Tuesday, August 17, 2010


MAC In The Groove...

 is something that I have been looking forward to ever since it was released in the States . I was waiting anxiously for it to be released in the Land Down Under, which is about a month later - talk about lagging. =.="

Being the late bloomer (in the make up department that is) I am, I was never really hyped up whenever MAC releases a new Limited Edition collection. At least not until this year. In fact, I do not own any MAC products  (besides one of their eyeliners which a friend got me for Christmas yonks ago) until this year. 
A) I am not really a brand snob and drugstore products work just as well for me (I guess I am blessed with skin that doesn't break out from trying out new products).
B) I wasn't really that financially independent then (although I still don't think I am 100% independent now) Splurging a few hundred bucks on high end cosmetics using my parents money just doesn't feel like the right thing to do.

Back to In The Groove collection - I created a wishlist on the stuff that I wanted and allowed myself to splurge a little more than usual as I was working a little more back then and also the tax return I got (which sadly, most of them went to my CFA enrollment. Oh well, that's gonna benefit me in a long run and allows me to buy MORE make up in the future LOL).

These are my first lot - MAC Lipstick in Jazzed, MAC MSF in Stereo Rose and MAC Mineralized Blush in Hang Loose,which I blogged briefly about here.
I REALLY wanted I Like It Like That but I find that its pretty similar to Viva Glam Gaga and reminds of the creamier version of BubbleGum. I can't justify spending another A$35 on something similar to what I already own despite trying it on like twice - and passed on that. :'(

MAC MSF in Stereo Rose (A$46)

Stereo Rose is a coral shade with golden-bronze sheen, not too shimmery, perfect for giving that natural flush on your cheeks. I can definitely see myself reaching out for this as we're approaching summer!!!! =)

Look at how gorgeous Stereo Rose is!

Ok, a little confession here. This wasn't part of my wishlist when I first saw the swatches on Temptalia. For a (somewhat) consumer whore like me, who jumps onto the bandwagon easily when it comes to "hyped up" products, Stereo Rose managed to get a place on my wishlist just like that *snaps finger* after reading all the "Stereo Rose has ran out in xxx store" on tweets and around the blogosphere. 

But guess what? It did not disappoint me AT ALL and I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT

MAC Mineralized Blush in Hang Loose (A$50)

Hang Loose is a mix of slightly cool-toned baby pink with a satin sheen and a frosted pale lilac with a white sheen. When combined together, it gives a pretty subtle pink with shimmer bits. 

On the contrary to Stereo Rose, I knew I had to get Hang Loose from the very start, I mean its pink AND lilac (both of my favourite colours).

However, I realised I don't reach out for Hang Loose as much as I do for Stereo Rose. It is a really pretty pink and I have read a few reviews saying that it is very similar to Well Dressed - something that I have been lemming for quite a while but didn't get. It might be due to the fact that I went overdosed with baby pink plush in July,and I am more into coral blush this month. I don't know about you guys but I do have different "colour phases" for lips and blush products - at the moment, I am into coral blush and fushia/mauve lips. Who knows? I might fall in love with Hang Loose next month and ditch Stereo Rose. Lol

MAC Lipstick in Jazzed (A$35) - coral-peach colour, not exactly opaque but the colour is definitely buildable. LOVE IT!
Just like Hang Loose, it was love at first sight for Jazzed. =)

- Without flash-

- With flash-

This is the second lot I purchased from the In The Groove collection, a week later after reading a couple more of reviews and haul posts. ( By a couple, I really mean EeVon's post LOL)

MAC MSF in Candlelight (A$46) - Champagne colour with pink undertone

You can't really see the colour here as it is rather sheer but it gives a really gorgeous natural glow when applied on your cheekbones as highlight OR it can be used as highlight on your browbone. I have been using this alot lately, along with Stereo Rose. :)

MAC Lipstick in Go For It (A$35) - semi sheer purple toned lipstick with shimmer bits. It takes a few swatches for the purple to show.
This purchase was more of I-have-to-get-this-because-it-is-unique-and-it's-limited-edition rather than because I really love the colour. Like mentioned before, I was seriously contemplating on getting I Like It Like That as I really like how it looked on me  but the MUA was telling me I look "hotter" LOL in this colour and this is definitely more unique too. 

- Without flash-

- With flash-

It looks pretty cool in the photo but when I wear it by itself, I look like nothing but a goth. And I might be gangsta sometimes, but I am definitely not into the whole goth look. 

Photo taken by Cindy, as I left my camera at home. =.="
Just when I thought I made the wrong choice and regretting the purchase, I decided to try it on with my Barry M Lip Gloss in 5 and guess what? PERFECT combination! The bubblegum pink from the lipgloss toned down the purple from Go For It and it appears slightly fushia and more wearable. 

That pretty much sum up my MAC In The Groove haul, which took me around 2 hours to write up.*fail in reviewing* IF ONLY the MAC products in Australia aren't that throat-slitingly expensive, I would of probably gotten much more stuff. :'( Ahh well, at least I managed to grab the awesome ones. :) I know this review/swatches is kinda late, most if not all of the products are probably gone by now. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless =P


Next up, FOTD ft Hang Loose :)



Denysia said...

OMG, those lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Angelique said...

I totally love Stereo Rose :]... and By Candle light! After seeing your swatches of Hang Loose, I totally should've gotten that!

❤ Ee Von said...

glad you loved by candlelight and go for it l/s! you can also tone down the intensity using the purple barry m lip paint! "I might be gangsta sometimes" hahaahahhah!

Nic Nic said...

ahhh i wanted hang loose. but i held back.. im proud i did :P

AHHH you go Jazed!! Looks really pretty on you.. it's basically MAC's IT colour for 2010 huh! very sought after XD