Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melbourne Cup 2010


How's everyone's week so far? Mine has been pretty good so far. Had a pretty good time celebrating Melbourne Cup for the first time and we had half day off. :) 

Melbourne Cup celebration kicked off with lunch in the board room with freaking awesome fresh prawns ( I  think I had taken at least 8 of them. Granted, I skipped dinner :P) with buckloads of drinks. Let's just say I lost count of how many drinks I had by the end of the night and 7.5hours of work was quite a pain. I am amazed and proud of myself for attending Zumba lesson after work despite being extremely exhausted and was recovering from a massive hangover. I guess my friend was right - gym is the best cure for hangover. :)

For those who didn't already know, I have FINALLY signed up for a gym after procrastinating for yonks.I think I might have found the best gym buddy - think Nazi who makes you gym everyday. :P Just exactly what I need. My body is sore from Zumba and I just promised her that I will go for Zumba AND Hip Hop Class tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

Hall Chadwick Calcutta. :)
Lady luck was definitely on my side yesterday as I won a little through the East Corp Syndicate and quite a bit from TAB. Gotta love beginner's luck for that. I foresee a shopping spree coming up.

I wore my peacock-inspired FOTD with fascinator which I bought a year ago!Finally got a chance to wear it for an occasion related to races. :) I wanted to wear my birthday dress since the best dressed gets a $100 MYER gift card. But I forgotten where I kept it and I couldn't be bothered going through my wardrobe so I picked this fail-proof black dress with shoulder padding instead.
Luvo pic FTW!
See that snack ring there? Well, I passed out once I got home WITH my ring on. You don't need to be a genius to guess what happened this morning. The ring got stuck and I had problems taking it out and my finger was swollen. I  thought I had to seek for professional assistance as I tried using soap, cold water and hand cream but in vain. I even posted on facebook and twitter for help. (Thanks for the suggestions lovelies :P) It finally came off with the help of my colleague - she applied ALOT of handcream before forcefully pulling it out. I think I am gonna keep that finger free from ring for a while.

How did you celebrate Melbourne Cup? 
Hope you had as much fun as I did but not as shitfaced as I got.(Imagine rocking up to work with hungover faces everywhere LOL) I am gonna stay away from alcohol for a while, at least until my CFA exam is over. Well, I hope. =P

The next post is going to be FOTD - Working Series #3. Stay tune for that!



blushfully by cendana said...

LOL Adeline... looks gorgeous there ^^ and ouch at the finger!! That would've hurt >< I didn't do anything for Melbourne Cup haha..

Denysia said...

Ohhhh! I love the headband! It looks very cute! :)


You look so gorgeous, loving the headband!