Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Macaroons Loving" Sunday

Hey lovelies!!! 

Did you have a great weekend? Mine involved drinks on Friday ( alcohol detox plan totally failed because we're bunch of raging alcoholics. =.="), errands on Saturday (although my plan to clean my room AGAIN and arranging make up didn't really happen - will do it later today since I have just received my Inouvi & Cherry Culture orders! :D ) and a lovely day out with the girls on Sunday.

It was a pretty good one, I must say - in terms of enjoyment, that is. As for getting stuff done, that's epic fail as my to-do-list is growing longer and longer. =.=" My apologies for being such a fail blogger in the past few days - my laptop is acting up on me again by crashing every 2 photos I edited. Yeap, imagine the frustration.


It's the LAST day of winter today and HELLO SPRING!!! :) Spring is definitely my favourite season of the year! As much as I love summer, it gets too hot sometimes, unlike spring - nice & warm. So, instead of the usual make up related FOTDs post, this post is gonna be food-related and how Sydney prepares itself for Spring! :)

The sun was lovely on Sunday, although it was still a tad chilly when the wind blows.
I had MAC Lipstick in Jazzed from In The Groove Collection on. :)

" Wait, let me take off my sunnies" =.="
Posing outside Adriano Zumbo with Miss CSJ, while waiting for Bon & Flo. 


We FINALLY got our food and daily dosage of caffeine after a 45 minutes wait - and its noms time at a park nearby. :)

-My Red Chicken Curry Pie- which was absolutely delicious. Let's ignore the unhealthy issue for the time being, shall we? =P

For those of you who don't know, Adriano Zumbo is famous for its cakes and macaroons. That probably explains the crazyloads of macaroons we had here. The macaroons I consumed in the past 2 days is probably enough to send me to the diabetic ward. 

The BEST in the lot - Salted Caramel Macaroons. YUMS

-Outfit of the Day-
Tie-dye top: Paper Scissors/ Boyfriend Blazer: Paper Scissors/ Scarf: Cotton On/ Tights: SUPRE

It was great spending time with the girls after so long, catching up with each other's life, under the gorgeous sun, facing the sea. :) Definitely look forward to more picnics & outdoor activities when the weather gets warmer!!

How was your weekend my lovelies? Any macaroons loving? =P



Tezza said...

mm macaroons yummy!
and i loveee your blazer :)

Jennifer :) ~ said...

adriano zumbo! i would so love to go to his place if i were in sydney lol
he's been on masterchef :)

Rachel said...

Ah look soo yummy!! Want them now =P

I love your boyfriend blazer it's soo pretty! =)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

yuuuummmmm! That looks so cute and yummy!
And you look just so adorable ^^