Monday, May 31, 2010

FOTD - Coral Crepe

Whadduppppp???? I should be sleeping now as I have to wake up in 6 hours but I am pretty energetic thanks to the 45 minutes nap I had after work today. Hence, sharing more love on Through Beauty Eyes. :)

Hope you guys had a great start to the week!!!

Mine was a pretty shitty one - major train delay (I shouldn't really be complaining when the cause is due to fatality @ Granville station), SARDINE-PACKED train ( I am not sure about you guys but I get extremely gross out when I have body contact with randoms on a packed train. Being a brat or claustrophobic? I don't know), crap day at work (well, what's new?).... At least the day ended pretty well, with a couple of Big Bang Theory to cheer me up!

Digression, much?

This is just gonna be a quick post, featuring 2 VERY similar looks I created with my new beloved MAC Coral Crepe Paint Pot from the Prep-A-Papier range. :D For both looks,I used SportsGirl's Shade Lady Eye Colour in Tiny Dancer (a gorgeours peachy colour with tiny shimmer bits in it:D) over Mac Coral Crepe Paint Pot.

Absolutely one of my May favourites, which hopefully will be up tomorrow :D


I am using ELF Single Eyeshadow in Rasberry Truffles on the outer crease area and Prestige Single Eyeshadow in Suede for the browbone area.

I used Rimmel's Blush in Pink Blush and Rimmel's Nude Delight over Lucas Papaw Oinment here.


And for this look, I used a copper-brown colour from my 88 warm colour palette for the crease (though they both look the same)and Loreal Intense Liner in Dark Brown (which dries my lid out really badly. Review soon)

I used ELF contouring blush and brownzing powder and NYX Round Lipstick in IRIS (a gorgeous frosty nude colour) here.

Swatches of NYX Round Lipstick in IRIS :)
-without flash-

-with flash-

Sorry for having such a short and brief post. Its almost 1 now and I should really hit the sake. Hope you guys enjoy the Coral Crepe FOTDs.

Have you bought yours? And how are you liking it so far? :D



Angelique said...

Hey babe! Lovely looks! I really really wanted to get that Paint Pot but I'm still undecided but it's a really pretty color.

Angelique said...


Sorry you had such a crappy day! *big hugs*

❤ Ee Von said...

i love big bang theory!!! it's the shit lol!

pretty as always! you have such flawless skin i'm envious!

Adeline said...

@ Angelique: Thanks babe:) You totally should!! It took me a while to decide but I got it in the end cos its LIMITED EDITION and GORGEOUS! and you can use it as a blush too :D

Nawww... Thanks *hugs*

@Ee Von: I can't believe it took me SO LONG to discover this series. LOVE IT :) Thanks babe. :) It is EXTREMELY dry now though :(