Friday, November 30, 2012


Happy Friday lovelies!

Feeling absolutely jolly and chirpy as I'm writing this - Sydney is at its best, showing off its warmth; it's FRIDAY (Friday FRIDAY!); life is a whole lot better compared to the first three quarter of 2012; just demolished my daily dose of small strong latte, about to get myself a grilled chilli prawn pizza LOL and just simply because its SUNNY FRIDAY! (Now, to assess whether hitting Bondi Beach is feasible during lunchtime =P)

At days like this, I am usually spotted with a bright coral/ orange lippies to match the mood. On a moody day, I can be seen with bright fuchsia or a cooler toned pink with lavender undertone lippie. On days that I feel a tad under the weather or having some self-doubts (you know, one of those days), I turn to my faithful red lippies for some confidence booster!

(Did I just write a paragraph on the relationship between my mood and my lippie of choice?)Yes ladies (and gents), this is totes, like, legit.

Just thought I'd share with you the lippies that have contributed to my right biceps (read: lippies that I carry in my bag with me) and are currently on high rotation:

(Please note: These are my current favs in no particular order. As mentioned earlier, it's highly dependent on yours truly mood at time of selection).

REVLON Lip Butter in Trutti Fruti: PERFECT everyday, to-go-to corange (coral + orange) lippie - it's moisturising, pigmented (for a "lip butter" standard), long lasting and not too OTT. If you have always wanted to try orange lips but feel that it's a tad too much, this is a great product to start with! (You can vouch me for that =P)

Wet & Wild Lipstick in 907C – This baby is a scarced resource in the land down under – I was lucky enough to try this lippie thanks to my lovely twitter-pal, Gwen who kindly included in my love package a couple of months ago . I am never a firm believer of love at first sight, except when lipsticks are involved. And this is a prime example. This is a cool toned, bubblegum pink colour *squeals* with matte but non-drying formula, smooth, long lasting, pigmented… what more can you ask for? I can definitely see more wearage out of this in the cooler months.

Without Flash
 L-R: Revlon Trutti Fruitti, WnW 907C, Australis Make A Wish, Rimmel by Kate #20, Shu Uemura Parisienne Pink, Australis Fandango, Sisley Rouge. 

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Make A Wish (Limited Edition) - This could be a tad too much for work, but it is one of my top lippies and it's usually spotted after hours - be it an event or after work drinks! Pigmentation - superb; lasting-power - amazing; best part is its super affordable! Priced at $12.95 a pop (you can get it at a cheaper price during specials) - pretty on the lips, easy on the purse! (For Australian standard, that is). I have already bought a backup for this lippie, seeing that it’s a LE collection. #Hoarder

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in #20 and #22 (not pictured)* - If you haven't tried the lippies from this range, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? If I gotta pick ONE fav drugstore brand (please don't make me do that, it's a very hard decision to make), this range will probably get the title. Buttery smooth texture, extremely pigmented, long- lasting, sleek packaging, has a natural rose scent (not the usual yucky plastic lipstick scent!) and incredulously affordable for a product of such quality! #20 is my favourite fuchsia shade - and also my instant "glam-me-up" product that takes me from work to an event! #22 is a siren red whenever I need an instant pick-me-up to feel like a Wonder Woman.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Parisienne Pink from Karl Lagerfield X Shu Uemura collaboration* – Isn't the packaging SUPER ADORBS with the kawaii Monshu Girl? Parisienne Pink is very toned down in comparison with the other lipsticks of choice - more of a lip balm texture, sheer and extremely moisturising! I find myself reaching out to Monshu Girl on days where my lip requires some immediate TLC or when I'm having bolder smokey eyes! 

With Flash
L-R: Revlon Trutti Fruitti, WnW 907C, Australis Make A Wish, Rimmel by Kate #20, Shu Uemura Parisienne Pink, Australis Fandango, Sisley Rouge.  

