Friday, March 2, 2012

SNIPPETS: What Up, Mini haul, Sneak Peak, Surprise Packages :)

I am sure those of you who works full time can relate - the only reason you love Thursday because it brings you a step closer to Friday; we all love Fridays simply because you get to have a sneaky cider or a glass of SavBlanc over lunch and the drinking that entails after the clock hits 5 and of course the start of the weekend. 

As mentioned in my previous post, I am finally back on the blogging bandwagon - albeit there are some sorting to do with my photos and drafts clutters. I can't really go on another "break" while organizing my files, can I? Hence, this is another photo-clogged post. :) 

We bid the nearly non-existent summer goodbye yesterday and welcomed autumn (or fall as the Americans & Canadians call it :D) yesterday. I would love to call it a glorious farewell, unfortunately it was nothing but an overcasted 30 degrees weather which spells out humidity, along with the lines of disgusting and gross. 

@Narrabeen Beach on one of the VERY FEW good days. 
I am going to miss the beach, the TAN and the waves. :( It's going to be duvet, bed, DvDs and lots of brunches in the coming months. 

NOTD - Bloom Cosmetics The Cassette Society II
Painted my nails grey to suit the deary cold and wet weather. :) 

To be honest, I actually quite enjoy the rain IF it was a Sunday and I have the luxury of sleeping in and make love to my duvet. =P


On a random note, surprise packages at the office never fail to make my day. And lucky Adeline struck two on the EVE. :)

Surprise Package #1 :)

Jane Iredale's Step Into Autumn Warm Pack - My Steppes Warm Compact which complements your day and night look with Ice-Mocha and Crabapple Pure Gloss and PurePressed Blush in Whisper and So-Bronze-3. 

Surprise Package #2

Australis Mascara of All Sorts - Three new mascaras - Voluptulash, Multi Mega Lash and Lash Lengths Extensions Mascara coming soon! :)

Sweet Sensation - Mascara + Sweets

A huge thank you to Maxted Thomas and the Australis team for sending these goodies over. <3 


So, I have been pretty good with my spending ever since I got back from Asia, especially in the beauty department. However, I decided to go on a mini retail therapy to reward myself for passing the third module of my CA program. :)

Ankle Booties from GLUE
 I call this necessity as I NEEDED a pair of booties in this wet weather and its way too early to whip out my leather boots. 
It looks amazing with shorts (especially denim) and surprisingly comfy as they are pretty hard - can't wait to mix and match with pieces from my wardrobe this autumn! 

3 for $10 from Equip 

Just because... they were on sale and I needed some accessories to spice up my boring outfit these days. :)


This is totally random and out of the blue but suits the rain SO PERFECTLY!

(Have I turn English with the constant mentioning and association of weather with almost everything?)

I could so demolish a bowl of this... right now! 
(as time of drafting this post, which is precisely Friday, 2 March 2012 12:41am)
Not a good idea blogging about scrumptious food in the wee hours. 


Before hitting the sack, a sneak peak of upcoming posts in March 2012 :D

NP Set "Live a Colourful Life" Collection
NP Set brushes
Sisley Mystic Harmony Autumn Collection 
FOTD for the night out with the bloggers. :)
Simple, everyday FOTD  - hair was fresh from rebonding :)

A few of my readers actually commented that they enjoy reading "random snippets-pictures filled" type of posts. I will probably do like a weekly update post, featuring random photos of my life. 

What says you? ;)

Have a spanking good weekend, lovelies!! :D



Cendana K said...

Yeowww!! Lookin hawt in the blue bikini! I like! ^^

I like these sorta posts from you and wah you could so rock green contacts!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those products, sisley bronzer/blush

Jen said...

Love the green lenses! *____* makes you look very alluring! ^^ love seeing random photos snippets, it's true what they say - a photo speaks 1000 words.. or something haha. yours speaks millions :D looking forward to your march posts on those NP brushes & the collections :)

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Haha! I like the way you say you love rain on a Sunday when you don't have to work and can make love with the bedcover! I do, too! It's a very luxurious feeling to wake up early on a grey, gloomy day, and realize it's an of day and you can snuggle back to your comfy blanket!

Visit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season

wifluvelle said...

wow saw ur greenie lens and i wanna try this colour too!

xoxo elle

lemonlimeglitters said...

Damn! Those Green Lenses! You better wear them when we go out drinking next week!

Adeline Er said...

@Dana: Thanks babeeeee :) I will be doing more of these kinda post! Glad you like them :) I love them contacts too, unfortunately they arent the exact prescription so I can only wear them selectively. BOOHOO! Did a detailed review/ swatches on those products, hope you like them!! X

@Jen: Thanks darling! I totally agree with that! I think that's cos I add another hundreds and thousands of words with the photos to make it millions LOL

@LeeAnne: BAHAHAHA - it is. It's a tad inappropriate but thats how I feel!! Snuggling with the blacket is ze best in the cold weather! :)

@Elle: Hehe. TRY IT! And let me know how it goes :)

@An: I will rock these badass lenses the next time we hit Scary Canary :P