Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random: The Miracle of Make Up

I am not sure if any of you guys ever notice the tag line underneath my header, Through Beauty Eyes - There are no ugly girls, only lazy ones. I can't really remember who told me this but this phrase was imprinted in my mind since then. Like I mentioned in my Purple Paradise FOTD post, its a girl's choice to look good or look crap.

I came across this link by random, and it left my jaw hanging for a good 10 seconds. Being a girl who's obsessed with make up myself, I know how much make up can enhance one's look. But you'd be surprised on what miracle make up can do. Yes, that's right mate, m-i-r-a-c-l-e.

Why don't you be a judge yourself?



I showed this a a few of my friends (both guys and girls). And guess what, out of the 3 person (2 guys, 1 girl), both guys had pretty similar comment- She still looks ugly even after the makeover. Personally, I think she looks MUCH better with make up, like d'uh.

Make up does do miracle, don't cha think? What's your say on this?

And for guy readers (If I have any), what happens if you wake up to a girl,whom in your impression is as hot as Megan Fox, but looks like a totally different person without make up? What would you do?



❤ Ee Von said...

in that girl's case, i'd think it's makeup, heavy photoshop and knowing the angle to take pictures :)

nevertheless, makeup is a great way to boost one's confidence and play with creativity, but i certainly do not agree that it's a necessity.

and i also disagree with guys who disagree with makeup. they say natural is the best, true but what if naturally her skin is not ok? its as though your skin has a lot of acne and you try all sorts of ways to improve it. makeup is just another way to boost confidence. it shouldn't be taken as something bad.

Susie said...

That doesn't even look like the same girl, holy cow. I wouldn't really think it was the same person if it weren't for her moles, lol...that sounds kinda' harsh :/ It looks like she has double eyelids in the 2nd picture too though. People shouldn't try & cover who they really are with makeup :/

Adeline said...

[Eevon] the beauty of make up and PHOTOSHOP! And I totally agree with you! I always think make up is to enhance one's beauty and shouldn't be something that you HAVE to have.

I reckon guys just say that just to make them look less shallow. I mean, its a different story if the girl cake on inches of make up daily lol.

[Susie] Yeh, I was judging by the moles too LOL.Cos she looks like an entirely different person!