Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Passion Fruit Shimmer Swatch & Mini LUSH Haul

As promised in my Freebie Alert's post, here are the swatches for the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Pasion Fruit Shimmer that came along with the Marie Claire purchase. Sorry it took me so long to have this swatches up as you already know, editing these photos has always been a bitch as my laptop will crash at least once whenever I use Picasa. =.="

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Pasion Fruit Shimmer

The colour is relatively sheer when I apply it on my lips but it smells REALLY good.I am a sucker when it comes to lip products which smell good, don't we all? =P

- Without flash-

- With flash- 

It's a pretty good deal IMO. I mean come on, it costs $9.20 (since I am not really a fan of Marie Claire so I will probably just browse through it) for a full size Estee Lauder Lip Gloss which looks and smells nice. 
If you're up for trying out new product, go grab a copy of Marie Claire before they run out.:)


So, I have mentioned countless time on twitter that I am going on a shopping ban. So many times that my followers are probably sick of hearing it. Well, I do admit that I have a problem here,just like Rebecca Bloomwood, except the fact that I still have my Asian genes with me (meaning I wouldn't spend $1000 on a t-shirt just because its"designer") and I don't have a Credit Card (that means no debt as of yet). However, spending more than what I earn or spending all my wages is not exactly the smartest thing to do too. 

I am still working on it, and hopefully by the end of this month, I can go on without shopping for at least 2 weeks. WISH ME LUCK! 

From Priceline: this Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On and my contacts solutions. =)


I was relatively proud of myself for walking out of Priceline without buying anything unnecessary AND walking out of SUPRE without buying that 10DORRAR tights (which I bought for AUD18 2 weeks ago wtf) and this pretty sweatshirt (because I already bought 2 from Cotton On and I don't really need that many sweatshirts, really) but I have a feeling I might go back and grab the tights just because tights is a STAPLE item in my wardrobe and its 10bucks! We shall see. 

However, that did not last for long as I walked into LUSH to "browse through" their products and came out with a bag of goodies. Should of expected it since I am a huge LUSH fan. =.="
Well, my justification? Soaps IS part of essentials =P 
I mean, girls should smell good all the time right?

1. Rockstar (Sample)
4. The Godmother (Sample)

* I didn't want to open the wrappers as I don't intend to use all of them at the same time. So just click on the name if you wanna see the description and how it looks like :)*

Are you a LUSH fan? Have you tried any of these soaps?


A sneak peak of what my next FOTD =P 

Hope you have a great week ahead!! :)
Weather was miserable today and will probably gonna be for the rest of the week. And, I have work tomorrow. BOO! :(



jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

it's so weird looking at your lip swatch without flashlight! it is very very very different from how it looks on me. totally different i'd say.

and i seriously sniffed again the gloss but couldn't smell a thing. i think my nose is dead. everyone else could smeel a scent but me.

honestly, the colour doesn't look sheer on you. perhaps i have black lips. lol

the last pic is too funny!

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

i meant the picture WITH flash. ok stupid me...

jen cheung said...

lovely lips you got there :) looks like a fun shopping day!!

jen @ www.charmoflove.ca


omggggggggggg you're wearing falsies in your photo!!!!!! i heart it!!!!!! ♥

i haven't bought anything from lush yet! but i'm wanting to! tell me if its any good!

Rachel said...

Love the colour of the lipgloss! =) Think it looks really nice!! I can never go to lush and not buy something!! That's why unless I actually want something I ban myself from going in!! ha ha of course I come out with ten times as much things when I do go in though XP

augustalolita said...

i love the shade of lip glosses!! i especially love the red-ish one :) and lovely photo :)

Maubrey said...

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Jennifer :) ~ said...

thanks adeline for letting your readers know about the freebie in the magazine :) i got myself one today and i mentioned you in my blog cos i found out about it from you! i hope you don't mind me using one of your pics in my post



Adeline said...

@ Jojoba - My lips are fairly pigmented. I should remember to include a photo of my bare lips next time. It smells REALLY nice,maybe it is just your lipgloss? lol. It is not completely sheer on me but not really pigmented too.

@ Jen - Thanks love :D

@ Jennifer :) - No worries love. :) xx

@ Chaigyaru - I have been wearing falsies more often now thanks to constantly stalking you LOLOL <3
You should definitely check LUSH out, they smell DELICIOUS!

@ Rachel - I know what you mean!!! And I am easily sold when it comes to LUSH so it is a dangerous territory when my bank account is pathetic LOL

@augustalolita - :)