Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!


So, while Sydney had already welcomed 2012 with its impressive annual NYE Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks and the rest of the world counting down with style (think: party and drinks), yours truly happened to be stuck in the most boring countdown family friends dinner in history (picture: 60s ASIAN live band and crowd with an average age of at least 45. Yes FML indeed). Instead of whinging like a 10 year old brat, I decided to make use of my blogger app which has been hibernating in my sea of apps and make a recap of 2011 and a list of resolutions for 2012!

DURING 2011,

* ThroughBeautyEyes.Com has came a long way in 2011. I'm grateful to be part of the beauty community in Australia and was able to work with some of the best PRs and brands. Forget about "no talking to stranger" rule your mum taught you, I have met more than a handful of amazing people through twitter and friendships were formed. :)

* I passed 2 out of 5 modules of the Chartered Accountant Program. (And fingers crossed the 3rd one too when result is released in Feb). And yes, my "day job" is the good old' boring accountant.

* STEREOSONIC 2011! I'm very well aware that this is not an achievement of some sort but it made its place to one of the highlights of 2011. Definitely a day to remember!

* Learnt about the reality of working life

* Felt butterflies in my stomach again after a bloody long time. Good to know that I'm not that cold blooded after all =P

* Turned from a gym hater to a gym junkie :D Made full use of my gym membership and extended my contract for another year! However, I still have HEAPS to work on my diet (yes, they are pretty disappointing)

* Does visiting strip clubs count? I KID! LOL

Nothing outrageous, really. But these are more significant than the others and I'm definitely hoping that the year of 2012 will be more exciting and I have greater achievements! This bring us to the next section of this post -


* STOP procrastinating.

* Be more PRO-ACTIVE in turning my goals into achievement and stop giving myself excuses. No more "I want this BUT that" bullshit.

* HEALTHY lifestyle, in particular the diet department. Time to bid late night KFC goodbye and CUT DOWN ON DRINKING.

* More CONSISTENT postings on ThroughBeautyEyes.Com, revamp the entire site and be more efficient in attending emails.

* Be a nicer person and stop being such a judgmental and superficial bitch.

* Step out of my comfort zone and do something mind blowingly outrageous!

* SAVE. Nuff said.

* Buy an apartment.

* Stop being so agro LOL ( According to my friends, I am albeit I think I'm just slightly more expressive than most =P)

* Spend more time with my loved ones and not take them for granted.

That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment. I apologize for the lack of posting as of late as I am currently on vacation in Malaysia. I will try to have a couple of posts up during my vacation but at the mean time, don't forget to enter my Kiwiberry Circle Lenses Giveaway HERE.

Once again, ThroughBeautyEyes.Com wishes you lovely readers a Happy New Year! May 2012 be a year full of love, happiness and prosperity!

Ps: One hour down, half an hour to go to 2012! Blogging does help to kill time. =P



beastandbeauty said...

LOL...I made use of my wordpress app in just the same way last night! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my blogroll since I love your posts so much!

Happy New Year!

Jen said...

good luck wit your 2012 resolutions! :D

Jobless Girl said...

Belated Happy New Year 2012!

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