Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, it took me more than * a couple* of days before I am back with a Part 2 of my many Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend (a.k.a. ABBW2011) posts. Click HERE for the sneak peak of #ABBW2011. 

I know I should be more efficient and consistent with posting with the long weekend and all but I spent 2 days sorting the goodie bags out and re-organising my vanity corner as well as snapping photos and BAM it's back to work again. Not to mention, I have just started my third module of my Chartered Accountant Program - 3 hours of focus session after work today. #YUCK, that's right. So, please bare with me while I try to put everything together. :) 

I am still in the process of watermarking the photos from the goodies bags (thanks to the SUPER GENEROUS SPONSORS) and writing up on the events, hence, I shall do a "cheating" IMATS haul post. I am glad and proud that I didn't splurge excessively in IMATS although I did go slightly overbudget due to certain "unforeseen" circumstances.

Without further babbling, lets move on to my "mini" IMATS haul:

* ILLAMASQUA Lip Glosses 
* 4 X Crown Brushes 

(Lip Brush, Smudge Brush, Duo Fibre Brush, Angled Brush)
* 2 X INGLOT Freedom Palette 


Illamasqua was having a massive sales at IMATS and I was kickin' myself for checkin' their stand out too late. I am pretty sure I would have walked out with more than just the above. =P

The Medium Pencils were going for $10 each and I got the 3 Lip Glosses for $35.

What an absolute bargain. =)

From Top to Bottom - Illamasqua Pencil in Bait , Intense Lipgloss Hermetic from the Art of Darkness Collection, Lipgloss in Petulant & Frenzy
I was actually lemming for Hermetic when I attended Illamasqua Art of Darkness launch last year but managed to do my purse a favour as it is too much of a bold colour that I rarely wear. As for Bait, I have been eyeing that baby eversince I saw the gorgeous Frances rockin' it during Illamasqua Masterclass last month

It's definitely good to welcome these babies to my lipgloss collection. =)

Quick swatches of the pencil/ lip glosses: 
From Top to Bottom - Illamasqua Pencil in Bait , Intense Lipgloss Hermetic, Lipgloss in Petulant & Frenzy
 Without Flash

From Top to Bottom - Illamasqua Pencil in Bait , Intense Lipgloss Hermetic, Lipgloss in Petulant & Frenzy
With Flash


L-R: Smudge Brush, Lip Brush, Duo Fibre Brush, Angled Brush
I  decided to try a few more brushes from Crown as I was pretty satisfied the ones I got during Hair Expo. They were approximately $30 for all 4 brushes if memory serves me right. :)


Saving the BEST to the LAST. =)

I knowI know, it is a little pretty crazy buying 18 eye shadows at one go, especially I can't use "Its-for-my-kit" as an excuse. =P In my defence, I have been wanting these palettes for the longest time but have been holding out JUST to wait for the IMATS discount. Cos I am a tight ass like this. 

And I gotta admit, it was definitely worth the wait. All INGLOT products were having 30% off and I only paid $148 for all the above. 
*hum T-Pain All the Above* #Lame

The "Neutral" Palette 

The "Bold/Matte" Palette 

 Lovin' these palettes so far! The only complaint I have about them is it's a bitch to remove the eyeshadows from the palette as they are all magnetised. Will do a more detailed review/swatch post soon. =)

Mirenesse Eyeshadow & Liquid Eyeliner/ Illamasqua Lipstick in Corrupt/ NYX Powder Blush in Mocha
FOTD posts will also resume shortly!! 
I will probably have a few FOTD posts in between my ABBW updates to spice things up a little. :)
So stay tune lovelies! 

Did any of you attend IMATS/ ABBW this year? What are your "proud purchases"?
Do share your haul. =)

Happy Hump Day lovelies and have a great week! :)



Ashley said...

What a beautiful haul *drooling*
No one can resist Illamasqua or Inglot, they are top notch brands!

amanda said...

splurged at Inglot as well. so cheap so pigmented so hard to say no.
lucky you for grabbing those lip products at Illamasqua. I went on the Sunday, the stand was so empty because there were no products left!

Beauty and Bows said...

LOVE the Inglot palettes!

Kisses, Melanie
Beauty and Bows

emmabovary said...

I didn't visit the Inglot stand at IMATs as I had bought some palettes at home for 30% off anyway, but I bought some things at Illamasqua and ohh Hermetic:)

ko0ty said...

Hey there, I just wanted to confirm that you signed up for my fitness journal. Please reply. :) Thank you!

Blooming Diaries said...

love your purchases. i am literally kicking myself for not picking up the illamasqua lipglosses and inglot palettes :(

arsyparsy said...

Aw I the palettes you purchased! And the lipgloss shades are gorgeous!!!

wifluvelle said...

salivating! wish i was there!

xoxo elle