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipgloss in Fandango* – This is probably a cheaper “dupe” for SISLEY Phyto Lip Gloss in 6 Rouge - but a tad brighter. As mentioned earlier, I am not usually a fan of lipgloss. However, Fandango looks absolutely amazing when layered on top of Make A Wish to give a plumper effect – perfecto for a weekend night out. Did I mention, it actually tastes quite yummy too? #DontJudgeMe

SISLEY Phyto Lip Gloss in 6 Rouge* - The hybrid between a lipstick and lipgloss. Rouge has the texture of a gloss (thicker than a lipstain) but with amazing pigmentation and it lasts longer than a lipgloss! I opt for this precious over Australis Make A Wish when my lips are exceptionally dry (which happens a lot over the past few weeks!) and I am in the mood for bright co-range lips. This is a fantastic product for the fans of lipgloss, looking for something more pigmented. However, for yours truly, lipgloss formula has never really been on my favourite list! Lipgloss, long hair, wind... you get the picture. This stays in my make up pouch to save me during my “dryer” days. LOL

As you can see, I'm definitely no brand snob here. If you are, you should definitely give these drugstore products a go, you'd be surprised! Same amount spent, you get more products or you could use the change to grab yourself a glass of bubbles. =P 

Have you tried any of the above lipsticks? What are your favourites?
Can you guess which one did I wear to work and what will I be wearing?

Disclaimer: Products marked with asterisk* were sent to me for consideration purposes. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please refer to Through Beauty Eyes disclosure policies.  


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UPDATE: ThroughBeautyEyes Social Diary

Hello my lovelies readers, once again my apologies for the unannounced hiatus and gone MIA-ing again. I have been busy settling into my new work place over the past month along with several year end launches by the brands and busier social calendar with the party season coming up! 

Instead of the usual beauty products talk or instagram updates, I thought I'd update you with my social diary over the past 1.5 months! Hope you enjoy it. :D

Bio Oil 10th year anniversary celebration at Chiswick, Woolahra! 

Champers, scrumptious food, beauty products = my fav combination! 
Clockwise from TOP: Asian Katy Perry/ Fun Photobooth Shots/ With Cindy from FashionablyYummy & incredibly delicious cocktail and mushroom Capuccino! 
At Schwarzkopf #ShakeItUp launch @ Gastro Park. 

With Jesinta Campbell who is way more gorgeous in real life and extremely down-to-earth! Not to mention, insanely tall too! :)

Photo courtesy of: FashionablyYummy

This is my new "dark cherry"/ semi-purple hair using Schwarzkopf LIVE Shake It Up Colour Foam - a super easy DIY hair dye by simply mixing the developer lotion with the colour powder to the shaker powder and shake it up! Such a shame that my original hair colour is so dark that the colour is only somewhat visible under the sun or special lighting! 

L-R: Larah, Sara-May & Christina
Team #DUCKFACE at the Lord & Berry Launch @TheOneRoom 

Did I mention I LOVEEEE events with Photobooth? This is probably one of the 402394823084023 photobooth shots I took that night ;)

STUNNING view @ Sails on the Beach, St Kilda and the GORGEOUS bride! 
Yours truly was in Melbourne for a friend's wedding! 

A holiday is not a holiday without copious amount of alcohol =P 
I attend my AA meetings religiously - #AlcoholAppreciation that is! 

 With the lovely NivaJean (lady behind Face Of Australia :D) during her visit in Sydney! Love this girl to bits! 

MELBOURNE CUP 2012 @CargoBar

 LOLLIES BAR @ The BodyShop #festivetreat Christmas Collection Launch last Tuesday! 

I don't know if it was good or bad that I didn't have chance to devour these sweets as I had to duck out to Bar100 for another event! Those lollies looks SO good. I guess my thighs and ass thanked me after. 

OH HAIZ gingerbreadman from the Christmas Collection
Check out your closest Body Shop store like, NOW! 

With the lovely Lucy @TheBodyShop launch with our champers, of course

Photos courtesy of: 360 Immerse

Christmas came early for me, that's for sure!! 
Stay tune for a more thorough run down of these babies :)

Then, it was Avant Grade Launch night @Bar100

 When you have hotcakes for breakie with such stunning view along with skincare talk, it makes waking up 1.5 hour earlier a whole lot more worth it! 

LaMav breakfast launch last Thursday - an Australian wholly organic and natural skincare brand! Of course, more on that later! 

LOLLIES BAR again @Platinum PR Bloggers Night! I wasn't that good this time and took home an entire takeaway box worth of lollies! 

MARQUEE last Friday with le girlfriend! :)

Cheers to the frickin' weekend! 
(which is another 3 more days to go!!)

That's pretty much my social diary for the past 1.5 months!!

 How was yours and how does it look as we enter into the festive season?
(Any fun parties that I should be crashing? :P)

Hope you ladies (and gents) have a lovely start to the week!