Friday, January 7, 2011

IM BACK! :) ASIA TRIP PART 1 - SINGAPORE (25.12.2010 - 28.12.2010)


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I hope you guys had a great celebration, especially those of you who are in Sydney and are lucky enough to witness the spectacular fireworks by the harbour! Have you taken some time off to reflect about what have you done/not done throughout 2010 and what are your goals in 2011? 
I am guilty for not have done all those. This weekend will do. For those who don't already know, I was away to Singapore and Malaysia for the Christmas-New Year break. (which I am going to split it up into a couple of posts). It was an awesome trip albeit abit too short. My schedule was pretty hectic (so sorry to those whom I didn't get to meet up) and I started work a day right after I landed to the Land of Meat Pies again (read: jetlag and hangover from all the traveling and flying). I have spent the last 3 nights heading to bed early, simply because my body can't hack it after a long day at work and the gym. That explains why I have been SUPER MIA from this blog - my apologies. But fret not lovelies, I AM BACK NOW!!!! :)

Enough of yapping and now I shall take you through my Singapore trip via photos. =) 

Half of first day was spent driving down from Malaysia,then meeting up with relos and shopping. Nothing much, really. We stayed at a relos place in the first night too cos we wasn't planning to arrive Singapore till the 26th. 

ANYWAYS, we checked out the newly opened Universal Studio in Sentosa Island on the second day. :)

Ze Family <3

Mum & I at the Entrance.

Yours truly with a large & pretty Christmas Tree.

I can't remember what are these characters called but Donald Duck keeps coming up in my head wtf.
Does any of you know what are they called?
(What deprieved childhood I have =.=")

Yeh boy, cos I am classy like that.

Sisley Emily & I

I WISH I was in the actual 5th avenue too.

In a poncho getting ready for one of the "Jurassic Park" ride which leaves you soaking in water after the ride. We made good use of the poncho after the ride too as it was pouring like crazy that arvo =.=".

Got back to the hotel (which was pretty damn awesome! Photos below!), had a shower and changed into clean and DRY clothes before heading out again.

Turquoise Top: TEMT
High-waisted shorts: Glasson
Flower Ring: DIVA

I didn't end up wearing this outfit though as we ended up going to Orchard Road instead of the Casino.

Wearing: MAC VIVA GLAM lipstick in Cyndi.

I kinda like how my hair looks like when I let it down here. But kids, it's just dirty, unwashed hair + up in a bun all day. Gross, but true.

We just had to post under Miu Miu on Orchard St.


I stayed in Marina Bay Sands Hotel for the remaining 2 nights of my stay, which is probably the sickest hotel I have ever stayed so far! Let me take you guys for a quick room tour and I will explain further (through more photos =D) on why is this the sickest hotel! 

The "hallway"

SUPER comfy King Size Bed - I did love to own one in my future home!

The centre of the bathroom.

The shower area and "peeing" area.

This is why Marina Bay Sand is the sickest hotel ever!

Their roof top pool area, also known as the Sky Bar.
Non hotel guests have to pay SGD 20 just to have the best view of the entire Singapore City.


It has been a while since I last visited Singapore and it has changed so much since. I am actually starting to reconsider Singapore as one of my future options =)

Yours truly outside MBS's casino. In respect to the casino, there's nothing much to shout about - the minimum bet is slightly higher than Star City and Crown AND it's NOT smoke free. I hate coming out of a venue with stinky hair. And that was the story of my night after half an hour. POOOO!

Leopard Printed Top: Random Store @ Market City
High-waisted shorts: Glassons
Oxford Heels: Charles & Keith


Time flies when you're having a great time, especially with your loved ones. :)

@ Rice Lounge for buffet breakkie on my last day.

Top: Chic a Booti
High Waisted Shorts: Glasson
Thongs: Havaianas

That outfit was before the sisters and I decided to check out SkyBar again before we leave and hence I changed to a more "beachy" outfit although I wasn't really heading to one.

Turquoise Top: TEMT
Ripped Shorts: SUPRE
Thongs: Havaianas

I know I have alot of repeated oufit, especially the high-waisted shorts. That was because I brought like literally 10 pieces of clothes with me all trip along with my trusty Havaianas thongs. This is when you make full use of shopping. :)

@ SkyBar with the entire Singapore City behind me!

Singapore City :)

As you can see it was pretty cloudy that day and not to mention, windy too - but it's all worth it. :)

Because the view is so breath-taking and because I am such a narcissist!

The Sisters & I @ SkyBar
At the hotel lobby, while waiting for the valet to bring Dad's car.

The miniature of MBS! :) 

It's definitely a MUST-GO-SPOT if you're visiting Singapore! 


Before I go, a sneak peak into whom I met up with in Singapore :)
Do they look familiar to you?

Stay tune for the next post, lovelies!!! :)


 My 10 days away was a vacation very much needed albeit a tad too short. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini "Singapore Tour" I took you guys!




Denysia said...

Wow, it looks like a lot of fun!

Those red characters are called woodpeckers! :)

❤ Ee Von said...

now you make me want to fly to singapore and stay at marina bay sands! so beautifuL!

happy new year adeline!

Anonymous said...

looking fabulous and it looks like you had a lot of fun! Happy new year Adeline :)

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