Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey lovelies,

What's crackin'? I have decided to start a series called Trend Talk Thursday - featuring outfits that I like and would love to share with you guys. It was just a random thought that came to me one day and I reckon it's a pretty good idea to include fashion as part of Through Beauty Eyes. :) 
It will definitely be a fortnight thing, if not weekly. 

So, for this week's Trend Talk Thursday, I would like to feature this Pink Sweat Shirt I got from Cotton On Body a week ago. 
Sweat shirt has definitely top the list of my favourites this winter. It keeps me warm and its extremely comfy. Now, one would usually associate sweat shirt as slouchy and baggy - something similar to pjs, something that you would not wear out of your house.

Fushia Sweat Shirt - Cotton On Body/ Pink long sleeve top - Factory Outlet Store (Malaysia)/ Faux Leather Jacket - SES/ Thigh high boots - Rubi (by Cotton On)/ Scarf - China/ /
Well, not anymore when you wear a striking fushia sweat shirt as a dress and pair it with the oh-so-sexy thigh high boots (which is "IN" this season) and a faux leather jacket. 

3-in-1-snake&skull ring; Skull Ring; Dragonfly necklace - All from Diva / On my nails - China Glaze For Audrey
Don't forget to accessorise your otherwise plain outfit with some statement jewellery such as statement rings and necklace. And don't forget your scarf too. :) Scarf is a must have during winter, to keep you warm from the piercing wind and of course to spice up your outfit. 

It looks like I am trying to grab my own boobs but I swear I wasn't! I was just trying to show you guys the colour of my nails and my awesome rings! :D

My all time favourite skull ring, from Diva for A$5. :D

I came across this very interesting article on MX yesterday, in regards to thigh high boots - skanky or slutty? Well, this thigh high boots was sorta an impulse buy after I saw my friend rockin' it and the fact that its a "must have" this winter. I must admit, I was faced with the "phobia" of coming across as slutty when I wear them out, especially when I wear them out with dresses, without stockings. (This boots are REALLY warm and wearing stockings just kill the entire look and make me look stumpy and short)

 I tried these babies after I got them with different pieces from my wardrobe, from bubbly skirt to micro mini bandage skirt to dresses to tights. (I am yet to try them with micromini shorts) I think these OTK boots goes really well with bubble skirt,tights and certain dresses (though it's a lil too warm during the day). However, OTK boots with short bandage skirt is a BIG NO NO! Pair both of them together and you will definitely look like one of those hookers from the Cross. 

Personally, I quite like how the outfit turned out to be when paired with this sweat shirt of mine. I think it doesn't look too bad when you match them with non-revealing dresses. 

I did the Rihanna inspired look again yesterday. Love it :)

Do you own any thigh high boots? What are your thoughts about them - slutty or sexy?
I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.



Zoe said...

'you will definitely look like one of those hookers from the Cross...' haha I giggled when I read that. Totally agree! OTK boots add that extra appeal to any outfit, when worn correctly. I really don't understand why people would dare to even wear them with tight micro skirts and bare legs...ew.

BTW, love that last pic of you, the effect is really nice!



Thigh high boots are gorgeous when you wear them with the perfect outfit. I have the same Diva ring as you (the three ring one) LOL!


Jenny said...

i wanted thigh high boots this winter to pair it with stockings and a skirt but never found ones comfy enough or fit my budget!! the ones you have look pretty comfy though :D thanks for entering my giveaway btw!


i love thigh highs LOL. no way are they slutty. :D

i used to wear them SOO much 2 years ago... but i haven't touched them since. maybe its time to reunite with them :)

Adeline said...

@ Zoe: Yeh!!! Tight micro mini with OTK heeled boots is just way too over the top. Thanks love, its a Lomo App on my iphone =P

@Dictashion: That Diva ring is awesome!!! LOL

@Jenny: I was lucky to get mine at a fairly decent price and yes they are HEAPS comfy - that's the reason why I bought flat ones. :D