Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey lovelies, what's crackin'? Hope you girls had an awesome weekend! I know I did, with Stereosonic2011 going off and weather god was on our side. Definitely one of the best weekends I had this year! 

Today, I will be doing a review on my TORIC LENSES FOR ASTIGMATISM IN E-NATURAL2 , kindly sponsored by MUKUCHU. My apologies for taking SO LONG to have this review up as I have mentioned several times before, my backlogged list can probably fight the Great Wall of China as of today. #FailBeautyBlogger.

These lenses barely give any difference in terms of size or colour of my eyes duhhh. The only "effect" I can tell is it makes my dopey eyes more "awake" and "alive". 

Would you be able to tell which eye has the lenses on and which doesn't?

Winner gets a virtual chocolate from me. :P

Kudos to those who managed to guess: Left without, Right with.

Both eyes with lenses, without make up. 

Lenses, with make up (using Wet & Wild Palette in LUST )

Lenses, with make up (using Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen)

A close up on how the lenses look - you can vaguely see the black "rim" surrounding my dark brown eye. 

A complete FOTD, with lenses.
See what I mean by "livelier" and "awake" eyes?

My thoughts on these lenses:

Colour/ Pattern: As you can tell from the pictures above, these lenses are nothing but subtle. Its probably suitable for those of you who want to try out circle lenses but is still a little reserve with the crazy ass patterns, this will is the perfect "trial lense".

Enlargement: I don't think these lenses have any enlargement effect compared to my other lenses. 

Comfort: For toric AND circle lenses, they are pretty comfortable I must say. I wear them for almost 15 hours a day and I am pretty fortunate that my eyes have not turned into Sahara desert without the need to apply eye drops. 

Price: These lenses are retailing at $48AUD/ $46USD a pair. I know they are a little steep, but that's because they are toric lenses and toric lenses are ALWAYS more expensive. My normal prescribed toric lenses are THREE times the price of a pair of normal lenses. There you go. 

MUKUCHU is currently running a few promotions for bulk buyers:

Purchase 3 pairs: receive a free pretty lens case
Purchase 4 pairs: receive a $5 coupon
Purchase 5 pairs or more: receive a free pair of lenses

Check out the range of TORIC lenses MUKUCHU carries. If you are lucky enough to have low to no astigmatism, you have a whole lot of varieties to choose from.

Disclaimer: These lenses were sent to me for consideration and review purposes. I am in no way affiliated with MUKUCHU, nor am I being compensated for this post. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please review Through Beauty Eye's disclosure policies



Jen said...

Wow, these look so super natural! LOVE the comparison with the Great wall btw :P Lovely touch XD Woooah, these are a bit expensive >.< I'm thankful I don't need toric lenses (yet) - shall keep these in mind when the day comes tho :3

Adeline said...

@Jen: HAHA! yes, toric lenses kills your bank and unfortunately, I have to wear them most of the time. And I hope that day doesn't come for you cos its heaps pain in the arse!

JunJun said...

Hello~ I ordered them a while ago and waiting for them to arrive now. Well I wanted to ask if you know the actual brand of those torics??
there isn't much informative but the name itself :/