Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOTD - Neutral Pop #2


How is everyone's week so far? For my non Sydney-siders readers, it has been boiling hot here in Sydney and we are talking about 34 degrees at 11pm at night. Yeap, as much as I love the beach and getting tanned, the sweltering heat is unbearable!

That aside, I would like to wish all the TBE readers  


 May the year of rabbit be prosperous and awesome for you!!! *And a red pocket would be nice* LOL

CNY 2010
How I wish I was back in Malaysia celebrating CNY at my grandma's with heaps of scrumptious food (think: eating from day to night. I kid you not.)  

and the company of my cousins! 
(Grandma with her grandkids!)

Instead, I have an 8am start at work tomorrow FML cos it's the first training of the year WITHOUT good food and company and not to forget, no red pockets too. :'( 
*One of the 72834729837429384723 reasons why I wish I was a teenager again* 

ANYHOOS, enough of me whinging about the weather and not being able to celebrate CNY like a true Chinese LOL. 
I realised I haven't been posting much FOTDs as of late. Well, reason being - it has been ridiculously hot here in Sydney and the last thing I want is spending time creating an awesome look, only to have it melting 5 minutes later. I have been going with really simple neutral eyes look, mostly using my Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether as my over-the-lid colour with eyeliner (check it out HERE) .

My usual " neutral " look?
Since I was *somewhat* suffering from Monday Blues, I decided to add a POP of colour to this otherwise boring but awesome may I add neutral eyes. 

TA-DA!!! - Neutral Pop Look. :)

On my EYES
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
MAC Let It Pop Paint Pot (from Cham Tale collection)
Wet & Wild Vanity Palette
Wet & Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black
Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil in Blue
Maybelline Hello Kitty Volume Mascara
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil in Hard

On my FACE
Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roll On in Light
Cancer Council Australia Tinted Moisturizer in Creme Beige
MAC MSF Powder in Medium
Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset City
Maybelline Mineral Blush in True Peach
MAC MSF in Candlelight (from In the Groove collection)

On my LIPS
MAC Lipstick in Jazzed (from In the Groove collection)

I am absolutely loving my tan right now!!! And it doesn't look as dark and as orange in real life! I think the flash makes me look tanner and orange-r. 

So, I haven't really been testing out PhotoBooth ever since I got my baby Mac Book Pro 2 weeks ago! Hence, I decided to revive my camwhore bug in me yesterday after gym. :)

PS: I look no where as made up as I was at the beginning of the day. I removed all my face make up before exercising as the last thing I want is mixing all my toxic excretion (read: sweat) with my make up. Not cool, kids. And my eye make up is usually half gone after my intensive work out. So yeap, hold and behold, don't get the shock out of your life! 

I think less make up = Adeline looks like a kiddo.

I think this is a better reflection of my tan right now?

Sulking cos it was mutha-effingly hot last night! 


(And story on how I have been swap-lifted by someone whom I thought was genuinely nice and sweet)

Alright kids, I gotta go and prepare for training tomorrow (super duper triple EW), have an ICY COLD SHOWER to cool myself down and maybe do some reorganising (from my spring summer cleaning over the weekend) and bedtime. 8am start FML 



blushfully by cendana said...

Adeline! I like this post!
Btw, sorry to mention this first, but it's Cham Pale >< not Cham Tale lol...

Love the pop of color, I do that too hahaha... it's funny, cause Sara from icyabstract just posted a video and she did a Neutral with dash of color too! but hers is on her top lid. hehehe

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!!

Jenny said...

you look BEAUTIFUL with no/less make up! and I think you need to tilt the camera down a little more for the boobie shots HEEHEHEH


You look cute without make up;) happy chinese new years lovely! XXX

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