Monday, August 16, 2010

ASOS Haul + Purple Paradise FOTD V2

Hey lovelies :)

How was your weekend? This is my ASOS haul I promised a couple of post back. Being the poor, budgeted *cough* consumer I am, the stuff I purchased this time were all from the "SALE" section. Be patient, and you will be surprised at how much goodies you able to find. I was THIS close to blowing another 100ish pounds on my second order (after spending a good one hour going through ALL the sale pages and picking up the good & cheap treasure) but my conscience managed to stop me just before I clicked check out. 

This was my first time purchasing stuff from ASOS and I gotta say I love it! For my case, shipping was HEAPS efficient - I ordered on a Thursday night and it got delivered on Tuesday ( And all I paid for was normal shipping!) For those who don't know, ASOS is a UK based online company and I am in Sydney. 3 working days is beyond efficient =) I made some purchases on Book Depository on the same Thursday too, but only 2 books arrived so far and it has almost been 3 weeks. :'( I have been waiting impatiently for the sequel to The Bronze Horseman, which btw, is a friggin' awesome book!!!!

Accessories (All $5 or under)
Clockwise from left: ASOS Enamelled Cupcake Earrings (which I bought for my sis as a gift and I was SO TEMPTED to keep it to myself cos it's just SO CUTE! But being the awesome sister I am, I did not. =P); ASOS Engraved Metal Bow Short Pendant - Gold (for sis too); ASOS Leaf Connector Ring; ASOS Vintage Style Pearl Effect Ring With Engraved Metal Surround; ASOS Enamelled Butterfly Ring

I have been looking for a more feminine connector ring for quite a while and am glad to have finally found one! *Excuse to chubby fingers*

ASOS Croc Twist Lock Day Bag - Stone for only 16 pounds

ASOS FREDDY Leather Knot Front Sandal - Gold  (UK 6) for 8 pounds!!
Being the noob I am (my FIRST time purchasing apparels/shoes online), I nearly ordered UK 9 because I am a size 39/40 without knowing the size difference. THANK GOD I checked the size chart before checking out or else I am gonna be left with a crazy ass huge pair of gladiators. Looking forward to wearing them when summer arrives =)

ASOS Ruched Triangle Bikini Top & Brief in the style of Nicole Richie - Orange (4 pounds each)

ASOS Bow Front Mini Linen Pencil Skirt - Navy (10 pounds)

ASOS Shoulder Pad Open Back Dress - Navy/Black (12 pounds)

This is how the back looks like =) 

I am really happy with my purchases as they are pretty good deal I reckon. However, I missed out on a few items because I forgotten to re-add them into my shopping cart after my laptop crashed =.=" I am REALLY tempted to stock up on summer wear since they are having some massive summer clearance now at the moment. For those who are looking to snatch a good deal for summer clothings (and if you're not tight in the finance department at the moment), you should check out their clearance sales. ONLY the sales items though, you don't wanna blow your hard earn cash in a matter of click, do you? =P

Here is a quick FOTD - Purple Paradise before I go:

I have done similar look here *click* to find out the eye products I used - but I think this one is slightly more intense and much better than the previous one. :)

I think I had Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Carnation here. :)

Have you bought anything from ASOS before? What was your best buy?



Amandita said...

oh Im loving your blog.. I was going to get a dress from asos... But I needed the dress fast and I was afraid it wouldn't come in time... But Im thinking of ordering something from asos really soon... oh how exiting =)

Tezza said...

i love that feather ringggg!
great haul :)

Jenny said...

cute connector ring! i've always wanted to try it weird to have to move both your fingers together? hehehe

Susie said...

Omg, the cupcake earrings! They're so adorable =)

priincess said...

I love ASOS! they have such amazing stuff at wonderful prices! : )

Rachel said...

Great haul! Love the bow necklace =)

Adeline said...

@Amandita : Welcome to my blog :) ASOS is amazing!

@ Tezza: Thanks :)

@Jenny: Yes it is! LOL. But I have another one which connects 3 fingers - definitely refrain my finger movement LOL

@Susie: They are! I am so tempted to get another one for myself

❤ Ee Von said...

great picks! lucky you... my asos order took so long! it says it's supposed to arrive today or before, until today, no news. :/

Nic Nic said...

love this purple look on you!

Ahhh I love ASOS, though I have never bought clothes items from them before. Everytime I think I want to I get held back because my sister always reminds me - what if they don't fit? ARGH.

Great haul! <3