Monday, June 28, 2010

Collective HAUL #2 - LUSH & DIVA

Hello lovelies, 

How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one and make Monday less dreadful. Sorry for MIA in the past couple of days and here I am, blogging while watching Germany V England clash. (GOOD GAME! I shall not bore you guys with the details and my random rants during the match, which can be seen on my twitter too. )

I was meant to blog about this haul right on Friday but I find it hard to pull myself away from this awesomeeee TV series called:

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
Am I the only one who find him drop-dead-gorgeously HOT and is WAY better looking than Stefan in The Vampire Diaries?
There's something about his pair of mesmerizing eyes, his signature wink, his body and the way he dresses. And of course, the bad boy vibe that emanates from him.

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood.
He is the other eye candy that caught my attention after Damon in The Vampire Diaries. I think I see a "common traits" in these 2 guys that I find attractive- the bad boy vibe and buff body =P

I shall not bore you guys further with my temporary celebrity crush and lets move on to the more interesting part of the post - My mini haul from LUSH and DIVA =P

I think I have gone past my make up addiction phase and it has now moved on to LUSH.Not sure if it's a good sign as their products are slightly on the expensive side.

Nicely wrapped :)

I bought their 

I purchased their Big Hair Affair Trial Kit and they all came in this cute takeaway-like box.

$14.95 for 3 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 1hair treatment and 1 styling gel.
Pretty good deal, I reckon.

Big Buffy - a moisturizing soap bar which works well as an exfoliator as well. It leaves your skin moisturized even after washing it off. I am lovin' it so far, will do a review on it after trying it for a longer time. :)


My "Ice Blue" sample.

DIVA was having a further markdown,hoping to clear their old stocks before the End of Financial Year I suppose - 4 for $10. Love the great sense of satisfaction whenever I snatched a good deal like this =P

Pink Butterfly Bangle & Ring for lil sis.
*I knew I had to get it for my babysis the moment I saw this. Pink + Butterfly = GEM. Lol!*

THIS GORGEOUS Spring Enamel Diamond Snake Clamp was originally priced at $19.99! 

Isn't this bracelet elegant?

Retro Guitar Necklace 

On top of the 4 pieces of accessories I got, I got this cute pink rose ring too. For $1! :D

HOW CUTE THIS RING IS???!! And it has lipgloss when you open the rose =P

Sorry for the lack of words and flow of this post as it is 2am in the morning and I had a mere 5 hours sleep last night due to my Vampire Diaries marathon and work is at 9am tomorrow. GG. I forsee a very cranky Adeline tomorrow. :( 




Nicol said...

lush is absolutely gorgeous and always smells so nice and fresh :D
love diva jewellery! forgot to get some today as there is a sale here too ^^ :(


I love your snake bracelet!!! And omg... IAN SOMERHALDER :$ *DROOLS*

Jenny said...

Ooo that lush deal is pretty awesome! i wonder if they still have that deal here where i live! i still haven't really caught up with all the lush gloriousness yet lol

and i love that pink rose ring gloss! i could totally see my bf rolling his eyes at me if i bought that lol

Adeline said...

@Nicol : I love LUSH! But they are a tad too pricey :( I didn't know they have Diva in the UK. Next time since Diva is always on sale =P

@Dictashion : Me too!! And it was such a steal! A$2.50 =P HE IS GOING TO BE IN SYDNEY THIS SATURDAY, AT UNSW ZOMFG!

@Jenny: Check out their website and see if they have the deal :) Dw, I have only recently gotten into the whole LUSH hype, and its not doing my bank account any good lol. THAT RING GLOSS IS JUST TOO CUTE TO GIVE IT A MISS HAHAHAHA