Monday, January 17, 2011

FOTD - Simple & Easy Summer Look ft Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether & NOTW - Le Crack Nails

It has been a while since I last posted a FOTD post, and since I have been pretty much bombarding this blog with my Malaysia-Singapore trip posts, I figured its good to get some make-up-related-posts kickin'. 


YEAP, I got it yesterday after whinging about my shit ASUS for a gazillion years of whinging. My credit card bill probably wouldn't be as pleasant (think about those LEVIS jeans I bought in Malaysia and my CA fees that costs 1k), but hey, it's an investment and future Adeline will thank me! :)

I am using it for less than 24 hours and I am already in love with it! :) Although it still takes some time to get used to the whole MAC.

So, it's meant to be the peak of summer and I should be out tanning whenever I am not working. But I guess it's not the case for the Australians this year. Weather in Sydney has been anything but sunny, in fact it has been VERY humid every since I got back, with a few exception hours of somewhat sunny weather. And my prayers are with the residents in Queensland, let's hope their darkest days are long gone. 

ANYWAYS, my point is - humid weather means melting face disregarding the fact that I don't have an oily face just because I sweat easily *GROSS I KNOW* Hence, I have been trying to keep my make up 
minimal like my "Summer Favourite FOTD". And yesterday, I decided to use my favourite Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether as an all over the lid colour, with winged liner. :)

I added some  au naturale falsies because I feel my lovely falsies have been greatly ignored as I don't really have much occasions to wear them - I don't wear them to work, except some Fridays or work functions. And on weekends, I rarely go out at night anymore and I usually put on falsies then. So yeap, an au naturale falsies that doesn't look to over the top! :)

Look at how GORGEOUS Ether is! <3 It works perfectly as an all over the lid colour too!

And I paired it with my Magic Geo Lenses from CircleLensAu. This lenses doesn't look that obvious without make up (I will do a more detailed post on that soon) as it doesn't enlarge your eyes, but it blends in well when you have make up on. :P

On my EYES
MAC Paint Pot in Let Me Pop (MAC Cham Tale collection)
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether (all over the lid)
Etude House Darling Petite Single Eyeshadow in White? (Browbone)
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Black (Upper Lash Line)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero (Lower Lash Line)
Darkness Falsies
Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eye Hello Kitty Mascara
Shu Uemura Eye Brow Pencil in Hard 9

On my FACE
Elisha Coy BB Cream
Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact
Garnier Anti Dark Circles Roll On in Light
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether
MAC MSF in Stereo Rose
Millani Sunset Duo in Sunset City

On my LIPS
MAC Lipstick in Bubblegum

I wanted to pair the look with my current favourite lipstick - MAC Shy Girl but Bubblegum has been ignored for quite some time too. I am trying to use up some of my neglected - babies from my make up stash. Lol.

Shit lighting, shit photo. Or maybe, it's time for a new camera. Maybe that will be my reward WHEN I pass my first CA module. Sounds like a deal to me, no?

Also, Sunday means pampering day! My new Sunday routine is hair mask, exfoliate my body and face, face mask and repaint my nails to prepare myself for a new week at work! You gotta love yourself, girl! 

Naked Face with Formula 10.0.6 Pores BE PURE Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask in Strawberry + Yarrow! And that's after my ESSENTIALS Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask (WHICH IS ABSOLUTE LOVE! <3)

NOTW - Le Crack Nails using Rimmel Lycra Pro in Urban Princess and Canmake Crack Lac Nail in CL03.  

That's all for now lovelies. Gotta get ready for work now!!! (Yes, I do blog in the morning, usually during breakkie, before getting ready for work. I am a tank like this LOL) 

Have a great week everyone!!! <3 



glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow, your lashes look great! I wish I knew how to put on falsies, like you do. You make it look perfectly natural. :)

And I'm sooo excited to get my KATY PERRY "Shatter" nail polish. I had to order mine online since no local store near me seemed to have it. But looking at your nails, I'm stoked to see what possibilities I can come up with.

Liana said...

great fotd, those lashes look great, very natural! and that nail polish is so crazy but cool, i need to get some!

Beauty Bag 411

Shea Butter said...

Although I am partial to spending large amounts of money on 'highly pigmented' eye shadows that promise the consumer the world in a pot, I do love the make up counter at my local chemist. For years I have relied on Rimmel as a brand to supply me with the best mascaras (as far as I'm concerned) at a fraction of the cost of a designer mascara with a flux capacitor attached to the wand to make your eyes look ten years younger!

As well as great mascaras, Rimmel too create an extensive range of nail polishes. I am always spoilt for choice at the rainbow of glass bottles. However, the best nail polish isn't necessarily the prettiest or the most expensive.
I decided to try Rimmel Lycra professional finish in 317- Coral Romance. I loved the colour and had struggled to find a coral polish that would match the approval of my favourite glossy magazine and suit my pale skin tone. The trademark Lycra signature on the bottle made me feel at ease too!

After applying the first coat I was instantly impressed. Unlike the usual watery excuse for a 'base coat' that most nail polishes deliver, this product actually went on like it said on the tin! The 'maxi-brush' allowed quick and easy application with no smudges around my cuticles. Out of habit, I went on to apply a further two coats to achieve the maximum vibrancy of 'Coral Romance'. Needless to say I was delighted. My polish remained chip free for three days, which is amazing considering how hands on my day to day activities are.
I consider this product to be a must-buy and definitely deserves another look in your chemist. I will be stocking up on my winter pallet in due course.

With Love, Elle said...

i <3 rimmel nails too hehe

u dont have dark circles u dont need garnier! truly! wish i can apply falsies so nice like urs! did u stock up on falsies when u in malaysia??? its a land of falsies for like RM10 per 10pairs!!!

xoxo elle

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