Thursday, August 5, 2010

BARRY M Haul - Swatches & Review

So, the long awaited Barry M Haulage post is finally here after one too many "will be up the next post". It took me a while to finally take photos of the swatches and watermark them (which is a bitch as my laptop usually crash everytime I open Picasa. Apparently, Picasa is not made for Windows? Is that true?).

- The shape of my 129 lip paint is kinda weird cos I accidentally put on the cap without winding down completely. Story of my life *FAIL* -
Anyways, these are the stuff I bought from Glover Chemist, which is located in Gallery Victory, on Pitt St (right opposite Pitt St Maccas and 2 shops away from Gloria Jeans) - for my dear Sydneysiders who might want to check it out themselves :)- Of course, I did not buy all of them at once, bought them at 2 different occasions. 

Coincidently, I was taking a friend there today but I had to control my addiction and not make anymore purchases. I am kinda on my shopping ban at the moment although I did buy a knuckle ring from Sports Girls. *My justification: THEY WERE ON DISCOUNT & I have been searching high and low for it for quite some time* HEY, at least I did not include "New Vibe" to my Mac In The Groove collection albeit it was love as first sight and I REALLY WANT IT NOW! :'( (Yes, I did not swatch it the previous 2 times when I was shopping in MAC.=.=")

Digression, digression.

Let's get back to Barry M here, shall we?



L: Barry M Lip Paint in 129
R:Barry M Lip Paint in 129130

Barry M Lip Gloss in 5


BARRY M Lip Paint in 130

- Without Flash-

- With Flash-

This is a pinkish coloured lipstick with frosty finish. It looks nice when swatched on the skin but I don't really like how it looks on my lips. As much as I am one who appreciate frosty finish, the formula is a tad too dry and it just simply doesn't look good on my lips. Also, another downside of it is it has the typical lipstick smell . For those who has been reading my blog will know by now how anal I get when it comes to smell. Unfortunately, this lipstick cannot avoid the fate of becoming one of my abandoned children in my make up family wtf.

BARRY M Lip Paint in 129

- Without Flash-

- With Flash- 

As you can see, this is not exactly the best swatch I have. I think I had some Lucas Papaw Ointment on prior to applying this colour.That probably explains why some spots seem pretty "naked". (You might want to get a better picture of how it looks like here.) Lilac has always been one of my favourite colours, hence I knew I have to get this lipstick the moment I laid my eyes on it. This is more of a matte formula and is definitely on the dry side. Nevertheless, it is still one of my July's favourites and I was practically wearing this everyday during the first half of the month. It has the similar lipstick smell as 130 but I LOVE this colour, so I guess it compensates for the foul smell. (Ok fine, it is not intolerable but not pleasant either. Being a lil too dramatic here. =.=")

BARRY M Lip Gloss in 5

- Without Flash-

- With flash- 

I think picture speaks a thousand words. You don't need any detailed description on  how pretty this colour is!! The perfect bubblegum pink AND it actually tastes like bubblegum too! Extra brownie points! LOVE lipsticks/ lipglosses that taste nice :) As you can see the colour is pretty pigmented, you can either use it on its own or over your favourite pink lip stick. 





- Dry- 

- Using a wet brush- 

Like most pigments/ mineral shadows, the Dazzle Dust definitely look better when applied using a wet brush. The colours are much more vibrant and pigmented as you can see from the swatches above. One thing I don't like about applying it with wet brush is, it kinda clogged the dazzle dust together and I have a hard time trying to blend it out. =.=" 
Is it just me or does any of you have such problem too?

I like using 39 for to brightened up my everyday neutral smokey look and 88 for a more dramatic smokey look such as Plum Wine & Cotton Candy. I would of bought more colours if it wasn't for the last bit of self control I have in me.
*Self Control Adeline!!!!* 

All the products above are priced at A$11, which I know its double of what the people in the UK pay. *angry stare*wtf  However, A$11 is considered cheap/inexpensive by Australian Standard. I don't think I have to go through a whole talk about how we Australian beauty consumers are being ripped off when it comes to cosmetics. But yeh, these products definitely worth every penny. Well, apart from Barry M Lip Paint in 130 cos it just doesn't look good on me. =.="

Hope this swatches/ review is helpful to those of you who have been wanting to try out Barry M products but is unsure about the colours/ quality. :)

Have you tried any of the above products? What is your favourite Barry M product?



Jennifer :) ~ said...

the barry m lip gloss in 130 looks really pretty!
i want to try out some barry m products but i have no idea where to buy them from in adelaide (except for online) =[

Nic Nic said...

love no.5 lipgloss on you, its very pretty on you!

ive only tried their nail paints and an eye shading pencil. love their nail polishes!

❤ Ee Von said...

I have Lip Paint No. 129 too! It's called Palest Lavender :) So freaking pale seriously, I only use ot to mix with other lipsticks/glosses if i wanna lighten and add a hint of purple to them.

"abandoned children in my makeup family" LOL adorable!!! XD

I have the lipgloss in No. 5 Pastel Pink which I absolutely hate because it's basically just frost all over, but the smell is ZOMG AMAZING i love it!!!! so far, i've only applied it... to 'smell' it wtf haahhaah!

❤ Ee Von said...

Sorry I meant lipgloss in No. 4! lol

and the colour you got (no. 5) looks really pretty! i'll def get that one next time. cannot get over that yummy smell XD

Susie said...

Wow the shadows look way prettier when applied wet! The 88 one is gorgeoussssssss!

Rachel said...

Everything looks great! I think I like the lip paint in 130 and the dazzle dust in 88 the best! =)

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

that 130 is very different in your pix than how it looked to me in person. now i must go back to check it out. it's so lovely. I bought 132 and 136.

Narmin at Glover told me that a girl went to her store all excited about having Barry M in Australia. Now I wonder if it was you! :P

oh, I actually swatched all the tube glosses but I messed up with the names so I can't post it. I'd go back to the store to redo it again.

Now you are giving me extra lemmings too. I was also eyeing on Dazzle Dust #88.

Adeline said...

@ Jennifer: Nawww... Hopefully you will be able to purchase them in-store soon :)

@ Nic Nic: Thanks :) I have always wanted to try their nail polishes,espeically "mushroom" but it costs A$11, which I reckon is kinda steep as I am able to grab China Glaze for A$5.

@ EeVon: Haha! You know the names! All Barry M products here come in numbers only =.=" It is pale but I love the colour soo much!!! <3 I have been thinking of getting No 4 for quite some time but I am not much of a gloss user. Since you said its just frost, maybe not aye. :)

Adeline said...

@Susie: Yeh! The colour is much more vibrant when applied wet. I can't wait to try out more colours!

@ Rachel: The 130 lip paint doesn't suit me :(

@Jojoba: It is such a pretty colour when swatched on my hand but it doesn't suit me for some reasons. Maybe I can figure out a look which goes well with the colour.

LOL Possibly. I have been there like 5-6 times ever since I found out from your blog. I was taking a friend there yesterday.