Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FOTD - Pink Jewel

Hey lovelies,

What's crackin'? Hope all is well for you. =) Just a quick FOTD (with ALOT of camwhoring just because I can =P) and some random stuff before I hit the sack.

Decided to use The Faceshop Jewel Effect Duo I received along with my Alice in the Wonderland purchase to create a simple and chic look. No kidding, it took me approximately 5 minutes to do my eyes. Easy peasy. =)

On my EYES
NYX Concealer in a Jar in Light
MAC Coral Crepe PaintPot
The Faceshop Jewel Effect DUO
ELF Single Eyeshadow in Amethyst (Lower Lashline)
Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
RIMMEL Max Volume Mascara in Black
In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrown

On my FACE
Etude House BB Cream
Physician Formula 100% Natural Organice Matte Finishing Veil in Translucent
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in 03

On my LIPS
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Please

Since I had all the time in the world before heading out for a lil retail therapy yesterday, I decided to camwhore *a lil* with this gorgeous white headband I got from Equip for 5bucks =P

*Scroll down at your own risk. Extreme narcissism ahead*


*In deep thoughts*

*trying to be agro*

I played around with the "tuning effect" on Picasa because PhotoShop is too cool for me :( and here are the final results =P

Whaddaya think?


NOTD - China Glaze in Re-Fresh Mint (This was before I removed it for my interview today. Stay tune for next post to see what my new nail colour is/are =D )
I am so happy to FINALLY own this colour as I have been wanting it for ages. Absolutely love this colour!!!

Have you tried this colour or any China Glaze products? Do you love them as much as I love mine? :)


I know, I know. Guilty as charged. Make up ban failed. BUT, Physicans Formula is having 50% off its entire range and apparently their baked shadow is pretty good? *Puppy dog eyes*

Baked Spices - Can't wait to try it out! Will probably do a step-by-step blog-torial if I have the time before work tomorrow. :)

This 9-coloured Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner for Brown Eyes is a gift for my little sister, who's just starting to discover the beauty of make up. :)

Have any of you tried this?What are your thoughts on this product?
I was contemplating if I should get one for myself. THEN, I thought of my make up ban (SEE, I remember! *sticks tongue out*)
Should I get one for myself too?

Sorry for the rather sporadic post today as I am pretty exhausted. :( That's it for tonight. Till next time, lovelies. :D



Angelique said...

Love the pink color that you used!! :D

I've been seeing that polish everywhere lately. makes me want to grab a bottle!

❤ Ee Von said...

Love it! Looks so adorable and sweet :D

OMG 50% off?!!! I can't believe I'm missing it T____T I'd love to know how the baked shadows are!

Re-fresh Mint is so pretty! I ordered it a while ago (and also For Audrey!!), still waiting impatiently for my package :D

Rachel said...

Very pretty! Love the bow headband, it's super cute! =)


i love the pink on youu!