Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hey lovlies,

What's crackin'? Partying hard this weekend or is it gonna be a quiet one? Whatever it is, hope you guys are enjoying the weekend. :)My May favourites is finally here, sorry it took so long and we're already 1 week in to May. Have I mentioned how fast time flies?

  • MAC CORAL CREPE PAINT POT ( Prep - A - Papier Collection) : It was love at first sight but it took me a while to finally purchase it. Reason being, I love my neutral browns and as much I love coral, its not something I'd wear on a daily basis. However, I was sold when the make up artist told me she used it as a blush and I love the natural flush created using this paint pot. Oh, and the fact that it is Limited Edition too. :) I have created quite a few looks using this, although they are pretty similar to one another. *check it out HERE*
  • AUSTRALIS MOISTURE INTENSE LIPSTICK IN CANDY : One of my best purchases EVER. I bought it because it was on sale for $2.99 and how often do you get a lipstick for $2.99 in Australia? Absolutely adore how moiturizing the formula is and it tastes like candy too! For those who have been reading my blog for quite a while knows I have this thing against lipstick with "funky" smell, so taste good = extra brownie points for Adeline. :D Most importantly, it is a gorgeous fushia colour, which gives a very feminine touch to the entire look. *Swatches HERE*
  • REVLON COLORSTAY EYELINER IN BLACK: I got this as a free gift along with my PhotoReady foundation purchase during my Priceline haul. And this is by far, the most pigment pencil liner I have used ever since I started using make up. No kidding. And it doesn't smudge after I set it with powder
  • RIMMEL POWDER BLUSH IN PINK ROSE: I have seen many positive reviews about this blush around Youtube or the blogosphere. Its one of those cheap and awesome products that makes the Asian in me happy.I got it for less than A$5 when K-Mart was having $4 off the entire Rimmel Range. It is a pretty soft pink colour that gives a nice flush to my face. The colour is very blendable and pigmented too. Oh, and its extremely small, that means it fits into your make up bag perfectly :D
  • ELF BLUSH IN PEACHY KEEN: 2 blush products in May favourites? It doesn't take a genius to figure I am liking my blushes. :D This is more of a coral blush, with a slight shimmer in it. It gives my face a healthy glow whenever I apply them. I usually use this when I have heavy eye make up on as I don't wanna look like a party clown with epic eyemake up and rosy red cheecks.Not attractive.
  • CETAPHIL MOISTURISING LOTION: I have been searching for THE perfect moisturiser and this is by far, the best I can find. I know I have sworn by Lanolin Cream asmy winter staples but I stopped using them cos I really dislike going to bed with an oily face (after slapping on like 3 layers cos my skin is that dry). I don't seem to have the problem with Cetaphil and it does the job in the moisturising department, so yeh my current favourite moisturiser. :)
  • MAYBELLINE DREAM MATTE POWDER IN IVORY LIGHT: I use this to set my BB cream & my eyeliner (as it ALWAYS creases on my waterline when my skin is not even oily. Any ideas why is it so?) and I like how it doesn't dry my skin outand it mattifies the "shine" from the moisturizer I pack on before applying make up, giving me a flawless finish.

Do you like any of this products? What are your May favourites?



paige said...

ahh i cannot find elf peachy keen!
i have been after it for soo long, where did you get yours from?


Adeline said...

Peachy Keen is a lovely colour. :) I got a friend of mine in UK to get it for me and send it over.

I think sells them? Not sure if there's still any more stocks available.