Monday, November 21, 2011

Summer Sunday Part 1: Beach, Brunch, Hauls

Hey lovelies,

How's going? Hope you guys had a great weekend! I had an awesome "getaway" from my hood and had a sleepover at Miss Wendy &Co over the weekend. But of course, with the glorious Saturday's weather, W and I couldn't miss some sun baking and brunch time @ the good ol' Bondi Beach.

Magazine, Sun, Sand, Sunnies on a Saturday = perfecto!

Lunch @ Capricco - Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Being the shopaholics we are, we managed to squeeze in a quick but productive shopping sesh after lunch, before dinner. 

Haul from RUBI and Cotton On
Pink Plimsole, Semi Sheer Evie Kimono, polka dot sunnies case, retro pink wayfarers and aviators, polka dot singlet and a peach singlet (which I wore the next day - OOTD pictured below).

I pretty much had my Stereosonic outfit planned here LOL. Would you be able to take a guess? ;)
(It's not hard really, just picture teeny boppers =.=")

Sunday OOTD - Peach singlet - Cotton On/ Denim Shorts - SUPRE/ Havianas Thongs/ Envelope Clutch - Sports Girl/ Aviator - Cotton On
Omelette with tomato, cheese and spinach leave with Russian Rye @ Houlihans, Chatswood
W & I had another brunch sesh to fill up our tum tum right before another retail therapy session. I gotta admit, whist retail therapy gives me the satisfaction and happiness, there's always a twinge of guilt that engulfs me whenever I think about my bank account/ CC bill. With my pretty "relax" spending the past couple of weeks, I think its time to take a step back in retail therapy until my Asia trip.

Okies, enough of random ramblings and thoughts, lets move on to more haulage from Lovely Culture, the oh-so-raved-about DAISO (all hail $2.80 Japanese products! cheap cheap) and the oh-so-evil Priceline.  :)

Usamimi headband from Lovely Culure, random Japanese beauty products from DAISO and more make up from Priceline. 
(I need to stop buying beauty products in the name of blog research. =.=")

Hello Kitty Compact Pressed Powder in Ambre, Maybelline FIT ME blush/bronzer in Deep Bronze, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Fever and Maybelline Illuminating Concealer in Nude
I have been wanting to check out the Priceline Hello Kitty range for quite sometime after hearing it being raved about on the blogosphere. Unfortunately, all Priceline around the city (George St, Westfield & World Square) do not stock the Hello Kitty range and I was so excited when I saw it at Chatswood. 

However, I can't justify buying anymore lip products, especially after the lipsticks and lipgloss I got from last week (haul post coming up next) and another coral lippie I got above. (Yes, I am currently IN LOVE with any coral/orange shade lippies). Also, none of the nail colours really appealed to me. So, I decided to go with the Pressed Powder in Ambre instead. 

Maybelline is currently having a 3 FOR 2 deal at Priceline. Don't forget to check it out if you're looking to stock up or try out their products. :)

Hello Kitty Compact Pressed Powder in Ambre and Maybelline FIT ME blush in Deep Bronze,
I first thought that Ambre was a blush but it was more of a matte bronzer. As for Deep Bronze, it actually works more as a blush (to give the sunkissed look) than a bronzer. I did try swatching but the colours aren't the most pigmented on my loot but when applied, they both work perfectly together to give the summer glow imo! Keep reading to find out more! ;)

@2.80 Japanese eyeliner
I have been looking for a new alternative to my Mineresse´ Tight Liner I absolutely adore (but its a tad on the pricey side for something I use almost daily - approx $30) and one of a "must have" criteria when it comes to eyeliner is waterproof as most often than not, I hit the gym after work and I don't usually remove my eye make up. 

I decided to give these 2 waterproof eyeliners a try and will get back to you guys on how I find them. Just a little note here, I am usually doubtful in paying for overly cheap cosmetics but this is an exception as they were made in Japan and I trust Japanese' quality control. Lols.

$2.80 eyeshadow trio in brown
I know, I know. I really don't need any more neutral shades but its... only $2.80 and it seems like the perfect compact for your make up back. Don't you agree? :P

Swatches of eyeshadow trio and eyeliners. 
See what I mean about Japanese and their quality control? You gotta admit, they look pretty damn good at the price of $2.80.

INGLOT E/S in DS 459 and Pearl 407
I had 2 more empty spot in my INGLOT palette I purchased during IMATS 2011 and they were having 30% off their discontinued range (the round eyeshadows) and are retailing for $5.60 after discount. HOW TO RESIST, YOU TELL ME? 

DS 459 and Pearl 407
Need I say more about how awesome and great INGLOT eyeshadows are? I can definitely see myself using Pearl 407 very often during summer as an all over the lid colour! :)

DAISO Detergent for puff and sponge
This is apparently a good brush cleaner and at $2.80 per bottle, I couldn't resist but to put it in my basket for once again, "blog research". =.="

Random shitz from DAISO
More storage baskets/ paper holder - With the amount of stuff I have been hauling lately as well as stuff I already owned, I can still do with more storage stuff for organisation. :)
Disinfectant wet tissues - Hygiene purposes (Don't think anymore justification is required)
Contact lenses travelling pack - Because I was such a genius and forgotten about my contacts solutions and casing while packing for the weekend and W had to drive me around Chatty to get some contact solutions. These fits my make up bag easily and are perfect for emergency. 
 Socks - For gym, nuff said. 

Perfect for lipstick storage - to store my impulse and crazy purchase of lip products. 

FOTD sneak peak - See what I mean about the sunkissed glow?
Using all the products from my haulage except for the Maybelline Illuminating Concealer. 
EYES - DAISO Eyeshadow Trio in Brown
CHEEKS - Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Bronze
CONTOUR - Hello Kitty Compact Pressed Powder in Ambre
LIPS - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Fever

Feel free to leave a comment below if you like me to do a more detailed review. :)
Stay tune for Part II haul from 2 Sundays ago. ;)

Have you hauled anything interesting lately? 
Does any of you buy stuff in the name of "blogging research" more often than you should? 

Also, don't forget to enter my Herbal Essence Giveaway if you haven't already! :)



Vita said...

I'd love to know what you think of the Maybelline concealer!

blushfully said...

So good you have Daiso there! There's Daiso in Singapore and Indonesia too and wish we have them here in Brisbane LOL~ would be interested how you find those eyeliners :) I'm the same... doubtful about "overly cheap" hahaha except made in japan or somewhere rather..

Adeline said...

@Vita: I will do a detailed review on that once I give it a thorough try. :)

@blushfully: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DAISO! I went there again yesterday and blew another 30 bucks on random shit LOLOL. I will do a detailed review on that too. :) Yes, ONLY made in japan cheap cosmetics can be trusted and *maybe* Korea