Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: Sports Girl's Make Up

This review about Sports Girl's cosmetic range was meant to be up yonks ago (I am talking about 3 months ago here Lol. I edited these photos ages ago, way before I started watermarking them.) But being the procrastinator I am, it took me forever before I finally decided to write up a review about them. (Also to make sure you guys aren't getting too bored of my face from all the FOTDs I have been posting lately=P)

I purchased a few of their single eyeshadows, brushes and bronzer when they were having clearance about 2 months ago (and I believe, the sale is still on but the products are VERY limited). To be honest, I wouldn't have purchased them if they weren't on sale. As much as I love my drugstore products, I have always been somewhat skeptical when it comes to the quality of the make up produced by non-make-up company. Who's with me?

Sports Girl's Single Eyeshadow

5/5 - I bought Tiny Dancer and Super Natural when they were having the BOGOF promotion- A$9.95 for both, so it works out to be approximately A$5 each. Holy Smoke was retailing for A$4.95 each at the time of purchase. Pretty cheap for Australian standard.

4/5 - As you can see from the swatches, the colours are pretty pigmented. It does, however take a few applications to build up the intensity of colour. In terms of staying power, it stays on forever with a lil help from the good ol' creme shadow as a base. I don't even need to apply eyeshadow primer albeit I do use it occasionally when I am creating a night/party look. :) According to a friend of mine, these shadows are exact dups for some MAC colours but I can't comment much on that as I don't own any MAC eyeshadows. :(

4/5 - Nothing special to shout about the packaging - simple and convenient. I do reckon the packaging is quite chic and am glad that it is not made out of some kinda cheap plastic materials like some of the affordable make up products out there. As for the size, it is about the same as the standard round single eyeshadows and its convenient to chuck it in your make up bag (though I personally prefer to carry a Quad-palette).

Sports Girl's DRAW THE LINE Eyeliner

I realised I didn't even take a photo of the colour of this eyeshadow, let alone swatches. *EPIC FAIL* But yeh, I got the purple one.

I don't have much to comment on this product as I have only used it a couple of times and I didn't like it. The formula wasn't creamy enough for my liking and I always had troubles drawing it on my lower lash line. I have to draw at least 3 times to have the colour appear and even so, it is not very noticeable. Lasting power isn't that great either. It smudges after a couple of hours but that happens to most of my eyeliners. That being said, poor Draw-The-Line Liner is one of the products that yours truly abandoned.

Sports Girl's BRUSH WITH FAME Brushes

If I am not mistaken, there only 4 brushes from the brush range - Kabuki brush, Cheek Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Angled Brush. Correct me if I am wrong as I haven't visited their Beauty section for quite some time.

Cheek Brush: I used this to apply my Maybelline Dream Matte powder around my eyes area (to set my eyeliner) and highlighter for contouring daily.

Eyeshadow Brush - pretty much self explanatory? Lol

5/5 - I can't remember the exact price of these brushes. I think it was A$7.95 after discount and they were having a further 30% off discounted item when I bought them. So, it should be around A$5 - A$6.

3/5 - Its kinda obvious that you can't really expect much from brushes that you paid less than 10bucks. It wasn't bad but there wasn't much to shout about either. The bristles isn't as soft as I like my brushes to be. The eyeshadow brush is not as concentrated/intense? (I can't think of the right word for it atm lol) as my ELF and Coastal Scents ones.

Sports Girl's OH MY GODDESS Bronzer

5/5 - The price department is scoring full points for all the products today as I believe I got them at a very good deal, so no complaints there. =) I think this bronzer was A$9.95 after discount and I got a further 30% discount. *win*

4/5 - I have heard pretty good stuff about Sports Girl bronzer prior to buying this and I have been looking for bronzer for quite a while. Hence, it doesn't take me long to buy it when I saw it on the rack, especially for that price. I chose the one with shimmery bits as it is more blendable compared to the matte one. I was using this almost daily but stopped now because the shade is getting a tad too dark for me, now that its winter. =( This is my first bronzer I ever owned and I am pretty happy with it.

3/5 - I gotta admit that Sport's Girl packaging for their cosmetic range but I find it a lil bulky for my make up bag. Would be perfect if it comes in a smaller size.

Have you tried any products from Sports Girl's cosmetic range before?



❤ Ee Von said...

i bought one of their liquid eyeshadows years ago, can't rmb what it's called and i absolutely hated it! haahahah dunno why i even bought it. ever since, i never wanna stop and try their products. me too, very skeptical with non-makeup company! but topshop is an exception :) mehhh i'm brand conscious like that but seriously topshop makeup's packaging, i can't resist!

Ashley said...

I never tried these products... thanks for the review!

Susie said...

Never heard of this brand. Their shadows look really pigmented though!

Nicol said...

im not gona lie but i thought it said spice girls haha
those are super pigmented! thank you for the swatches and review

Adeline said...

@Eevon: I bought one of their liquid glitter eyeliner but I haven't tried that. The pencil liner is pretty bad though. The eyeshadows are actually pretty good! Limited colours though. Ahhhhh, I wish they have topshop here in Sydney!!!! :( I wanna try their make up line. Yeh, I am all for drugstore products but just a lil iffy with non-make-up companies.

@Ashley: :D

@Susie: Sports Girl is kinda like an Aussie version of Topshop but a shittier version LOL. Yeh, their shadows are actually really good for the price!

@Nicol: HAHAHAHAHA sports and spice, pretty close.:)

With Love, Elle said...

yeah i cant believe that sportsgirl is out with makeup! i only knew they got eyewear out, and now makeup???
wowo unbelievable good stuffs there, from ya rating, me going out to get some too!

xoxo elle

Adeline said...

@ With Love, Elle: They are out for almost a year if I am not mistaken and they are coming out with new products!! Yeh, you should definitely try their eyeshadows and bronzer but NOT their eyeliner.:) xx