Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Winter Staples

For someone with extremely dry skin like yours truly, winter is your worst nightmare.

Not trying to brag or anything, I have had friends envying my skin because it is acne free pretty much 360 days a year (minus the occasional pimple I get, which will automatically disappear a couple of days later) and not having the need to whip out blot sheets every couple of hours to absorb the oil. Little did they know that, acne and oil free skin is not as awesome as it seems to be, especially when the weather is cold. I will probably start developing wrinkles 10 years earlier than you guys because my skin is just way to dry. =.="

With the significant drop in temperature over the Anzac Long Weekend ( It feels as though we went straight from summer to winter, skipping autumn =.="), my face is as dry as a desert in the past couple of days. Red patches started to form around my nose area simply because my skin doesn't excrete enough moisture and it hurts from time to time when it gets too dry. I have been using Loreal White Perfect Whitening Moisturizer ever since I started caring about my skin (which was the start of Year 12) and I am still in the hunt of the perfect moisturizer. I have heard pretty good stuff about OLAY moisturizer, I might give it a try after I finish up my Loreal one. Any suggestions, my dear beauties?

So far, Lanolin Cream and Lucas Papaw Ointment are my winter staples.

Queenskin Lanolin Cream A$2 (Can be purchased from most of the Asian Souvenir Shops around Chinatown I supposed? I got mine from Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market)

" A revitalising and nourishing formula containing Vitamin E and Lanolin, it helps soften skin exposed to harsh weather conditions and daily routines. With the benefits of the natural oil from sheep's wool, it will leave skin supple, smooth and healthy. Apply as often as necessary."

And according to Wikipedia,

Lanolin is a greasy yellow substance secreted by sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals such as domestic sheep. It can be used as a skin ointment or water-proofing wax, and is also sometimes used as a raw material in the manufacture of such products as shoe polish.

As gross as it may sound, this inexpensive, weird sounding cream actually works wonders! For me at least. If you have oily skin or even combination of dry & oily skin, this might not be the right one for you as it is VERY OILY when applied. As much as I dislike going to bed with a greasy face, it helps moisturize my skin alot and prevent me from waking up to flaky skin which hurts when I wash them.

Lucas Papaw Ointment A$4.99 (Finally decided to give this a try after hearing a few of my friends swore by it when Priceline was having a special but I think Target/KMart sells it at A$4.99 without sale)

"A local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash. The ointment helps to relieve and cleanse"

I find most of my friends use this as a lip balm but as you can see, it is multipurpose really. I apply it all over my eyelid area (cos it gets very flaky from time to time) around the nose area where the red patches form as well as a lip balm. Now, I can totally understand why this is a staple in many of my friends' purse cos it does a wonderful job in terms of moisturizing.

The only setback of Lucas Papaw Ointment is probably the smell. It's not a foul smell or anything (not sure if that's how papaw smells like after being processed) but I generally dislike any sort of smell (apart from fruity scent) from my make up products. None of my friends have complaint about the smell, so I guess it's just me. Lol.

Applying a generous amount of Queenskin Lanolin cream all over my face and Lucas Papaw Ointment at areas that are exceptionally dry have now been incorporated into my before-bed skin care routine in the past 2 weeks. Lets hope it continues to work wonders for me until we bid winter goodbye in August.

What are your winter staples? Leave a comment and let me know :)

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are purchased with my own money.



nee said...

heh you won't be doing that much damage to your bank account because it's only $5!

My bf's mom uses loreal white perfect moisturizer and her skin looks great at 56! I use olay spf 15 lotion daily.. it's alright but it makes my skin oily pretty fast!

Adeline said...

Yeh!Love it when you get awesome stuff at a bargain :) But I am still looking for a strong moisturizer cos my skin is just way too dry.

I really wanna try out the Olay one, but it cost almost A$30 here, which I rkn its kinda expensive for a drugstore products.

DiWiMakeup said...

Thanks for posting this. I should really check these out when winter hits. I really like using Hope In A Jar during the winter. Many people use it as a night time moisturizer but it works great for me in the day time.

xo, Diana

jekkvalle said...

I use Papaw Ointment too for my lips, Goats Milk moisturiser for my hands and Optive eye drops (my eyes get really, really dry during winter).

Christin Reiniger said...

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