Monday, January 31, 2011


January is coming into an end and so is summer (the "official period" that is). But for Sydney-siders, it feels like summertime has just started as the weather has only been pretty summer-ish (scorching hot with glorious sunshine and MINIMUM humidity) as of late. I reckon summer came late this year and its probably gonna stay till end of March? What do you reckon?

 As much as I enjoy sunbaking by the beach, wave catching or any activities that make me tanner, the scorching heat does my head in sometimes, especially for someone who sweats easily...... you get the drift. The last thing I want is, having a faceful of melting make up. Totally.Not.Attractive.At.All.
Thank god, I have always been a fan of BB Cream instead of liquid foundation. The only time I use liquid foundation is when I am going out at night. Even on Fridays (when I *might* go out after work), I tend to mix my liquid foundation with BB Cream for a lighter coverage. 

However, BB Cream tend to be a little to heavy for me in this sweltering weather. Hence, I was delighted when Cancer Council Australia contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their range of beauty products, with SPF30+. I chose their tinted moisturiser (just in time for summer) and their lipsticks (which I have already reviewed HERE).

I got Roberta to send me both Light Beige and Medium Beige as I wasn't sure which one suited my skin tone best. I was using Light Beige for about a month prior to December and Medium Beige since then as I am way tanner now. :)

Just a couple of illustrations before I go further into the reviews: 

NAKED FACE with moisturiser only.

AFTER applying tinted moisturiser

AFTER tinted moisturizer AND concealer & pressed powder


Coverage (3/5) :
Remember my Etude House BB Cream review in which I mentioned one of the reasons I love my BB cream is because it feels light on my skin? Well, the Cancer Council Australia Tinted Moisturizer beats that when it comes to light-weightness. That being said, it provides very sheer coverage - which in my opinion, is probably not enough to cover blemishes and all. My freckles are SO much more visible when I have this on instead of BB Cream. But oh well, summer and freckles goes well together righhttttttt? Albeit the coverage is anything but full, the light-weightness is also the reason why this product has became a summer staple for me.  

Staying power (4/5): 
 The staying power for this particular tinted moisturizer is average. What do I mean by average? My face make up did stay on all day when I am at work,before I hit the gym,sweating buckets.(That's from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening, which makes it 9 hours :D) I don't know if it's a good thing that I sweat easily. Actually scrap that. Although sweating is a form of "detoxing" (apparently), I don't like the fact that I start sweating when we are doing warm up and when I am actually exercising, my skin is pretty much drenched. (if that's even possible). So, with the constant sweat-wiping throughout a 2-hour-workout, my face make up is pretty much gone. As I mentioned, the formula is REALLY light, so you can now remove the image of me having a faceful of melting tinted moisturizer. =) Do keep in mind though, as this tinted moisturizer has SPF 30+ it does feel a little oily/sticky when applied, so it might crease for those of you who have oily skin.

I would usually apply my BB Cream or Dermablend Cream on a Friday night when I know I am going to stay back for Friday night drinks (which is pretty much weekly =P) and head out after. Just because I wanna look a little more flawless than usual.

Price (5/5): 
Pricing at RRP $12.95, it is definitely reasonable and affordable for Australian Standard. And a tube will probably last you for at least 3 months. Also, you are able to skip the sunscreen if you're lazy as the product comes with SPF30+. That saves you some pennies for not having to purchase an additional sunscreen.  ( However, I still apply a layer of sunscreen with SPF50+ prior to applying my tinted moisturiser as I get freckles easily and although freckles is deemed to be "cute" to most people, the last thing I want is to have a faceful of freckles.)

Will I recommend you?

Yes if you are looking for something light and don't need full coverage.
No if you are looking for something with high coverage and super long staying power. Also, tinted moisturizer is not something you would go for if you are going for the flawless look.

Will I repurchase?
Definitely yes. But that will probably be next summer as I am pretty sure my tube is enough to last me to winter. And winter is BB cream time. :)

You can either purchase these lipsticks ONLINE *click* OR check out the Cancer Council Australia stockists at the following suburbs all across Australia:

  • NSWRouse Hill ,Penrith,Kotara, Warringah Mall, Brookvale, Hornsby, Chatswood, Bondi, Miranda
  • QLD: Fortitude Valley 
  • VIC: Carlton
  • SA: Adelaide
  • WA: Subiaco
  • NT: Wanguri
I am sorry but I don't know the exact location of the Cancer Council Australia shops. Try googling it or somethingg =) 

Are you a fan of tinted moisturiser during the scorching hot days? Or are you a foundation/BB cream person regardless of the season?

For the complete Au Naturale FOTD, click HERE. :)

PS: I think I am on a blogging streak atm after the lack of post in the past month. Granted, this review was meant to be up a month ago. =.=" Procrastination - 1; Adeline - 0. 

DISCLAIMER:  These lipsticks are sent to be for trial and review purposes. I am not getting paid for this review neither am I affiliated with them. All opinions stated here are 100% honest. 



Rainy Days and Lattes said...

That's really nice! I have the Cancer Council sunscreen and I love it very much :) The BB cream does look interesting and I own more than 5 or 6 of them :p I wonder what the difference between Cancer Council's and Korean branded ones.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I am sooooooo getting this. Gonna buy two shades as well for the time when summer ends! Luckily Fortitude Valley is just a train ride away!! I'm so gonna check it out and I really love their sunscreen. Ah~ I love reading aussie bloggers since I know I can get the product as exactly where. Thank you sooo much! *hugs*