Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey lovelies,

I promise I will update TBE over the weekend with some reviews and my recent collective haul instead of FOTDs posts only. I have been so worn out from work (and its not even FT job yet!) this week and my energy bar is almost nil by the time I get home. No kidding. All I wanna do is just watch some dramas and a lil chatting, anything that doesn't require brain cells. Hence, my beloved TBE has been neglected, but I will be back soon cos it's freakin Friday tomorrow!!! =P

Before I spam you lovelies with more FOTDs,
I would like to share with you guys the lovely package that I received from Joanna from FrailHeartsofHope's Giveaway. LOVE THEM LUSH GOODIES <3> Thanks Joanna!!!

- During my cousin's graduation and work training on Tuesday-

- That's me, having to wake up at 7:30am in the morning yesterday for work, hence the look.-
I have been pulling off the nerdy look in the past couple of days as all my time spent out isat work. =.=" And the fact that I have to wake up early isn't helping as well. "Nerdy is the new black", baby!

-And yet, I look more refreshed and well.... enthusiastic today when I had to wake up at 6:30am-

Hope you guys enjoyed the FOTDs shots. :) As you can see, I am all into neutral earthy colours lately. Till next time, my dears!


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