Sunday, June 6, 2010

FOTD - Au Naturale

Hello lovelies,

How's going? Recovering from yesterday's epic night out? I had a quiet day in, recovering from the one too many beers I had on Friday (although I absolutely dislike beer and the only reason I drank beer was cos that was the only option =.=") AND, I took Monday off work this week, hence NO Monday Blues for me this week =P=P=P

ANYWAYS, enough of babbling (I need to constantly remind myself that this is my beauty blog not my personal blog where I can go on and on about random shit lol) Digression aside. I have decided to post an Au-Naturale FOTD after my Miracle-of-Make-Up-post yesterday.

Personally, I think make up is something to enhance a girl's beauty, to boost her confidence but it shouldn't be something that you can't live without. I wouldn't deny the fact that I hate going out without make up, in my naked face but there are lazy days where I am absolutely couldn't be bothered to slap on anything (even sun-screen, which is not advisable =.=") or when I am just heading out for a quick meal or grocery shopping. There are also days where I felt like my face needed a rest from all the heavy make up I had the day before.

At times like this, I go with minimal make up - Moisturizer, sunscreen and mineral foundation + blush and a brighter lip colour

And for eyes, just filled in my brows and apply a layer of mascara.

I think I look much younger without heavy eye make up, and could probably pass off as 19 yo lol. What do you think?

Here is a picture of me without make up AND with glasses - this was taken early this year when I just got my hair cut, which made me look like a 16yo. I swear if I were to hit a club like this, the bouncer is probably gonna question the autheticity of my ID wtf.

I hope that didn't scare you away and will never come back to TBE again. :( This is a photo of me with minimal make up, just to make up for the picture above LOL.

PS: As you can tell, I am so in love with my "Superwoman" hoodie. It's warm and comfy! I am extremely tempted to buy another hoodie just because its perfect for bludgy days (which is almost everyday LOL).

Is make up an essential to your daily routine? Can you leave your house with a naked face? Let me know =)



Susie said...

I like your natural look :) I usually don't like to leave the house with a total bare face. If I do, I'll try to at least apply tinted moisturizer or something.

Alice said...

I leave the house bare face too often; I'm not that regimented when it comes to make up. HOWEVER I do agree from time to time I need something put on my face...LIKE A DECENT MOISTURISER!

And MAC lipstick mmm yum! Can't get enough of MAC! :D

Angelique said...

Your natural face is beautiful! But yeah.. girls just want that lil extra to make them feel better :D

Adeline said...

@ Susie: Thanks hun :) Yeh same! Unless I am EXTREMELY lazy, I still apply BB Cream and moisturizer at the very least.

@Alice: HAHAHAHAHA. Moisturiser is a MUST my dear. And yes, I want more lippieeeeee!!! Think of macBOOK instead of MAC LOL

@Angelique: Thanks sweetie :) Confidence booster lol