Crease and outer corner)
MAC MSF in Candlelight ( Browbone)
Maybelline Eyestudio Drama Lasting Eyeliner in Black (Upper lash line)
ELF Single Eyeshadow in Amethyst (Lower lash line)
Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in Black 
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel

On my FACE
Etude House Magic BB Cream
Garnier 2-in-1 tinted eye roll-on
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Ivory Light
MAC Mineralized Blush Duo in Hang Loose (In The Groove Collection)

On my LIPS
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Carnation

Yes, I changed my top because my pink sweat shirt was too crumpled and it looks like I have just rolled out of bed. =.="

Constipated, double-chin look. Attractive much? 

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Carnation & Mauve are my favourite lipsticks at the moment as I am currently in the pink/mauve lipstick phase.

What is your current lipstick phase? :)