Tuesday, July 6, 2010


  • CETAPHIL MOISTURISING LOTION - This product was featured in my May Favourites too. With the insanely cold weather in Sydney, a good moisturing lotion is a must have for someone like me with extremely dry skin. Ever since I started using this product, my skin is much more moisturised and my cheeks and nose bridge area is no longer flaky and stings when I wash my face. It doesn't make me feel like I have dipped my face into a pool of oil too, like how I felt with my lanolin cream. Cetaphil does the job and best part is, its inexpensive! I bought the 250mL bottle for approximately A$13.
  • KIEHL'S CREAMY EYE TREATMENT WITH AVOCADO - I have heard a lot of good stuff about this products and finally got my hands on it after all the countless, futile attempts to get rid of my flaky eyelids, which once again caused by the cold weather and constant exposure to heater. As the name suggests, the formula is really creamy and you only need a little bit of the product each time. There's a sting-y sensation when I apply them (due to dryness) but it moisturizes my eyelids really quickly. My night treatment consists of this eye cream and Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion and I haven't had any problems so far. :)
  • ETUDE HOUSE MAGIC BB CREAM - I have been using this product forever but not only till recently that I actually like it, hence I decide to include it in this month's favourite. Before that, it was more of " I have to use it since I have 2 of these" rather than liking the product. This BB Cream is perfect for everyday use as I don't like caking on foundation on a daily basis. It provides sheer to medium coverage but good enough to even my skin tone and cover up my redness. I know some people find this BB cream a tad too oily but personally, it suits my dry skin well. 
  • CHINA GLAZE NAIL POLISH IN FOR AUDREY & REFRESH MINT - Absolutely love them! I have been switching between these 2 colours in the past one month. Enough said =P
  • NYX SINGLE EYESHADOW IN CHAMPAGNE & ELF SINGLE EYESHADOW IN RASPBERRY TRUFFLES - This is the combination I use on my lazy-days when I couldn't be bothered with eye make up. They are both inexpensive, pigmented and colour pay off is great too. Perfect for your daily on-the-go-smokey look.
  • REVLON MATTE LIPSTICK IN PINK POUT - I have been wearing this a lot, compared to Soft Nude. It's a really gorgeous baby pink colour, which goes well with almost any look. As it is matter formula, it can be a little too dry on my lips sometimes. What I do is, either wear it over a layer of Lucas Papaw Ointment or wear a layer of gloss over the lipstick. Swatches of this lipstick can be found here.
  • CHI CHI MOSAIC BRONZER IN DARK - I was lucky enough to score myself this bronzer when Gloss Cosmetics was giving out 10 samples to their readers. :) It was sitting at the corner of my vanity corner for quite a while before I discovered its awesomeness. I swirled my powder brush to blend all the different shades of bronzer together to create the perfect bronzer for my current skin tone. My Sports Girl bronzer is a tad too dark for winter. I have been reaching out for this baby a lot lately for contouring. :)

As you can see, there are quite a fair bit of products this month. =P

Have you tried any of these products and do you like them? What are your June Favourites?



Jenny said...

i've really wanted to try products out from kiehls but don't know what their best sellers are! thanks for reminding me to check them out ^^

Sarah said...

love the nail polish! great colour! xx

With Love, Elle said...

my 1st bb cream is from etude house ^^ it was the right shade for me, quite tan, but too oily for me..i agreed wif ya, it suits dry skin better!

xoxo elle
ps: not sure where to get interfila pencils >.<

konniew87 said...

hey babe. love ur blog :)
jus wondering where you got the etude bb cream and china glaze? i'm in sydney too and its so hard to find these gems !