Monday, August 9, 2010

Freebies Alert :D

Hey lovelies!

How was your weekend? I had a pretty hectic one, eventful but not productive and perhaps the most random Saturday ever! 

Weekend kicked off on Friday with pre drinks @ Sanctuary, Korean BBQ Buffet with soju, more drinks & dancing @ Sharkies cos we're bad ass like this. Saturday is usually my "recovery" day aka sloth day, doing absolutely nothing but I made an exception this week and had a lunch date with a friend whom just got back from exchange and one whom I have been trying to "set an appointment with her" in the past 6 months (what a bitch! I know you're reading this LOL). With only a casual lunch date in mind and after a hectic night out the night before, I was in an absolutely couldn't be bothered mode and that means minimum make up. AND, the only day I decided not to bring my make up bag along because I was so sure that it wasn't gonna be more than 2 hours. 

But guess what?
Lunch led to Indonesian Festival @ Darling Harbour, which further led to chilling & chit chatting by the harbour for a good 2 hours, then dinner, then crashing my friend's friend's birthday.
On THE day where I dressed EXTREMELY casually (was wearing similar outfit to this - except I had my thigh high boots on and a cardigan instead of the faux leather jacket), with utterly gross hair and minimum make up (without my make up bag to save the day, or in this case night), that party was filled with quite a handful of eye candy and a MEGA HOT guy. FML

SO girls, moral of the story - ALWAYS carry your make up bag when you're out AND DON'T dress like a bum even when you're feeling majorly cbf-ed LOL. 

Ok back to the main point of today's post (gotta stop digressing all the time),

The September's Marie Claire issue comes with a FULL SIZE Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipgloss in 11- Passion Fruit Shimmer

I found out about it from Jojoba (She had a more detailed explanation here) and I finally got myself a copy today. It is retailed for A$42 but it came free with Marie Claire which costs A$9.20. Definitely a good buy and it was only released today if I am not mistaken. I tried it on the moment I bought it and I really like the colour. Swatches coming soon. :) 

So, for you lip gloss lover out there (and is Australia based of course), go and grab a copy of Marie Claire before it is gone! =P
Proper blogging resumes when I edit my second batch of photos. I tried this evening but my fked up ASUS just kept crashing =.="

Hope you have a great week ahead! :)



Rachel said...

Great post! Can't wait to see the swatches =)

Jenny said...

hahaha i always dress like a bum. cool mega hot guys should like us pretty or not! hahahaha

i tagged you hun in an 8 questions tag!