Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UPDATES & INSTAGRAM-ED : Yours Truly is Back From Another Hiatus

Howdy howdy! 

It has been way too long since I last updated. Once again, my apologies. I have been going through another self-proclaimed "quarter-life-crisis" with respect to where my career is taking me and I find the need to take a step back and have that sorted. Unfortunately, it's no where near "sorted" but this poor little avenue of mine need to be shown a little love before the dust is getting a tad too thick. :) 

I have albums full of reviews and FOTDs to post - which will most probably come sporadically as I have now started my final technical module of my Chartered Accountant Program (Yay! nearly there :D). So, stay tune for this place. 

As usual, I always come back with an "update" post filled with a gazillion pictures after a hiatus. What's new? ;) For those who follows me on instagram (search for ThroughBeautyEyes! :D) have probably seen these pictures. 

(1) GYM GEAR in PINK! :) BUT, I misplaced those gorgeous gloves after ONE wear - am still super cut over my loss. Gotta get around to hunting a new pair. :(

(2) MELONS - Watermelon & Rockmelon for morning tea

(3) Homemade peri-peri chicken salad - super NOMS

(4) Simple pleasure in life - a glass of white over lunch. :)

(5) A special surprise from the Australis ladies - the brand new crystal colour holographic top coat

(6) Final result of Blackmail + Speck-tacular <3 

(7) Eurobar at Brighton Le Sands - Grilled chicken burger with super delicious chips with chilli powder and a hint of lime! 

(8) Spotted: Cronulla Beach


(9) Drinks with the gorgeous girls @ Zeta Bar (Jenny, Maria, Christina)

(10) Brunch with the blogging girls :) (LilitMaria,Christina,Cindy)

(11) A spontaneous but epic Friday night with Amy and Janice <3 

(12) A typical Friday FOTD with heavier eye make up - featuring Face of Australia Lychee Crush here

(13) Hands down BEST SHOESTRINGS FRIES ever @ Bar Luca! 

(14) Brunch @ Narrabeen Beach 

(15) 2 for 1 cocktails Thursday @ The Argyle 

(16) The book I am currently reading - going VERY slowly but getting there. :) 
(PS: I felt a tad Carrie with the Cosmo & Starbucks :D)

(17) Face of Australia unsung hero - Power Surge, perfect for a lazy day. Simply pair it with a cat-winged liner and I am set. :)

(18) One of my work outfit of the day which could simply pull off as an after-work outfit.
Top from Nichi Malaysia/ Beige blazer from Dotti. 

(19) Breakfast #likeaboss - Rye toast with avocado, smoked salmon and rocket leaves. 

(20) PEKING DUCK! Nuff said. 

(21) Standard Friday lunch with a glass of wine. What is accompanying me last Friday was grilled fish with salad on the side @ Bona Fides. :)

(22) The nerd and her CC Dry, celebrating the "success" of passing her third CA module by HALF.A.MARK. #CountingMyFreakinBlessings

(23) Outfit of the day on a Casual Friday :)
Animal printed top & black leather sachet bag from Zara/ Harem pants and bracelets from Malaysia/ Platforms from ASOS/ Rings from Equip

(24) Sydney at 8pm. Simply breath-taking. 

(25) Bubbly Mint is my current addiction - Finished almost an entire bar yesterday. #IAmSuchAFatShit

(26) FOTD using Sisley Mystic Harmony Autumn Collection featuring Phyto Ombre Eclat in Stardust, Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Burgundy and Phyto Blush Eclat #1 Duo Peach

(27) Sun-baking and brunching @Balmoral Beach on a sunny Saturday. 

(28) Look who it is again with CC Dry @Ivy Pool. :P

So yeap, that's pretty much what's  happenin with my life lately (which has been documented on instragram #ILoveInstagram :D). I am hoping to jump back on the blogging bandwagon as my "to-blog" folder is going to explode pretty soon! 

It's good to be back! :)



Michelle said...

I'm loving all of the food pictures and the bright lipsticks in 17 and 22. Hope you get back to blogging soon, hehe :)

Chococcuro said...

I love posts like this!! The photo of the beach is beautiful :)

Jen said...

Love seeing these photo update posts ^^ good luck on your last mod for your accounting thing! ^^ and with your quarter life crisis.... Hahaha hope to see you blogging regularly again soon hun

Jadegrrrl said...

Aww so many gorgeous snaps, love seeing the Sydney blog babes <3

Anonymous said...

love all the pics and you look great with the different looks!