Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey lovelies,

How's your week been so far?

My week seems to be getting better after a shitty start on Monday. Weather is gorgous today, I got to sleep in a little later, had Campos ice coffee with my lovely gf (Campos serves the BEST coffee in Sydney imo), received a happy phone call (I got through to the next round for one of my job apps. Wish me luck, people considering how epic fail I am when it comes to director/partner level interview. =.=") and most importantly, I got my URBAN DECAY ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND BOOK OF SHADOW PALETTE from Miss CSJ who was kind enough to collect it from Claire, on my behalf yesterday.

I know this has been out for quite a while and the price has probably hiked up to 200bucks on eBay. My friends would probably know how much I wanted this palette and its as hard as reaching the peak of Mount Everast when you don't have Sephora stores in the land down under. Hence, I was beyond esthatic when I found out that Claire was selling her BRAND NEW Alice in the Wonderland Books of Shadow palette on her twitter for $75. I knew I HAD to get it and msg her immediately. God blessed me and I am the new owner of this palette :)

It comes with 16 absolutely gorgeous and SUPER-pigmented colours (as can be seen in the above picture), 2 Urban Decay Glide-On Pencils (Which I heard really good things about.) and the product that is highly spoken about in the beauty world - Urban Decay Primer Potion.

$75 is really not that expensive when you think about it. *This is the accountant in me doing the talking =P*


Claire is such a sweetheart to include ALL THESE FREEBIES along with my purchase and a sweet little note, which is EXTREMELY generous of her. It looks as though I have just won a giveaway or contest. THANKS SO MUCH LOVE ♥

Here are some of the swatches from the freebies:

I LOVE the colour of this eyeliner!!! Its so vibrant and pigmented. Can't wait to try out this Rihanna-inspired-look that I have been wanting to try out in AGES. So, stay tune for that lovelies. :)

Once again, thank you so much babe for including all the freebies and most importantly, the ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND BOS PALETTE!!! :) I can't wait to try them all!!! ♥ Will definitely update you guys about it when I do.

This package totally made my day, along with many other reasons. =P I know I promised in my last post that this is gonna be my May favourites, but I was sooo happy when I received this package and can't wait to share with you guys. Next post, fo shizzlessssss. :D



Claire Tan said...

No worries babe! Looking fwd to ur FOTD using the Alice palette! :D

❤ Ee Von said...

omg you're so lucky!!! i've been dying to get the palette but it's so expensive!

urban decay shadows have CRAZY pigmentation! some are even far better than mac i'd say!

can't wait to see the 9786152312 great looks u'll create with this pallette! :D

Alice said...