Saturday, May 29, 2010

TAG: Quirky facts about me :)

I was tagged by the lovely Janice from Chaigyaru to mention some quirky facts about myself, the quirkier,the better. She listed 6 about herself but I could only think about 5 after squeezing most of brain juice, so 5 quirky facts it is then. :D


1. I am probably one of the BIGGEST sweet tooth you ever known, but I absolutely hate coffee or tea with sugar.

True story. I can tolerate the sweetness of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cupcakes/cakes icing, when most of my friends finding them too sweet and I love my desserts. However, when it comes to coffee and tea, I like it with milk only. I find sweetened coffee and tea disgusting.

2. I am very anal when it comes to my studying notes.

First of all, I prefer my notes to be hand written (besides legal of course, as there's just way too many words to write) and it HAS to be colourful. You can never find my notes mono-colour. That probably explains the 423423984792 colour pens I own. Secondly, my notes has to be really neat and tidy and evenly distributed throughout the page. If I don't like how it turned out to be, chances are I will actually reprint the notes and rewrite them. My friends used to find it amusing and are constantly annoying me by trying to scribble on my notes, just to see me reprint them. =.=" One time, I was THIS close to reprinting half a semester worth of notes when my notes was wet thanks to the water spillage in my bag. But thank god, my conscience took over and reminded me that I don't need to kill any more trees just because of this weird obsession of mine.

3. I think I am semi- OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

Why semi? Well, when you see the current state of my room, which is probably no difference to a tsunami aftermath wtf, OCD is the last thing you would have in your mind. HOWEVER, I am very particular about the arrangement and organisation of my stuff. For example, I need all my stationeries facing the same direction in my pencil case. I get angry when things are not arranged the way I wanted. That explains the countless arguments I had with Mum when she thinks my room is untidy (because I arranged it the way I wanted) and I am annoyed because she messes up my organisation. The usual routine goes like this - I clean and tidy my room till its neat and sparkling clean, then I start leaving things around and have like 242348238402 accessories and other random stuff on my vanity corner up to a certain extent when I couldn't take it anymore. Then, thats when the cleaning and tidying starts again (which usually occurs every 3-4 days). Am I the only weird one or is there anyone out there who's like this too?

4. I have a weird spending habit when it comes to shoes.

Ok, maybe this is not exactly quirky but whatever. I find $30 for a pair of flats steep when I am willing to spend an average of $60-$80 on a pair of heels. And obviously, I wear flats almost every days and once every 2-3 weeks for my heels, and some I don't even touch it for a couple of months. Its bizarre. I should be investing in flats that I wear daily rather than blowing my hard earn cash on some sexy, killer cfm heels which is nice to see but a bitch to walk in. Who's with me for this one? =P

5. I like collecting books (for recreational reading purposes duh)

How's collecting books quirky, one may ask? I think my body releases endorphines when I see story books with the nice cover as well as the smell of the books. Kinda wtf but yeh, it makes me happy. =.=" I tend to buy a lot of books, both the main stream ones as well as those random ones which I think will be good. It's perfectly fine if I read them but I don't, well at least not immediately. I wrap them nicely, store them on my book shelf (while collecting dust at the same time =.=") for a good 3 months or so and when I *decided*that its time to read this book, I start to carry it around with me (without actually started reading). So, when I FINALLY get into reading that book, its usually half a year after I purchased the book and it's kinda old and highly likely that there are a few folded pages. That's the reason why I refused to step into Borders lately, for the fear that I might succumb to Jodi Picoult's newest book,House Rules when I have at least 7 new books on my shelf, waiting to be read. =.="

Since Janice started this as a tag, I shall pass the tag on too :)

  1. Susie from Korean Sushi
  2. Eevon from EeIsVain
  3. Anastacia from My Make Up Mania
  4. Angelique from AngXo
  5. YOU (Do leave a comment with you link if you did this tag :D Would love to find out more about your random, quirky facts.)




Yay, you did the tag! It was so fun to read! I sooo get you when it comes to heels, i'm ready to splurge but when it comes to everyday flats/wedges, i tend to want to use no more than 40-50$ on them!!!!

and you are a VERY VERY VERY clean freak :P hahaha!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awe! ThanQ for tagging me :)

fasha comeback again said...

I really like your blog, I often visit your blog
What if you visit my blog please follow my blog

Adeline said...

@ Chaigyaru: Yeh, I did!!! It was fun doing it too =P Clean but messy too LOL

@ Anastacia: Can't wait to read it babe! :D

@fasha comeback again: Just visited =P

Angelique said...

Thanks for the tag Adeline! It was really fun reading your quirky facts. :]

I'm pretty stingy with all shoes but that's b/c I'm just so thrifty! hahaha but I seriously wouldn't play a lot for flats b/c well... they're just flats? hahaha :3

❤ Ee Von said...

omg i'm exactly like you about the semi ocd thing! i totally hate it when my mom or my maid clean my room cos then i can't find things i want! when it's messy it's actually messy in an organized way! and if i decide to clean my room, i go all out and make sure it's spanking clean. but when it's messy, it's like a warzone!

thanks for tagging me! will do it really soon :)

Adeline said...

@ Angelique: No worries.Looking forward to read yours :D I'd like to believe I am thrifty too. haha. Totally!!! Flats shouldn't even cost that much lol

@ Eevon: Looking forward to your quirky facts too. :D Good to know I am not the only one who has semi OCD haha