Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Physicians Formula Baked Collection - Baked Spices

This is my first proper product review on TBE although I did "briefly" review a few products which I used in my FOTDs. I don't really have any particular review style in mind as of yet, so I am just gonna write as I go.

"These revolutionary eyeshadows are actually baked on genuine Italian terracotta tiles, creating the ultimate versatile formula. Use "dry" for sheer colours and "wet" for absolute dramatic and long lasting colours. Colourful trio provides infinite combinations to define, accent and line the eyes fora sexy, sophisticated look. Silky, powder formula glides on easily and lasts all day or night when applied with water. Can be used on all skin types."


With flash

Without flash

As you can see from the fingers swatches above, the colours look pretty pigmented. That was my first impression to when I swatched it at Priceline.

With flash

Without flash

The colour was no where near pigmented when swatched on my skin and it took me at least 3-4 applications before the colours actually appear and even so, its wasn't at all impressive. The colours do appear better when applied with a wet brush, but nothing too dramatic as stated on the description.

Now, moving on to my ratings on:

4/5 - Its nothing over the top but I like how it is small and compact, and will definitely fit into my make up bag. The packaging also contribute to my purchase as I was looking for a neutral eyeshadows quad/trio as most of my neutral colours are either massive palettes or they are single eyeshadows, not exactly ideal at times when you want to travel light. It also comes with a double tip applicator - one for eyeshadow application, another is to use it as an eyeliner brush.

2/5 - For someone who has exceptionally dry skin, my eyeshadow barely creases, especially during winter. Of course, its a whole different story when I am out dancing/clubbing and am sweating profusely. However, this product started creasing 2 hours after application. Hence, I beg to differ in relations to "lasts all day or night when apply with water",as stated in the description. I tried this product for the very first time without using any primer, just a cream eyeshadow (ELF Duo Creme Eyeshadow in Butter Scotch) as base (like what I do most of the times and never really had a problem with it.) To my horror, most of the colour on the inner corner of my lid creased completely by the time I got to work. You can pretty much see my bare lids with a smokey outer corner. =.=" I didn't want to sentence this product to "death" only after one use, so I decided to give it another try next day and this time, I applied BOTH primer AND eyeshadow base (Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Coral Me Wild) and the same thing happened. =.="

This is how it looks like after 8 hours. However, this photo doesn't really illustrate much due to the lighting but the inner corner of my lid is pretty much eyeshadow-less.

This is how my make up looks like after 11 hours and all I used was MAC Bare Study Paint Pot without any primer. Let you be the judge yourself =P

It might be due to the reason that I applied eye creme before my matte powder,primer and base but I highly doubt so as I don't have such problems with other eyeshadows. This is enough to put me off using this trio for a while. Who knows, I might rediscover its "hidden beauty" in a few months time, just like how I did with my Revlon Mineral Eyeshadow. Definitely not anytime soon though.

5/5 - I got this when Priceline was having a promotion - 50% off all Physical Formula's products. So, it worked out to be around $9.95 after discount, pretty decent for Australian drugstore products. (I mean, one Maybelline eyeshadow quad here costs A$14.95. Gay, I know.)

That's pretty much it for my review. Hope you guys find it helpful and sorry if its not detailed/informative enough for you guys as this is my first review. Let me know if there's anything that you think I can improve on in terms of my review. =P

Have any of you tried this product? Was it a yay or nay?

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Nicol said...

shame it creased. lovely neutral colours though ^^

Susie said...

Lovely colors! =) They look better wet though more vibrant!

Janice Wong said...

these definitely need to be wet to look better. but its great nonethelesss. goood deal sweets! X.