Friday, July 30, 2010

A little of everything =)

Hey lovelies!

How's going? TGIF - bring on the drinks & party, baybehhhh!!! =) Lucky for me, I have no work today (THANK GOD for that), definitely need this day off to run some errands and start my study plan for my CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) paper in December.Also, to get away from the fucked up management at work.
( A MASSIVE rant ahead, scroll down for beauty-related post if you don't want to spend 5 minutes going through my bitching) 


For those who don't know, I am currently working as a casual market research interviewer- a shit job, really. Only things that keep me going are the pretty damn good pay and my awesome colleagues (I swear, without those guys at work, I would of probably be in the psychiatric ward instead of blogging here. I kid you not) The management is fked in the head - think bully, favouritism and WORST thing about them is, they don't act like one most of the times.

 #1 rule: No matter how highly ranked you are in the hierarchy, treat your staffs with all due respect, just like how you want them to treat you. By that I mean, don't yell or have a go at them for petty stuff just to boost your ego or make you feel better about your position, which really, isn't any much better than anyone else besides the fact that you have been working there for yonks and your title is merely some "courteous" long service reward you get. In another words, any Tom, Dick & Harry can easily take over your position. So no, you're not much better than anyone of us. Hence, in the name of god, don't act as if someone died and make you king.

What happened was, I got a call from work after my shift yesterday and got told off for logging in using my username (which I use for another job) instead of the general user name, which apparently locked the computer and the next person after me had to restart the whole computer and wasted 10 fucking precious minute. Ok, I wouldn't deny the responsibility for this. But seriously, is it really necessary to call me up just to have a go for 5 minutes about it, repeating the same fucking sentence " Do not ever log in using your username".  I think not, especially after how you implied that every second is gold for you. =.=" 

FURTHERMORE, this is a fucking casual position, that means I put in MY availabilities for the shifts without having you to question WHY am I available (or not) at a certain time.. You don't have to have a massive sook about " I see you are scheduled for a day shift, why is it so?" and go " With what?" when I said I am busy. Oh, and add the " You don't have much use for me during the day shift"
Well, by achieving the strike rate during my shift for the past 2 days does not "have much use" to you, I wonder what is. From the way I interpret it, its more like because you don't come in till 1pm and not being able to "watch me" during the first 3 hours of the shift makes you iffy.

Oh and an abrupt " I gotta go now" while having a problem with me coming in early further indicates that the whole point of the phone call is to take out your anger/ frustration at someone. And clearly, you can't take it out on that poor, innocent guy/girl who took over my seat after I left. Hence, leading you to ring me up.
Reminder to self: Never pick up phone calls from work. It's NEVER something good.

What a scumbag. Honestly, I thought you have changed to be a better person and learn how to act like a team leader but I guess old habits die hard. What pisses me off even more is, myself. I was heaps tired and was just about to have a nap when I received the call, so I did not bother telling him off. Did not strike me what a total rude cuntface he was until I woke up. Serve you right for getting demoted. Would of probably feel much better if I told him off over the phone.

This is just one of the example of the fked up management.I know its the reality and there are always workforce politics and one should get use to it. But at my place, it's just fucked.

(Kudos to those who managed to read through it. Now that I have closed down my personal blog, I need a place to release my anger)



Why 2.0? I have tried this look about a month ago and instead of using a black liner on my lower lash line, I opted for a blue this time instead for a brighter look. I am using Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Aqua Blue here. 

For contouring, I used Prestige Baked Mineral Blush in Pink and ChiChi Mosaic Bronzer in Dark.
Lippie is still MAC Lipstick in Bubblegum =)

Lighting was kinda shit cos the weather here in Sydney has been nothing but gloomy & wet :(

Wore this look to the Aroma Festival on Sunday with my BFF, Missy CSJ ♥♥♥

* I added another layer of my Barry M Lipgloss (I don't know the name for it as it only comes in numbers for the ones sold in Sydney) on top of my lipstick in this photo*

The performance by this street performer along Circular Quay kinda left us WTF. Just in case you couldn't tell, his "partner" is actually a DOLL, a friggin DOLL! How creepy does that look?

Started the Sunday morning with some awesome coffee (Its Aroma Festival after all), some Peru-an Pie (which tasted just like Aussie pies tbh and cost me 5bucks! =.=") and this friggin awesome Pistachio macaroons. ♥

Outfit of the day (in Supre's fitting room LOL)
Black top: Cotton On
Sailor Cardigan: SES
Tights: SUPRE

Faux Leather Jacket : SES
Bag: Nine West


Lastly, just a couple of packages I received last week. =) 

Speaking of packages, I blew some of my tax return (which I received yesterday *YAY*) on ASOS and Book Depository (An awesome website for you Aussies out there as most of the books here are half of the RRP and shipping is FREE! =P). Can't wait till I receive them! 

Mini Brush Set from Gloss Cosmetics which I won from their twitter giveaway a few weeks back. =P

Consist of a foundation brush, angled blush brush, mascara wand? and an eyeliner brush.

Another package from Book Depository, which came in just in time - on the day I finished reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons which I am currently reading and am absolutely loving it! Just placed by order for the 2nd & 3rd book of the trilogy yesterday. 
Dear John by Nicholas Spark - I have always been a fan of Nicholas Spark and apparently the movie is really good as well. Can't wait to start reading this too!

As you can probably tell, story books is one of my current obsession. Been spending some money on them lately. Let's hope I actually finish reading all the 6 books I ordered from Book Depository and they don't end up sitting on my book shelf like The Times Traveler Wife & Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. ( I will get to it, eventually.... I promise =P) 

Have you read any of these books?

That's all for now, a relatively long post compared to my previous few.Next up, Barry M mini haul and swatches. =) 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!




OMGOSH, macaroons... are... TO DIE FOR!!! especially the ones at lindt cafe!

Denysia said...

OMG, that macaroon looks super good! :)

❤ Ee Von said...

which is why, i will NEVER EVER want to work in an office with staffs and teams. and yes, NEVER pick up a call from office if it's not ur working hour. NEVERRRR.

hope you're feeling better after ranting :)

love the look babe! including the outfit :D

that guy with the doll... disturbing.

With Love, Elle said...

since that douche bag is demoted sent him ur blog link lol that will make his day hehe

congrats on winning those superb brushes! im going brush hunting now!

xoxo elle

Nic Nic said...

aww hope youre feeling better from work now. i bet that person just wanted to vent it all out on you -_-;;

cute outfit!!


i want to watch dear john!... or.. maybe read :P

i loved your outfit and your bright blue eyeliner!

you need to blog more and not put so much stuff in one blogpost! it makes it very hard for me to remember what to comment about! hahahhaha!

Adeline said...

@Dictashion & Denysia: They are, indeed!! A tad too pricey though :(

@EeVon: I have definitely learnt my lesson now! Felt much better after my verbal outrage but was boiling again when I saw him at work today =,="

@With Love, Elle: LOL, good idea =P What brush are you looking for love?

@NicNic: Thanks love. <3

@Chaigyaru: I will start reading it after I finish Bronze Horseman, and watch too cos Channing Tatum is starring LOL.

LOL. I figured its a lil too long aye haha. Gonna blog more often now that I am taking time off work to "study" and more time to edit photos and blog LOLOL