Sunday, April 11, 2010

TBE How To: Combine Spring & Autumn in one look?

While most of the beauties from the other side of the globe are welcoming spring with their open arms; the Southern hemisphere is getting ready to embrace the cold as we are almost halfway into autumn now. Spring is all about bright colours and floral-ish stuff; while autumn (or fall, the way the Americans call them) is more about earthy, neutral colours.

As we all know, there is no black and white in make up. Make up is versatile and its all up to the person on how and what she wants to do with her current make up collection. Make up is all about mix and match. Make up is all about being adventurous and try on different colours. That's why I love make up. :D You don't have to follow a rule or a guideline in order to achieve that gorgeous look you one. (Of course, that doesn't give you a pass to apply 10 layers of foundation and paint your eyes with 20 colours and get away with it.)

So, what do you get when you combine Autumn AND Spring together?

I decided to add a hint of spring to my usual neutral browns the other day, when the temperature hit a maximum of 28 degrees, in the middle of autumn. You gotta love Sydney sometimes, for the abundance of sunshine. Just sometimes though. As I mentioned in theprevious post, I am back to the square one after 2 weeks of gloomy weather, which consists of nothing but clouds and rain.

I haven't had the chance to use the NYX pigments ( no longer a pigments virgin now yay) I got from CrushCosmetics (gonna do a post on my CrushCosmetics haul and the impeccable customer services they provide soon! :P) a couple of weeks back as the colours I got are kinda out there. Well, not anymore if you neutralise it with your favourite brown/copper colour. =P

This is my faithful 88 Warm Colour Palette, which I have been raving about in every post of mine. It has been a good three weeks since this palette arrived and I have been playing around with for the past 2 weeks. Well, we shall see how long does it take before the "enthusiasm" dies off and I resume to torturing my bank account again by purchasing more eye shadows. (Next in mind, to try out the 482034820348203842038402348023 colours from NYX single shadow line.)

STEP 1: Using Etude House Shine Up Stick in Pink Beam as an eyeshadow base, pack on NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Purple Pearl all over the lid. As this was a day look, I gently tap on one layer of Colour #1(a matte-ish lilac) from my 88 Warm Colour Palette to tone down the colour a lil.

Just a quick tip here for those who has really dry skin like me, especially the eye lid area:
Try applying vasaline before applying any BB Cream/ powder ( I can't really say for foundation as I barely use it) You will notice the difference. (My lid and the brow bone are was flaky before application but it is much better after applying vasaline.)

STEP 2: Using a crease brush, grab colour #2 from the 88 warm colour palette and apply it at the outer V of your lid and bring it inwards, along your crease.

STEP 3: Then, apply Colour #3 from the 88 warm colour palette on the outer V area to create more dimension to the look as well as applying a tiny bit of Colour #4 from the 88 warm colour palettealong the inner tear duct area, using a blending brush. Blend away all the harsh edges.

STEP 4: Apply Colour #5 from the 88 warm colour palette on your brown bone area and apply it onto the inner corner of your lower lash line with an angled brush. Line your upper lash line with either gel liner or liquid liner (whichever floats your boat). I am using Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eyeliner in black. Then, apply a generous layer of mascara and I used Maybelline Magnum Volume Mascara. To complete the eye part, I lined my lower lashline using Sports Girl's Draw the Line Eyeliner in purple (which was really shit btw) and set the liner with Colour #6 from the 88 warm colour palette,, using an angled brush.

Don't forget to fill in your brows. It DOES make a difference, trust me. :) I was once a lazy eyebrow-filler (if there's such word lol) but now I can't leave the house without doing my brows. I used In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrown here.

To complete the look, I used Sports Girls Oh My Goodness Bronzing Powder in "Steal the Spotlight" and Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in 04. As for the lips, I used my Lucas PaPaw Ointment and Rimmel's Moisture Review Lipstick in Nude Delight.

I have finally gave in and bought a tube of Lucas Papaw Ointment last week when they were having a special at Priceline. A few of my friends had swore by this product and claimed that this is the BEST lip balm ever. I have been putting off buying it because I don't really like the smell of it but it IS very moisturizing to the lips. So, we shall see. I might do a review on this after trying it out for a couple more weeks. :D

See what I mean by looking pale after 2 weeks??? Now, the bronzer looks overdone on me! :( *pulls hair*

Hope you guys enjoy this Blog-torial. Let me know what do you guys think about the whole blog-torial thing. ( I actually tried filming a tutorial for this look, but my laptop crash EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I try to convert the files to WMV for editing. I shit you not. So, I gave up and did a blog-torial instead.)

I shall end this day with my Nails of the Week - Revlon Red by REVLON :)

ps: I have updated my Fellow Beauties Page *click here*. Feel free to check them out. :) Gonna update them in another couple of days.


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