Sunday, January 29, 2012


If you have been following Through Beauty Eyes for a while, you would have probably noticed that I am not a fanatic circle lenses lover. Whilst I enjoy spicing up the look with some colour lenses or getting cheap thrill of looking like a gyaru with those circle lenses and falsies, I don't wear them on a daily basis. Firstly, most toric lenses designs are rather boring and simple compared to the non-toric ones. Secondly, I find it a tad over the top for my liking for everyday use. It's just personal preference here, really. 

However, circle lenses are almost a staple in special events such as Christmas party, launches or even a Friday night out. I used to wear circle lenses to work on Friday as I am always out after work, but its less frequent now as my 2 of favourite lenses (courtesy of Kiwiberry) weren't my exact prescription. :(

I will be reviewing EOS J203 Adult Green today and EOS G201 Max Pure Grey will be coming up tomorrow. :)


I know the green looks a little light and "fake" here but it doesn't look too artificial when you wear it. 

The difference is pretty obvious with & without DOH since I have pretty dark eyes. 

With lenses, without make up. 

With lenses AND make up. 

A close up of the lenses, see what I mean by looking not too artificial when you wear it?

So now, you have seen the comparison shots and how it looks like when worn, let's move on to What I Think about these lenses:

Color/ Pattern: It is a bright and vibrant colour (due to the fact that I have dark brown eyes), which I think its a great colour to have in your circle lenses collection, for special events when you're going for the more dramatic look. It is pretty obvious when worn, which is massive contrast compared to my E Natural Toric Circle Lense.Hence, it might be a little too out there for someone who's looking for something more natural. 

Comfort: They are pretty comfortable and feels just like the normal lenses. However, like most circle lenses, you are not meant to wear them for long hours. This applies here too. I could go with a good 6-7 hours without feeling dry but the last time I worn this was from 7am to 3am the next day and needless to say, my eyes were as dry as the Sahara desert. 

Enlargement: The black rim on the lenses probably did give the eyes a little "pop" and makes them less dopey but I don't think it has much of a enlargement effect.

Price: Retailing at US$20.00 per pair, I think its pretty reasonable. It costs as much as a dinner and dessert but you get a pretty long use from it instead of go in and come out a day or two later LOL (ok, that was a little too far lols). 

OVERALL: I really like these lenses, especially when I have parties or events to attend. My only setback is probably the fact that they aren't toric and it's not advisable to wear lenses that aren't your exact prescription. I guess that's the price you pay for beauty, as long as it's in moderation. :) I will only wear these lenses when I don't have to (or minimum need to) face the computer and/ or read. Highly recommended if you're looking for something more out there. If you're just about to pop your circle lenses cherry, you might want to start with something more subtle. :) 

View the entire Adult Collection HERE

I have already requested a discount code for my dear readers, it should be available when I post the Part 2 of the review- EOS G201 Max Pure Grey tomorrow! So, if you intend to splurge on some lenses, please hold on till then. You can never say no to discounts! :P #AsianShoppingMentality #DiscountsAreAlwaysWelcome

My Christmas Party FOTD :)
The complete look with the lenses. :)

I hope you enjoyed this review and the photos. 

I am off to get ready for the beach. The sky looks like its clearly a little, now we are just waiting for the sun. Sydney's weather, HOW LONG MORE ARE YOU GONNA TORTURE US WITH THIS SHITTY WEATHER? (

Are you a huge fan of circle lenses?
Are green lenses too over the top for you?
What are your favourites or do you have any recommendations? 

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!

PS: If you like to win a pair of circle lenses for yourself and a 50% off in your next purchase, I am still running a giveaway, kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry, ending in 2 days. Get your entries in HERE quick

Disclaimer: These lenses were sent to me for consideration and review purposes. I am in no way affiliated with KIWIBERRY, nor am I being compensated for this post or any sales made. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please review Through Beauty Eye's disclosure policies



Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous green colour! They make your eyes pop in a really nice way! I actually just purchased the same brand / series in brown and grey - can't wait!

Tram said...

These lenses look great on you! :P Thank you for the review! xx

Cindy said...

You look like an Anime character :D

I find that green is always a bit out there and it works if that's what you're going for.

I prefer grey, as it's more subtle and suits my skin colour a lot more than the green. I've tried blue before and they actually made me look like I was a little sick lol

Clare @ said...

Oh how cute! Love the lenses on you :)

socialitedreams said...

those are by far the most epic green lens i've ever seen, the exact shade that I want! i'm going to get these :D

LemonLimeGlitters said...

Nice one Adeline!! They look great on you lah~~

Adeline Er said...

@NicNic: yays!! can't wait to see you in them! It must look gorgeous on you!

@Tram: thanks hun!

@Cindy: thanks lovely! :) Yeh, I think green is a tad too over the top for everyday wear. Yeh, gray is lovely. :)

@Clare: Thanks missy! :)

@socialitedreams: they are pretty good if you are going for some dramatic look. :) I have a 15% code in my most recent blog post. :P

@LemonLimeGlitters: thank you lahhhhh :)

jenny said...

hi.. Its a nice lens. Where can i buy in indonesia? Do you have sales partner here in my country?

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