Thursday, February 2, 2012

ASIA HAUL 2012 #1 - SINGAPORE DUTY FREE ft Chanel, Shiseido, Victoria Secret & Revlon

It's the EVE again, thank god! So glad it's nearly the weekend, work has been barely bearable this week. In order to "celebrate" that we are closer to the weekend, I shall share the first loot of my Asia Haul - stuff that I purchased from Singapore Duty Free. 
(No, I didn't buy half the Duty Free shop. :P I am actually pretty proud of my self-control. :D)

Before going ahead with the loot, may I reiterate how ridiculously priced beauty products are in Australia. A Revlon lipstick here is almost the price of a Chanel lipstick from Singapore Duty Free! Preposterous, I know. I believe, this is probably a good reason for me to stick to my no-hauling-in-Australia-ban. :P

Anyhoo, without any ado, it's time to share the love  as well as the pain of my poor purse

Singapore Duty Free haul - told cha I was being good. :P

It's about time I popped my Chanel cherry - my first Chanel purchase. :)

Chanel Illusion D' Ombre in Illusoire (SGD 38.50)

Look at how pretty it looks. In fact it's too pretty to be used! I haven't touched this baby besides a few "photoshoots". Should probably take Illusoire out for a "test drive" soon after all the praises it received in the blogosphere. 

Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Comete (SGD$ 33.50)

The classic Chanel design.

Simple but chic and classy! Me love!

With Flash

Without flash
Rose Comete is a frosty baby pink colour. It is a rather unique colour, not something I would use on a daily basis though. Swatches to come sooner than you say ABC. :P

Next up, 

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Parfait in PK 307 (SGD$ 33)

Being the twitter stalker I am LOL, I knew I had to give the Rouge Parfait range a try when I stumbled upon Cheri and Dana's conversation on the awesomeness of this range. 

With Flash

Without Flash
Compared to Chanel Rose Comete, Shisedo's Rouge Parfait in PK307 is way more wearable and will be probably be on high rotation once I am back to natural pink "lip phase" again. 

As mentioned earlier, swatches to come faster than you saying ABC. Not lying there peeps! 

With Flash

Without Flash
Next up, my Revlon loot. :)

The lipsticks were a quarter of the Australian price (I KNOW RIGHT!) and the eyeshadow palettes were at least half the price here (See what I mean by ridiculous price?)

Revlon Custom Eye Palettes in Party Pop and Naturally Glamorous (SGD$ 12.95)

These palettes come with 5 gorgeous colours - albeit not with the best pigmentations, they are really smooth and glide on easily on your lids. Naturally Glamorous is great for starters (as a start up kit) as well as an awesome palette for your make up bag (as a touch up kit) as it has all the colours you need - from highlights to v-brow colour. I came across Party Pop when it was used on  me at the Revlon Luscious Pumping Mascara Event a while ago. Great spring/ summer palette but I have yet to try it out! Whist Party Pop and Naturally Glamorous are palettes that I adore, with great colours, I don't think I would fork out the full Australian price for it. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Softsilver Rose (SGD 7.95)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid (SGD 7.95)

When I saw the Super Lustrous range was only SGD 7.95, I could not resist. Heck, its cheaper than a bowl of salad or my favourite sandwich here! I was hoping to pick up Siren, which was also used at the    Revlon Luscious Pumping Mascara Event but unfortunately, they didn't have it at the Duty Free. So, I picked up another pearly bright fuchsia lipstick named Wild Orchid and also a pearly coral-pink lipstick named Softsilver Red.

Swatches as below:

With Flash
Without Flash

Due to the lack of brands in Australia (need I emphasize more on this point again?), a Duty Free trip isn't complete without a Victoria Secret purchase! Agree, no?

VS Beauty Rush Fragrance Mist in Sweet Tease and VS Fragrance Mist in Gorgeous 
(SGD 22.95 and SGD 14.95)

I love love love these 2 fragrance mists - they are perfect for a little pick me up after a long day. Yes, smelling absolutely yummy is a form of pick me up too! :) My sisters reckon Sweet Tease is way too sweet and it's a tad revolting (imagine "yucks" coming from them everytime I spray) lol but I love it cos I love sweet scent - think: DKNY Delicious, SJP New York City... you get the jizz. :)

That's all I got from Duty Free. Truth to be told, there will probably be a couple more stuff in my shopping bag if I wasn't short of time. Another good way to reduce spending in a Duty Free - pick the connecting flight with the shortest transit time. :)

Hope you enjoy this Duty Free Haul Post - more Asia Haul post to come! 

Have you been travelling lately?
Did you break your bank account with Duty Free Shopping?
Don't forget to share your hauls :P



Cendana K said...

HAHAHA Adie!! Ridiculously overpriced the Australian prices are, indeed!! Look at that, you got yourself some Chanel at a fraction of the price WOOHOOOO now now... that lipstick.. hmhm!! The illusion d'ombres i really want, also.. OMG!!

Isn't the texture so nice... that shiseido lipstick haha =)

Thanks for the mention!!

So can't wait to catch up with you again when I can go back to Syd!

Ashley said...

Wow I never realized how bad Australian pricers are. How can a Revlon lipstick cost nearly as much as a Chanel lipstick? That is so absurd. How do Australian beauty junkies survive?? *cries for you guys* :'(

Anonymous said...

I love your haul!!! Great picks on the lipsticks!! Spring is coming soon - Rose shades are perfect for it!

Tegan McIntosh said...

must go overseas soon....what a great haul!!

Cindy said...

I adore the colour of the Chanel lipstick. It looks like something I could wear everyday, the colour is just right with or without the flash.

And yes not just cosmetics in Australia is overpriced, everything is overpriced. I can see why retailers are struggling in Australia, things are so much cheaper to purchase online or when you go overseas.

Valentine said...

Adore the Chanel lipstick in Rose Comete! Such a neutral but pretty colour!

Katy_Potaty said...

I can't wait to see the Rose Comete swatched!

Adeline Er said...

@Dana: I KNOW right!! I am actually kinda disappointed at myself for not getting more LOL but swatching takes time and I don't wanna miss my plane!! LOL Yes, get your ass down here please :)

@Ashley: I KNOW!! God bless online shopping! They are still expensive but slightly better!

@NicNic: Thanks hun! We are going into autumn soon :(

@Tegan: YES! Stopover Singapore if you have the option, their duty free is the BEST!

@Cindy: Its a really pearly baby pink colour! :) I know right! And they are complaining about their business deteriorating! =.="

@Valentine: It sure is <#

@Katy_Potaty: Coming up soon! :P

Jadegrrrl said...

Love the shiseido lippie <3 Wish we had a VS here!

Karla said...

Great haul! Love all the products you got

Regina said...

hey i was wondering how u brought the body sprays up the plane since there's that liquids rule

sarahq said...

".. You get the jizz". The word is gist, not jizz which is semen.........

sarahq said...

".. You get the jizz". The word is gist, not jizz which is semen.........